Top 20 Scrumptious Street Foods To Try In Mulund

Top 20 Scrumptious Street Foods To Try In Mulund
Top 20 Scrumptious Street Foods To Try In Mulund

Mulund is a suburb in Mumbai with Thana Creek on one side and Cyprus Mountain on the other. It has one of the best Mumbai street foods. So if you are in Mulund; but don’t know what to eat, we have got you covered. Here we have made a list of the top 20 delicious street foods you need to try when you are in Mulund. Have a look at them:

1. Cheese Schezwan Frankie

This place is known for the best Frankies. You will find many varieties from paneer to cheese to chinese. Its Cheese Schezwan Frankie is a fully cooked roll filled with cheese and spicy schezwan sauce. Do try it when you are in Mulund, you will love it.

Address: Jalsa Frankie Corner, Khau Galli, Mulund West.1

2. Chinese Manchurian Bhel

This bhel combining Indian and Chinese fast food will definitely live up to your expectations. It is worth the money and the cheese covering the bhel is so tempting. To give it a Chinese twist, it has manchurian balls dipped in the spicy schezwan sauce and sliced cabbage.

Address: Mg Road, Opp Mensa Commerce Classes, Mulund West.2

3. Spicy Bhel, M.G Road

Spicy bhel is the mixture of all the spicy & tangy ingredients that entice your tongue and the mixture becomes heaven when they add ice cubes and sev into it. Enjoy it during the monsoon to prolong the food climax and delightful Mumbai street food.

Address: MG Road, Vidya Vihar, Mulund West, Mumbai.3

4. Veg Toast Sandwich

The toast sandwich is filled with vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, onions,  and potatoes. Coriander chutney & mayonnaise added to this filling gives it a delicious taste. It is worth trying.

Address: Shop No 1,2,3,4, Kothari Niwas, Zaver Road, Mulund West.4

5Jini Dosa

The newly launched Dosas is the weakness of every Mumbaikar. Here you will find some of the most delicious flavorsof dosas. The most iconic and best-selling is the Jini Dosa with extra cheese. Who wouldn’t like extra cheese? So, dosa lovers this place is for you.

Address: Lakhan Dosa / Manju Dosa, Khau Galli, Near Kalidas Auditorium Hall, Mulund West.5

6. Kala Khatta Soda

Kala Khatta soda is a mixture of sweet and sour. The masala in it makes it “chatpata”, and the lemon juice in it gives it a sour punch. Do try it, you will surely go for another one.

Address: Opp to the Gate of Priyadarshini, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Mulund West.6

7. Chocolate Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, you guys agree right? If there is chocolate on top of it wouldn’t it be a heavenly surprise? The chocolate pizza served here is topped with cheese and Nutella, which will satisfy your cravings. It is served hot and is super delicious. You need to try this one!

Address: Shrinath Juice Center, Shiv Ganga Apt, Zaver Road, Mulund West.7

8. Vada Pav

Masala vada pav of this place is famous in Mulund. It also serves delicious pav bhaji. The pav is fried in the bhaji and the twist is that it is served with vada. It is a unique combination that you will ever find.

Address: Kalidas, Dr.Ambedkar Road, Mulund West.8

9. Jai Jhulelal

Jai Jhulelal is famous for it’s pani puri & chaats. The spicy pani puris are so delicious that you cannot have enough of them. Also, you should try the rabdi falooda here, it is so creamy.

Address: Shop 5, Patil Bhavan, N S Road, Mulund West.9

10. Michaels Misal Pav

Isn’t it the worst when hunger hits you in the middle of the night and you cannot satisfy them? Well, Michael’s Misal has solved it for you. Michael’s Misal Pav hides in Sarvodaya Nagar in Mulund (West) and can be your first choice when you feel hungry at those strange times. It is only open from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. It has delicious vada pavs that attract a huge crowd.10

11. Mango Milkshake

Indulge in the mango season at this small shop called Karthik Juice Center. Nothing special, but the taste is essential. A large glass of fresh mango milkshake with mango slices floating inside is mouth-watering. Also, its grilled sandwich is delicious if you are looking for a full-fledged meal.

Address: Karthik Juice Center, 8A, Silver Birch, Vasant Garden, BR Road, Mulund West.11

12. Tejas Dosa

In situations where you are hungry and need a quick snack, fast food is a viable option. Tejas Dosa has a variety of meals that can be cooked quickly and provide some nutrition. It has varieties of dosas that will definitely satisfy your cravings. It is served with two types of chutneys.

Address: Zaver Rd, Mulund West.12

13. Schezwan Cheese Grill Samosa

Stuffed with masala potatoes, peas, and onions, this dish will fill your heart with joy. But how about trying a cheese grilled Samosa? Yes, Kothari Farsan & Sweets serves fresh snacks and a variety of sweets, we bet you will not miss it.

Address: Kothari Farsan & Sweets, Mulund.133

14. Burgers

Cheezeria specializes in burgers & chicken buckets. Their monster chicken burger is a must-try. They also have a vegetarian version of it, which comes with crispy paneer patties. Cheezerian pizza is so delicious as it is loaded with cheese. They have an equally vast menu for vegetarians.

Address: Veena Nagar, Mulund West.14

15. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is an item that needs to be delicious. The Fusion Joint at cypress serves the best Chole Bhatures that is in its most actual form. They do not compromise on the quality. They also serve pav bhajis that are mouth-watering. From paneer crispy to spring rolls, they have covered it all.

Address: Cypress, Mulund.15

16. Melted Cheese Masala Vada Pav

You feel mouth-watering just by listening to the name. There are many variations of a vada pav, but this one is out of the box. Rekdee: The taste of streets is a street shop with a vast menu covering all types of street food. It does justice to it’s name. Must try variaties include the Italian pot rice, Tari pav, & Rekdee special grilled sandwich. The price of it’s items is reasonable and you will not regret coming here.

Address: Rekdee, Shop No. 5, Mayur Mahal Building, MG Road, Opp. Andhra Bank, Mulund.16

17. Kulfi Falooda Rabdi

Everyone loves falooda. The kulfi falooda rabdi at Creamchills tastes heavenly. Creamchills is one of the best ice cream parlors. It has variety in its menu from scoops & sundaes to waffles, pancakes & faloodas.

Address: Shop 5, Jai commercial plaza, junction of S.L and MG Road, opposite nagrik dry fruit near subway, Mulund West.188

18. Alfredo Pasta

Alfredo Pasta is a delicious mouth-watering dish covered in white cream sauce. Eatifiic is a cafe where you will find it. It has a vast menu that includes pizza, cheese garlic bread, smacking pav bhaji, brilliant burgers, and faloodas. It has everything covered under one roof.

Address: 20/2, Powai Chowk, Nagpal Marg, opposite Panchratna Mandir, Mulund Colony, Mulund West.177

19. Butter Pav Bhaji

Pav bhajis served here are the best in town. The quality and taste are just perfect. With pav bhajis, they also serve Tava pulao. They take orders for parties and other occasions too. Do give this place a try because you will not regret it.

Address:  Shop no. G-117, Sant jalaram market, Bapa Market, RRT Rd, Mulund West.19

20. Sugarcane Juice

The sugarcane juices at Shreenath Juice Centre are fresh and delicious. To give them a tangy twist, lemon and ginger are added to it which makes it more delightful. They are refreshing and cooling and offer a perfect getaway from the hot season.

Address: Shiv Ganga Apt, Zaver Road, Mulund West.20