Top 20 Seafood Soups For Your Next Party


On a cold day, nothing beats a steaming bowl of soup, especially one that is loaded with seafood goodness. There are so many amazing ways to prepare seafood soup, including crab, lobster, and shrimp. So, grab a bowl and get ready to relax while enjoying this delicious seafood soup! These are 20 seafood soups to try at your next party.

1. Restaurant-Style Seafood Soup

A steaming bowl of seafood soup with chunks of fish and shellfish in a thick broth is what you are probably picturing. The soup’s warmness, tangy tomato, and tender seafood are almost tasteable. You will want to slurp every last drop because it’s so good! It’s conceivable, yet it’s a breeze to make, as well. With the right fixings and basic advances, you can make this good soup comfortable!

2. Mexican Seafood Soup

It is like going to Mexico for a meal without having to get on a plane. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever eaten or drunk. It’s warm and tasty, with lumps of shrimp, carrots, and beans swimming in a hot stock. This soup is finished off with avocado and coriander for a new difference to the jalapeño heat.

3. Thai Shrimp Soup

With this simple Thai shrimp soup recipe, it is time to travel to Thailand. You can’t help but want to jump right in when you smell the fragrant broth. And when that broth is filled to the brim with vegetables, spices, and shrimp? It will undoubtedly make you fall in love! You will absolutely adore the bright, spicy, and savory flavors of this soup in a bowl.

4. Lobster Bisque

This classic dish is hard to go wrong with because of its rich flavors and creamy goodness. A meal of lobster bisque is ideal for a chilly winter day. Additionally, this soup is extremely filling due to the tender meat chunks! It's cozy and warm, but there’s also a little kick to it. The texture, on the other hand, is luxurious, soft, and smooth.

5. Mediterranean Shrimp Soup

A steaming, hot bowl of soup with strong Mediterranean flavors and seafood! The combination of hearty orzo pasta, fresh herbs, and tender shrimp in this soup is just right. The flavor is just as amazing. It has a slight spiciness to it, and it is fresh and rich. You will want to eat the entire bowl of this soup as soon as you smell it!

6. New England Clam Chowder

Nothing says solace food like a bowl of mollusk chowder. It is rich, fantastic, and very encouraging! You will feel warm and satisfied after eating potatoes and clams simmered in a rich broth. The saltiness comes from the clams that were infused into the buttery broth.

7. Italian Fish Soup

It is a tomato-based soup that is loaded with spices and herbs to replicate traditional Italian flavors. There are shrimp, cod, mussels, clams, and other seafood in the soup. The seasonings give this dish a strong, aromatic depth and a slight tang from the tomatoes. Every sip is a thanks to the broth, which is the ideal vessel for the umami-rich seafood.

8. She Crabs Soup

Female crabs, which are prized for their succulent, rich meat, are used in this recipe. Spices, tomato paste, white wine, vegetables, and a thick broth are used to cook it. Additionally, the heavy cream adds an additional layer of decadence to it. The product is a hearty, nourishing, and delicious soup that is thick and packed with flavor.

9. Salmon Soup

Do you want a hearty and filling soup that tastes good? This soup with salmon fits the bill! This soup is a real treat because it has salmon chunks, vegetables, and broth that has been lightly flavored. The lemon adds a zesty kick to this aromatic soup to bring the flavors together.

10. French Bouillabaisse

Marseilles is home to the fish soup known as bouillabaisse. It was traditionally prepared by simmering the day’s catch in an aromatic broth. A variety of seafood, including cod, shrimp, mussels, and some fish trimmings, are combined in this soup. The bright tomato-based broth pairs perfectly with the salty, rich in umami seafood.

11. Oyster Stew

Have you tried oyster stew? You are missing out if you haven’t. It’s rich, creamy, and made with a lot of affection. Oysters can be prepared perfectly at home with this recipe. Simply combine fresh oysters, milk, butter, fragrant herbs, and spices in a pot.

12. Brazilian Fish stew

For a rich, hearty flavor contrast, tart tomatoes and creamy coconut milk are used in this dish. Before being mixed into the broth, the fish chunks are marinated and pan-fried to perfection. The result is an exotic assortment of flavors and satisfying textures that will leave you speechless!

13. Thai Seafood Soup

After a long day, nothing tastes better than a steaming bowl of soup. In addition, this Thai seafood soup is loaded with shrimp, calamari, mussels, and scallops that have been simmered in a tomato-rich broth. It will undoubtedly fill you up and warm your soul. Lemongrass, lime, and fresh herbs give this soup a hint of zing and freshness.

14. Potato And Cod Soup

The combination of the flaky, milky cod and the starchy, mild potato is a delight. It has a delicious flavor combination that doesn’t overpower one another. To cut through the decadence, vegetables and fresh herbs are combined in this soup. You’ll cherish how each taste of this soup feels like an embrace served in a bowl!

15. Soupa De Pescado

The pescado soup is exquisite. In a single bowl, fish, potatoes, and carrots make a fragrant, creamy soup. The addition of fish heads, on the other hand, makes this dish stand out even more. They give the broth a bold, salty flavor that makes it taste even better.

16. Manhattan Clam Chowder

A heartwarming treat is made from the reassuring combination of potatoes, tomatoes, and clams. Additionally, it contains bacon bits, which add meatiness and flavor to this soup. It’s the ideal way to satisfy your craving for comfort food without spending a lot of time in the kitchen!

17. Creamy Fish Chowder

White fish meat is needed for this recipe, and most grocery stores carry it. It also uses cream and whole milk, and it has a flavor that is rich and creamy and full of herbs and spices. You will be able to enjoy it right away because it comes together in just 30 minutes.

18. Scallop Chowder

The buttery flavor of the scallops in this recipe complements the creamy broth with a subtle sweetness. In addition, this chowder is full of vegetables, potatoes, and fresh herbs, making it the ultimate meal.

19. Shrimp Bisque

The perfect comfort food, this dreamy, creamy soup is surprising simple to make. Heavy cream is used to make the broth, which is flavored with spices, tomato paste, and shrimp stock. It provides the ideal background for the succulent, juicy shrimp meat.

20. Maryland Crab Soup

The Maryland crab soup is a dish to die for. It’s warm and full of delicious crab meat chunks that have been cooked in a thick broth. Additionally, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, carrots, and beans make this soup a filling meal.