Top 20 Shanghai Restaurants With Amazing Views

top 20 shanghai restaurants with amazing views

The “sweeter side” of Chinese cuisine is well-known in Shanghai. Shanghai’s indigenous cuisine uses more sugar than any other in China. Despite this, Shanghai remains one of China’s most culturally varied cities, with an equally diverse range of culinary options!

From overhead, this sprawling metropolis takes on a whole new meaning. You’ll be able to take in one of the world’s most spectacular sites while dining at one of Shanghai’s most prestigious restaurants with a bird’s eye view of the city. Here are our picks for the best places to dine in Shanghai that provide breathtaking views.

1.Kathleen’s 5

At Kathleen’s 5, not only will you get a taste of the best American cuisine, but you’ll get a fantastic perspective of Shanghai as well.

The wacky yet delectable dinner is served on the roof of Shanghai’s famous Shanghai Art Museum. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner are all served in the restaurant. The Scallop Appetizer, Roasted New Zealand Lamb Saddle, and Australian Beef Tenderloin are just a few of the Western Fusion favorites on the menu. It’s a wonderful dish for a large gathering of hungry people, and it’s well cooked.

Kathleens 5

2.Scena (The Ritz-Carlton – Shanghai, Pudong)

Scena, a fine-dining Italian restaurant on the 52nd story of The Ritz-Carlton, offers stunning views of the Shanghai skyline. The beautiful Shanghai skyline can be seen from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and rustic wooden beams. To get a flavour of the ocean, get tortello scallops or lobster bisque and accompany it with chardonnay.


3.100 Century Avenue

The restaurant is well-known for its impressive cooking demonstrations, extensive wine list, and unforgettable view. Various cuisines from throughout the world are on display during the 100 Century.

Chefs whip up a traditional Chinese Wok, sear steaks from Western cattle, or demonstrate the art and expertise of Japanese sushi. At this location, there are seven open kitchens. A breakfast buffet with exclusive food is available for those who get up early.

100 Century Avenue

4.Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant

It is Asia’s tallest revolving restaurant at 263 meters in Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower Revolving Restaurant, the second biggest ball.

Guests can enjoy a big supper buffet with a wide variety of Chinese and Western foods, all while sitting in floral-adorned booths. The Huangpu River may be seen clearly through the translucent glass. Every two hours, the restaurant completes a full rotation, providing patrons with a 360-degree view of the bustling metropolis below.

Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant


Nighttime views of Shanghai’s skyline can be seen twinkling from the Hotel Indigo Shanghai’s rooftop. As a result, Char was chosen to occupy the hotel’s uppermost three floors, providing guests with a 360-degree culinary and visual experience.

You won’t find a standard beef joint like this one. The Wagyu Eye-fillet, offered exclusively at Char, is flown in from an Australian cattle ranch. Lobsters, foie gras, black truffles, and wild mushrooms accompany the beef. There is only so much rich food that even the most voracious eater can consume. Your mouth will moisten just by looking at the variety of exotic condiments.


6.Club Jinmao At Grand Hyatt

The Club Jinmao Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai is one of the city’s most luxurious restaurants. On the Jinmao Tower, the city’s third-tallest building, you’ll find it. The table is dressed simply but elegantly. The view from the restaurant is excellent, but it doesn’t rotate. The best time to visit is on a sunny day when you can see the entire city of Shanghai and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower from the big French windows.

Club Jinmao at Grand Hyatt


Shanghai has a flavour of Germany right in the middle of the city. Quality Bavarian fare, well-known German beers, and Bund vistas are all on offer at this traditional Brauhaus. Visit Paulaner if you’re looking for a change of scenery for the evening.

The restaurant has several Shanghai sites, but this one near the Bund has the greatest view for customers.


8.Lost Heaven

At Lost Heaven, history, ambience, delicious food, and breathtaking views all come together in perfect harmony. The first floor takes you to the Yunnan region. Yunnan’s rich cultural heritage is on display in a picture gallery and bar for guests to enjoy. A Hani-style restaurant occupies the second level, where patrons are seated at communal tables. Feasts were traditionally served at long tables that might seat up to 100 people. Fusion cuisine from the Miao, Dai, Tibetan, Bai, and Yi cultures is presented with great pride at Lost Heaven.

Lost Heaven


This restaurant, located on the 46th story of the Wayfoong Building, offers a panoramic view over the Pudong neighbourhood. The restaurant is not a rotor. Airlifted from Japan, the Japanese products are extremely fresh, but they are also quite expensive due to the high cost of transportation. There are a lot of Japanese folks there.



You can’t miss it when you’re looking for fast-food options at this new food court. Apart from the stunning city views, Xibo is known for its emphasis on creating a comfortable and stylish environment.

For example, pan-fried bread and roasted eggplant with peppers are two of their favorite comfort foods. Steamed Pumpkin Dumplings, roasted lamb dishes, and Big Plate Chicken are also popular. While the surrounding region is bustling with activity, there is a laid-back vibe here.


11.Radisson Revolving Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the 45th level of the Radisson New World Hotel, New York City. Excellent dishes, a wide selection of appetizers, and enticing desserts are all available at the restaurant. While dining, you can take in the sights of this bustling city as the restaurant rotates 360 degrees every 90 minutes.

It has an open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, allowing diners to see the chef’s skill at work. At the Teppanyaki counter, you can watch the chef prepare a wonderful meal according to your specifications.

Radisson Revolving Restaurant

12.M On The Bund

M on the Bund is a one-of-a-kind dining experience in all of Shanghai. Not only will the chef at your party be delighted, but the restaurant’s setting and breathtaking views are unbeatable.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African-inspired dishes, all of which were created using classical European methods. In addition to the main course, don’t forget to try M’s famous Pavlova for dessert. Check out M’s mimosa brunch on the weekends for an early taste of the brand.

M on the Bund


After you’ve finished your meal at Scena, you may head up to Flair, which is located on the 58th floor of the Ritz-Carlton. Sit back and relax with a nightcap while taking in the unparalleled vistas of the Pearl Tower. You may also sample one of their many tapas dishes that is inspired by Asian cuisine here.


14.Revolving Novotel Atlantis Shanghai

It’s a seafood buffet that loops around the Novotel Atlantis Hotel’s 50th floor, where you can feast on live lobster, as well as other typical seafood delicacies, like smoked salmon and halibut. You’ll love Cantonese and another local cuisine. If you’d want to drink as much as you like, there’s no limit.

Revolving Novotel Atlantis Shanghai

15.The Apartment

Cozy and secluded, the restaurant’s inside dining area and its big outdoor patio is ideal. However, the view from the balcony will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. A full appetizer and high-end bar food menu are available for those who prefer smaller servings with their drinks. A full supper menu is provided for those who are a little more hungry than just a snack. A wide variety of Manhattan-style hand-made pizzas are among the delicacies to be found. Relax on plush leather lounge chairs while enjoying amazing beverages and delectable cuisine.


16.VUE Restaurant (Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai)

Vintage-inspired VUE Restaurant serves traditional European fare in a European-style setting. There are books, shelves, sofas, model cars, pipes, and other vintage items throughout the eatery, giving it an eclectic feel.

Dinner meetings and champagne breakfasts are made for this location. For a memorable dining experience, consider their Spanish cuisine, a wine tasting, or their legendary Sunday Brunch. VUE Bar on the Hyatt’s roof is a great option for a cool drink.

VUE Restaurant Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai

17.Golden Tai King Shark’s Fin Restaurant

Looking down from the 39th level, you’ll be able to see the modern scenery of Huaihai Road, People’s Square, and modernization in Lujiazui from your vantage point. At the same time, listening to the lovely music and eating the excellent food is a wonderful experience.

Golden Tai King Sharks Fin Restaurant


It’s hard to beat Cucina, the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s 56th-floor restaurant, for an Italian-themed night out with friends. In addition to a brick oven for baking bread and pizza, the restaurant has an open kitchen for people who enjoy watching the process of food preparation up close.

Try the Beef Carpaccio, the Arugula Salad, or the Bruchetta as an appetizer before your main course.

Risotto with quail sausage, brick oven pizza, or schiaffoni with bacon and risotto are just some of the characteristic Italian dishes you can choose.


19.Mr And Mrs Bund (The Bund, Shanghai)

Contemporary French brasserie cuisine is served at Mr. & Mrs Bund, a “modern bistro by Paul Pairet.” The atmosphere is laid-back, making it ideal for family-style dining. A unique avant-garde dish created by Chef Pairet can be found here. Meunière Truffle Bread, Chicken Picnic Aioli, and Lemon-Lemon Tart are just a few of the delectable options.

Alternatively, the House of Ribs’ grill and roast selections are available. Tenderloin, ribs, a rack of lamb, or chicken breast are all good choices.

Mr and Mrs Bund The Bund Shanghai

20.New Heights

As its name suggests, New Heights delivers exactly what it promises. In addition to providing breathtaking views of Shanghai from its elevation atop Three on the Bund, the restaurant’s innovative food is sure to enhance your mood and taste buds.

The welcoming atmosphere is ideal for both business and social occasions. As well as more traditional fare, local Asian cuisines are also available. Full meals and light snacks are available. As you dine on Kobe Sirloin, Grilled Red Snapper, or Prawn Risotto from the lively and imaginative menu, take in the spectacular views of the Bund and the gorgeous Lujiazui skyline.

New Heights