Top 20 South Indian Resturants in Nayapalli Bhuvaneswar

top 20 south indisn restaurants in nayapalli bhuvaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, is known as the “temple city of India.” People here are very fond of food & enjoy different kinds of cuisines. One can find a lot of Odia Street foods all around. Along with these, citizens are also overwhelmed by the South Indian cuisines & restaurants. Nayapalli is a very vast area in Bhubaneswar, and there are numerous restaurants in this area. A few of the best restaurants that serve South Indian Food in Nayapalli are as follows:

1.Super Snax (Mayfair Lagoon)

Besides serving North Indian food items, Super Snax also serves wholesome South Indian dishes. This restaurant is the epitome of delicacy. It is a part of the luxurious hotel Mayfair Lagoon in Bhubaneswar & thus, prices are a tad bit high. Some delectable dishes served in this place are Mini Dosas, Mayfair Special Dosa, different types of Uttapams & Mini Idlis.

Super Snax Mayfair Lagoon

2. Priya Restaurant

This is a famous South Indian cuisine food outlet in Bhubaneswar. It serves South Indian meals during breakfast, lunch & dinner. With a decent ambiance and good taste in all the dishes, this place has value for money. Masala Dosas, Vada & Upma are some must-try dishes of this restaurant. Some North Indian food items are also served here.

Priya Restaurant

3. Chapan Bhog 

This is a vegetarian snack & sweet shop located in Jaydev Vihar of Bhubaneswar. The uniqueness of this place is, that it serves ‘no onion, no garlic’ food items. Mix Uttapam & some types of Rava Dosas are served here, at affordable prices. The place is small & does not depict a fancy restaurant, but it is pretty famous all over Bhubaneswar for its rich taste & numerous varieties of dishes.

Chapan Bhog

4. Zingiber

A typical South Indian restaurant with various gourmet dishes available. This place gives a sense of a serene environment with a home-like ambiance. Chicken Keema Dosa, Chettinadu Chicken Curry, Podi Dosa, Karuveppilai Idli, Appam & Coconut Pudding are best-selling south Indian dishes served here. This is a unique place in Bhubaneswar because it serves regular dosas & idlis and a lot of different varieties of food that depict South Indian culture.


5. Shree Kunj

A Mithai (sweet) Shop & a vegetarian A/C restaurant. It is a ‘no onion, no garlic’ shop. South Indian dishes are primarily available during breakfast & it mainly serves different types of Dosas & Uttapams. It is also very famous for taking orders in the form of outdoor catering for social events, birthday parties, house warming parties & many other occasions.

Shree Kunj

6. Keyar’s Food

Although this place is in Bapuji Nagar, one can order from Zomato or Swiggy staying in Nayapalli to taste its authentic varieties of Dosas, Idlis & Vadas. The food delivery service is fast & thus, it takes approximately 30 minutes to reach Nayapalli from Bapuji Nagar.

Keyars Food

7. Rainbow Restaurant

With its good quality food & reasonable prices, this restaurant is quite famous. The ambiance is not spacious; lightning is a bit poor & it provides online delivery services mostly during morning hours. It is an informal restaurant providing vegetarian South Indian meals & snacks, and it also includes a sweet counter. It is an old restaurant, established during the 1980s.

Rainbow Restaurant

8. Hotel Sri Mandira

Again famous amongst locals, this restaurant is in the Khandagiri area of Nayapalli. A budget-friendly restaurant with minimal ambiance, but different types of cuisines, including South Indian, North Indian, Street Food & Desserts. If one wants to visit Khandagiri & Udaygiri Temples, this indeed is a place to stop & grab South Indian delicacies with a touch of local taste.

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9. Idli Bhavan

If you want to look for a place that serves the best Guntur Idli, Ghee Pongal & Podi Dosas, along with different south Indian cuisines, then this is for you. This restaurant is a second branch that is in Nayapalli & one more unit is in the Patia area of Bhubaneswar. Some healthy dosas such as Steam Dosa, Set Dosa & Ragi Dosa are also available. Kothu Parotta is one of the chef’s unique dishes.

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10. Shreelal Food Plaza

Another “No Onion, No Garlic” restaurant with a wide variety of Dosas & Uttapams that one can try on their way to Khandigiri via Nayapalli. Mostly South Indian dishes are served here during breakfast & this place is known mainly for its South Indian delicacies. Nayapalli is a very huge area, and there are various small restaurants serving quality food. Shreelal Food Plaza is one such place, where although the ambiance is not up to the mark, one can go for online ordering of food.

Shreelal Food Plaza

11. Maharaja Ganguram

For dry South Indian breakfast such as different types of Vadas, this place is your go-to. It is a budget-friendly, self-service outlet. One can always find fresh food items here. Upma & Idli are served here during breakfast & one can have the essence of local food in this shop. This place also serves unique sweets & mixtures (dry snacks). They serve Dosas throughout the day.

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12. Manomay

This place consists of mid-level pricing with various sweets & savories. South Indian savories are available during breakfast. Although Manomay restaurant is in the Jharpada area, one can order from Nayapalli via online food delivery services. Fried Masala Idli, Paw Bhaji Dosa, Pizza Dosa & Dahi Vada (South Indian Style) are a few of its South Indian delicacies.

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13. Hotel Venus, Surya Nagar

An old & famous place in Bhubaneswar with 3-4 outlets. This restaurant is highly famous amongst locals because of the coconut chutney which it serves. According to some locals, there is no competition of Venus in Bhubaneswar when it comes to South Indian food. One can smell the South Indian gourmet while entering the restaurant. If someone has to enjoy a simple South Indian breakfast, then that person can anytime visit any outlet of Venus. The one near Nayapalli is the Surya Nagar Outlet. The ambiance of this place is also commendable.

Hotel Venus Surya Nagar

14. Truptee Restaurant

This is located in Madhusudhan Nagar of Nayapalli & is a pure vegetarian restaurant. South Indian is available during breakfast with a wide variety of Dosas & Uttapams. Its Truptee Special Masala Dosa is a must-try. A place with good ambiance, super-fast service, and quality food. Truptee has one more outlet in the Patia area of Bhubaneswar.

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15. Himalaya Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

This is a restaurant inside Hotel Annapurna. Hotel Annapurna is located in Jaydev Vihar, Nayapalli area of Bhubaneswar. The restaurant serves a wide variety of cuisines, and among them, South Indian dishes are also served. Although it is a part of Hotel Annapurna, locals can visit anytime and have a meal in the restaurant.

Himalaya Multi Cuisine Restaurant

16. Anna South Indian sweets &Tiffin Center

Again, a famous tiffin center amongst locals. This eating place does not involve a proper sitting arrangement, but still, local people find this place budget-friendly & a place for everyday breakfast. If one is in the Nayapalli area & wants a typical & budget-friendly South Indian breakfast, then this is the place.

Anna South Indian sweets Tiffin Center

17. Shirose

Shirose is a vegetarian restaurant and a highly recommended place in Swiggy & Zomato. Its Special Onion Masala Sada Dosa, Shirose Special Masala Dosa, and Mix Veg Masala Dosa are some of the unique dishes served. This place also serves must-try food options such as a wide variety of Mojitos & ice cream sundaes.

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18. Afiya Delight

When one searches for non-vegetarian options in Nayapalli, ASfiya Delight comes among the top food outlets. But one does not know that it serves few South Indian meals in the morning. Locals who go for a morning walk & crave a street snack enjoy the meals that Afiya Delight provides.

Afiya Delight

20. Annapurna (Laxmi Mandir)

Many do not know about this place, but it serves different types of vadas & chutneys. This place is known as a part of Laxmi Mandir, which is located in the IRC Village area of Nayapalli. They serve fresh food without onion & garlic. Besides Sambhar, a typical Odia dish called Guguni is served here along with Vadas & Idlis.

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