Top 20 Spiciest Dishes Of India That You Must Try If You Love Spicy Food


1.Phall Curry

It’s not ordinary that gourmet specialists wear gas covers while throwing together a dish. Be that as it may, when they do the dish being referred to be Phall curry. Produced using Bhut Jolokia, the most sultry bean stew on the planet, Phall holds the refinement of being the most sweltering curry on the planet. Indeed, even thrill seekers may ‘phall’ in the wake of bringing down this one.


2.Pork Vindaloo

My grandmother says that the more you keep that murabba contained, the better it tastes. Google says that a similar standard works for Pork Vindaloo. Clearly the meat gets appropriately marinated and tastes better the following day. I don’t recognize what improvement it makes on the grounds that the dish is hot to the point that it has a craving for scooping magma balls into your mouth.


3.Kozhi Curry

If you feel weak at the knees over hot nourishment and that Syrian Catholic young lady, think no further. Wed her. Odds are that you’ll discover hot chicken curry on your plate for most days of your life. A vital piece of the Syrian Catholic Community of Kerala, the spiciest curry in India will take your taste buds for one helluva ride.


4.Bean stew Beef

It takes a genuine Malayalee to finish a plate of stew hamburger without feeling the warmth. For others, it can be a significant red hot meat. From the tongue, the sense of taste, the sustenance pipe, the tracts… it’s as though the Ghost Rider’s blasting down through your framework… scorching down everything in his way. I’m shocked Malayalees still exist in Maharashtra.


5.Chicken 65

According to prevalent thinking, this delicacy was the 65th thing in a menu at a military bottle in South India and consequently the name. Passing by the sustenance climax it inspires, this delicacy ought to have been named chicken 69. In spite of the fact that I ponder what happened to uttapam 73, payasam 17 and idli 23?


6.Bhut Jolokia Curries and Chutneys

Whenever you take out your manipulating partner out for a treat ensure you intensely tip the gourmet specialist so he’s liberal with the utilization of Bhut Jolokia in your associate’s dish. You won’t need to stand seeing him/her for no less than seven days.


7.Andhra Chili Chicken

The general population of Andhra know how to do equity to a name and how. This formula has bean stew composed on top of it. Before marinating and stewing the chicken in green bean stew glue, the chicken is added to the green chilies. I require no further persuading about Andhra being the biggest maker of green chilies in India.


8.Kolhapuri Chicken

There’s more to Kolhapur than Kolhapuri silks, Kolhapuri chappals and… ahem… Padmini Kolhapure – it’s the Kolhapuri Chicken. Keep a bowl of rasgulla helpful before you sink your teeth into this red hot bit of chicken.


9.Madras Curry

Seeing meat balls swimming in a bowl of red-shaded sauce is each zesty nourishment darling’s enjoyment. If it’s all the same to you the noteworthy runny nose, watery eyes and sweat-soaked temples, at that point this present one’s an unadulterated enjoyment. Shouldn’t they change its name to Chennai Curry? Simply saying.



Primarily comprising of a blend of the spiciest dry red chillies, green chillies, and dark pepper powder; the warmth level of this prominent roadside delicacy can extend from ‘somewhat hot’ to ‘push a fire douser in my mouth hot.’ Consume infant consume!


11.Chicken Chettinad

They say that chilies release endorphins which thus make you cheerful. For me however, a minor say of Chicken Chettinad does the trap. This food from Tamil Nadu is one of the spiciest and fragrant cooking styles in India. Aside from a satisfied hunger, it additionally abandons you with a singed tongue.


12.Stuffed Pepper

Stuffed Pepper is once in awhile called a solace nourishment. Be that as it may, it doesn’t take yearn for this pepper to jar you out of your usual range of familiarity. Have this side dish in overabundance and you will wind up squirming on the floor.


13.Laal Maans

You won’t have the capacity to relish this searing lamb curry from Rajasthan for long on the grounds that the chillies won’t enable you to. Statutory cautioning – The flavors could burn off a fourth of your taste buds.


14.Kashmiri Chicken

What do you do to encounter a bit of ‘Heaven on Earth’ sitting in the searing warmth of Delhi? Straightforward. Simply arrange a plate of Kashmiri Chicken. Despite the fact that there are other spicier treats that you can lay your hands on, what separates this one from the rest is the tinge of sweetness. Sweet!


15.Saoji Chicken Curry

This hot delicacy originates from one of the most sizzling urban areas in India, Nagpur. Saoji Chicken Curry is a rich amalgamation of the most sweltering flavors you can consider. My recommendation to you before you delve into this mouth-desensitizing fiery treat – support for affect!


16.Pork Vindaloo

Vindaloo starts from Goa, India. Its substantial utilization of vinegar and the conventional meat of pork are because of the Portuguese impact on the zone. There are numerous varieties of the vindaloo formula. Some serve this dish with chicken or sheep blended with potatoes. Be that as it may, conventional vindaloos do exclude potatoes despite the fact that the word aloo remains for ‘potato’ in Hindi.



Rich in taste and smell, Rista is a searing sheep meatball curry arranged in red cold powder and possess different flavors in an exceptionally unique way. The meat for this dish is hand-beat with colossal wooden mallets on a vast level strong wood base. The kind of fennel seeds makes it one of a kind from other comparative looking red curries. This heavenly culinary pleasure is best delighted with margarine naan and cumin rice. Completely divine!


18.Piro Aloo

Finally, something for the vegans. Despite the fact that this dish began from Nepal, it has moved towards becoming a significant famous dish in India also. Essentially, it’s a Nepalese take of India’s top pick, Dum Aloo. Somewhat drier than its Indian partner, it is likewise no less than 10 times spicier. This is a top pick, not withstanding incredible meat darlings.


19.Andhra Dry Mutton

Trust me, folks. Andhra sustenance is recently out of this world. It’s amazingly fiery, as well as in the event that you wind up heading off to an Andhra eatery, you’ll understand it’s additionally an extremely all around adjusted dinner. It’s for the most part collaborated with rice and veggie lover dishes to enable you to out with the fire in the stomach. Must attempt!


20.Shutki Maach

One needs to obtain a preference for this one. Shutki or dry fish when uncooked has a run of the mill trademark sharp smell, sufficiently impactful to bring out queasiness. Be that as it may, in case you’re alright with the odour, the taste will make them hunger for additional.