Top 20 Street Food In Firayalal, Ranchi


Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. You have a lot of places that you can explore in Ranchi. One of the places that we come across is Firayalal. This is popularly known as Albert Ekka Chowk. The people of Ranchi are very hospitable and soft-spoken. You get a large variety of food items here. Ranchi is famous for its food, waterfall, forests, and hills. Ranchi is rich in culture and tradition.

1. Chowmin

Chowmin is one of the most popular Chinese street food. The noodles are mixed properly with vegetables and sauces. It is a famous evening snack for kids. The dish is quite tempting. The people of Ranchi serve it with a lot of love. They also have egg chowmin and chicken chowmin.

2. Egg Roll

This is also a popular evening snack in Ranchi. The people here have egg rolls and chchicken rolls in the evening. The people make the rollout of maida. Then they add egg, vegetables, and sauces. It is a mouth-watering dish. The dish is equally loved by children and adults.

3. Paratha And Chicken

There is a huge craze for paratha and chicken among the people of Ranchi. In Firayalal people from different places come just to taste the paratha and chicken. The paratha is very crisp and the chicken is very juicy. The dish is very fulfilling. The Chicken is full of spices and is very aromatic. One must try this dish when you visit Ranchi.

4. Momos

Momos is a very popular evening snack. The filling inside these dumplings is very tasty. The momos can be vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The filling is either vegetables or chicken. The minced Chicken is quite flavorful. They serve the dish along with red spicy sauce and soup.

5. Pao Bhaji

This is very spicy and tangy street food. They make the bhaji from mashed vegetables. The vegetables have a lot of flavors. They roast the pao and they serve it with butter. It has a delicious aroma and flavors.

5. Sreenaths Pao bhaji –

6. Kulfi

Kulfi is a type of ice cream. It is a frozen dairy dessert. They are chilled. Kulfi is garnished with almonds and cardamom. The famous type of kulfi found is Pista Kulfi. They flavor it withe saffron, pistachio, and almonds. Kulfi is something that refreshes the mind and body.

7. Pakora

Pakora can be of various types. You can get onion pakoras or dal pakoras. The onions are cut into pieces and mixed with besan. Similarly, the dal is also mixed with besan. Then it is deep fried and served hot.

8. Samosa

Samosa is a triangle-shaped food. It is a famous evening snack. Samosa is made of maida. They serve it hot. The filling is mashed potatoes and several spices. They serve jt along with sauce or green chutney.

9. Aloo Tikki Chaat

Aloo Tikki Chaat is also a popular evening snack of Ranchi. The food is equally loved by children and adults. They make the dish with mashed potatoes. Then the mixture is made into round flat balls and garnished with various flavors. The garnish with sweet and spicy chutney.

10. Samosa Chaat

This is similar to Aloo Tikki Chaat. They make this chaat with samosa. They top up the Samosa with chana and certain spices like coriander powder. Then different sauces are also used for flavors.

11. Dosa

Dosa is a South Indian food. This is a popular breakfast option in Ranchi. They make it with fermented rice. It is like a thin batter-type pancake. Then it is filled with potato mixture and served along with coconut Cheyney and sambhar.

12. Idli

 Idli is also a very famous South Indian food. The rice is grounded and they make a last out of it. Then they keep it for fermentation. Then they make round flat balls and steam them. Then serve it along with coconut chutney and sambhar.

13. Fruit Juice

This is one of the refreshing items of Firaryalal Ranchi. The exotic fruits are used to make the juices. The juices are extracted and served fresh. This is a very soothing item. A must-try during the summers.

14. Chole Bhatura

 Chole Bhatura is a tempting dish. They make it from maida. The bhatura is round in shape like a roti. The chana is spicy and full of flavors. It is a mouth-watering dish.

15. Jalebi

This is a sweet dish. It is round. They make it with a lot of love and affection. It is a perfect dish for sweet lovers. They make it from besan and then dip it into the sugar syrup. It is slightly orange.

16. Bhelpuri

This is a famous evening snack. It is a savory dish. They make it from puffed rice. It has a lot of flavors. They add a lot of stuff such as coriander, tomatoes, and onions. They top it with sweet and spicy sauces.

17. Kachori

This is a popular snack for the people of Ranchi. They make kachori with maida and fill it with sattu. They serve the dish with aloo sabzi.

18. Smoothie

It is a beverage. They make the liquid base with fruit juice, milk, ice cream, and yogurt. Then they top it up with fruits or vegetables. It is a very refreshing dish. It looks beautiful and tempting.

19. Lithi Choka

This is a very popular dish in Jharkhand. They make the lithi from maida and fill it up with sattu. Then it is roasted. They serve hr along with sabzi. It is full of flavors and blissful food.

20. Dhuska

This is tribal food of Jharkhand. It is soulful food. It is a deep-fried snack. It is a savory dish. They make it with dal or rice and serve it along with chutney or sauces. You must try this if you visit Ranchi.