Top 20 Street Food Of Santipur, West Bengal

Top 20 Street Food Of Santipur, West Bengal

When we talk about West Bengal, the first thing that comes to our mind is Bengali sweets. We all know how famous Bengali sweets are. But what we don’t know is that the street food of West Bengal is as famous as the sweets there. Below is the list of the Top 20 street foods of Santipur, West Bengal, that you must try once.


Ghugni is not only Santipur’s favorite snack but the whole of Bengal’s favorite snack. It is yellow matar dal with very little but appropriate curry. It is prepared with authentic spices and then garnished with chopped raw onion, coriander, and chili. The snack tastes delicious.


2.Aloo Kabli

Aloo Kabli is another famous street food. The dish is basically an aloo chat prepared with chickpeas, chopped onions, boiled potato, spices, green chilies, coriander, and lemon on the top to give it a tangy punch. You can find this mind-blowing chaat on any street in Santipur.


3.Luchi Aloo Dum

Luchi Aloo Dum is one of Bengal’s most famous breakfast and street foods. Luchi is a type of poori made with flour or maida and then deep fried. The sizzling hot lunch is served with duma loo but with a twist. The duma loo is prepared with Bengali spices to give it a different taste.


4.Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll is layered paratha with the fillings of kebabs and veggies. The layered paratha is made with flour or maida and is then filled with kebabs, grated vegetables, green chili sauce, and other sauces to make it juicier and tastier.



Bhelpuri is Whole India’s favorite savory snack. It is made with puffed rice, chopped raw onions, tomatoes, coriander, spices, and lemon for a tangy punch. You can find Bhelpuri in every street of Santipur.



Luchi is a type of poori or flatbread. It is made with flour or maida. A dough of flour is made and kept for a few hours. It is then made into flatbreads and deep fried in ghee into crispy poori. It can be eaten with sabzi or a special Bengali duma Aloo.


7.Kabiraji Cutlet

Kabiraji Cutlet is another famous nonvegetarian street food. It is made with ground chicken. The ground chicken is coated with egg and breadcrumbs and deep-fried into crispy fritters. It can be eaten with coriander chutney or sauces.



Dahi vada is a refreshing snack famous all around India and Santipur. The vada is made with thick lentil batter and deep-fried into fritters. It is then soaked into curd and garnished with chaat masala, salt, and red chili powder to give it a delicious taste.


9.Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai Paratha is one of the tastiest street foods in Santipur. It is a crispy, flaky paratha made with refined flour or maida. It is then filled with keema, egg, spices, and other seasonings, giving it a mouthwatering taste.



Telebhaja is a type of pakora made not only during the monsoon season but throughout the year. They are usually made with vegetables like brinjals, cauliflowers, potatoes, and onion dipped in besan and deep fried into fritters.



Jhalmuri is Bengal’s favorite snack and street food. It is made with puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, coriander, cucumber, green chilies, and a topper with bhujiya and peanuts to add crispiness to the snack.



Shurmur is one of the most loved street foods of Santipur and Kolkata. It is a crunchy and tangy savory made with spices to make the chaat more delicious. It is usually sold by the puchkawals in the streets. The snack contains matar dal, green chilies, coriander, boiled potatoes, and a punch of lemon.



Panipuri is one of the most loved street foods in India. The crispy balls made with flour are filled with spicy, tangy coriander water and served with red tamarind chutney in some parts of India. The puchkas of Santipur are a must-have street food once you visit the city.



Biryani in West Bengal is said to be one of the most delicious biryani’s. It is a whole meal and doesn’t need anything else to have with it. It is made with delicious basmati rice and mutton cooked in gravy. This biryani is made with the authentic spices of Bengal, giving it the best aroma and taste. You can have biryani in any Santipur street and satisfy your inner foodie.



Kachori is a tasty snack often served with coriander, tamarind chutney, or aloo ki sabzi. It is made with flour or maida, sometimes even filled with dal mixture. These are deep-fried to make a crunchy and crispy snack.


16.Pav Bhaji

If you crave something filling and quirky? Pav Bhaji it is then. Enjoy the tasty Pav Bhaji in the streets of Santipur. The tasty bhaji is made with authentic spices and boiled vegetables and served with the Pav and butter on the top.


17.Chinese Food

You can find Chinese food in almost all street side stalls and restaurants in Santipur. Doesn’t matter how much good street food the high-class hotels sell; we Indians love that desi Chinese punch we get in the street-style Chinese food. You can have delicious street-style Chinese food in the streets of Santipur.



After having all these spicy street foods, something sweet is a must. Jalebi is one of the most famous sweets in the whole of India. Have this amazing sweet in the streets of Santipur. The jalebi is made with flour fried into circular shapes, dipped into sugar syrup, and served sizzling hot.



Be it the Chinese food or momos, Indians love the desi tadka in everything. Momos is one of the most loved food of India. The hot momos served with sauces on a winter evening is no less than a heaven. You can get the street styles hot momos at the street vendors in Santipur.



Having tea in India and not having a side snack along? Not happening! Samosa is one of the best snacks one can have, along with a hot cup of tea. The spicy fillings of boiled potatoes make the best combination with the crispy outer layer of the samosa.