Top 20 Street Food Places Of Kolkata

Top 20 Street Food Places Of Kolkata

1. Vivekananda Park

Also known as the “king of street food”, this is a place in Kolkata where each panipuri or phuchka wala makes panipuri to die for. The papri chat and dahi phuchkas are also to die for! Celeb-sighting is a no biggie here, as everyone lines up for a taste of heaven.


2. Zaika, Park Street

The now famous Kathi Rolls were first invented in Kolkata, in this street. This great place called Zaika is given all the credits for these delicious rolls which can now be found in every city. Every city has its own twist of the thing, but you will get the original rolls at Zaika. Nizam’s in New Market and Hot Kathi Roll in Park Street is a must try!


3. Fairlie Place and Stock Exchange

This is a central place for business in the city, and you can see people wandering around in their suits being all busy with a phone in one hand and a newspaper in another. But the street is also filled with delicious food stalls, and the most famous food here is Luchi-Alu Dom, which is very similar to Puris and Dum Aloo. Rice and Fish curry, Dal Pakori, Dahi Chaat, Chilla and Kachoris are also a must try here!


4. Dacre Lane or Dacre Street

This is THE street for all the kinds of street food you would want. It basically has everything you could ever want to try. Also known as Decker’s Lane, it serves everything from Punjabi to Chinese to the traditional Bengali dishes.


5. Anadi Cabin, Jawaharlal Nehru Road

Rotis generously stuffed with cutlets or Kheema, eggs or onions, this is where the Anadi Cabin specialises. These Mughlai Parathas may be found in other places too, but here you’ll find some of the best at prices which don’t go heavy on your pocket.


6. China Town, Tiretti Bazaar

This place has declined in its Chinese population, which was once 20000. But it hasn’t lost its food culture. It is an attraction for people from all over, with its authentic Chinese, especially during the New Year when the place is decorated beautifully . There are little dragons all around on the houses and stalls. Rice dumplings and soup is the most famous meal here.


7. Lord’s More

The eateries here will take your breath away. They are located together right opposite South City Mall. Local panipuri, or the momos, or the chaat, everything here is to be loved. Dragon Chicken is what you must look for, from the smaller establishments here.

Dragon Chicken 3508

8. Tiwari Brothers, Burrabazaar

Chai or coffee preference doesn’t matter once you try the ‘special chai’ here with some yummy samosas, just in form of Singaras. A fitting refreshment for anyone.


9.  Ganguram’s

If you haven’t had Kochuri yet, your street food experience here at Kolkata is incomplete. Ganguram’s Kochuri or Radhabollobi is one of its kind, and is just simply had with the amazing Mishti Doi.


10. Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit

This Tibetan theme restaurant serving Tibetan food has always been popular in Kolkata. People say that it is one of the best places if dumplings are what you crave.Momos here with the best hot chutney and a perfect sauce is surely an attraction. This place is always crowded by office going people and students. The momos here are to die for and once you’ve tried this, you’re definitely coming back for more.



Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja, College Street

This shop goes way back, its almost 50 year old. Its still very popular because of its name for selling the most delicious Telebhaja in the city. Telebhaja are deep fried snacks. Everything you’ve heard of, you will find here, from egg chops to mutton chops, from brinjal fries to fried fish. They are pretty busy and really in demand, so they are open only in evenings from 4-8. They run out of stock pretty quickly so lining up previously is pro bably a smart thing to do here.image1112.

Balaram Mullick & Radharam Mullick, Bhawanipore

It is impossible to not go into every sweetshop you come across here. Blame the displays of the Roshogolla, the Sandesh,The Rasmalai and the Misti Doi. These sweets may be found anywhere in the city, but Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick have been considered nothing short of a brand in these cases. Your street food experience isn’t complete unless you’ve come here. The fusion sweets are also breathtaking here.



Balwant Singh Eating House, S.P Mukherjee Road

The tea culture of the city can be observed appropriately by a single visit to this place. The tea here comes in an earthen cup, called bhaanr, the one reason this house is so famous is because of its generous serving. Doodh cola, another unique offering is also famous here.


14. Mayaram’s, Lord Sinha Road

Crave Pav Bhaji while in Kolkata? Head to this place! They are known for making the best pav bhaji in all of the city. Even if you’re not headed there, and are just passing by, let me assure you that the fragnant will lead you in anyways. Trying a gola or a chuski is much recommended, and they are served in generous amounts.


15. Mitra Cafe

A true street food lover will literally die for the Mutton cutlet here. They are known to serve the absolute best non veg in the city. Foodgasms are a common word when people describe this place. There is nothing that you won’t get here, from fish chops, to Mughlai Parathas or the Fish Fingers, literally anything. Any rolls or turnovers you can think of, they’re all here. And nothing here can disappoint you.


16. Camac Street

You’re at a personal loss if you think that kulfis come in a regular shape, taste and size. Also, the reason you still have this perception is because you haven’t visited the Camac Street yet. This low key establishment near St. Xavier’s keeps the best kulfis of all time. Mango and Sitaphal are the local favourites.


17. New Market

This place is awesome, both for the vegetarians and the non vegetarians. With the stalls, are all the retail food joints like KFC, Dominos, and WOW Momos. The phuchkas and the Chinese food like Chopsuey are to die for, and do not ignore the excellent bakeries around. New Market is the go-to place for cheap and delicious food.


18. Vardaan Market

Vardaan market is located at the heart of the Cormac Street, the business district. It serves the most amazing vegetarian dishes of anywhere. The phuchkas from the vendors and other delicacies like Daal Pakori and Chilla are a must try!


19. Golpark Crossing

It is still a wonder how Fish fry, the absolute delicacy from Kolkata still hasn’t been discovered by the global cuisines. An the 5-point crossing here, is a stall where I bet you’ll get the most amazing fish fries ever. The butter fish fry is a speciality which is a must try too!


20. Princep Ghat

Confession: this is the most awesome combination of onion, lemon juice and chanachur ever. Have it while you’re walking along the river peacefully. Apart from this, all other kind of snacks and tea at Princep Ghat are also to die for.