Top 20 Street Foods In Chandauri Road, Giridih, Jharkhand

Top 20 Street Foods In Chandauri Road Giridih Jharkhand 1
Top 20 Street Foods In Chandauri Road Giridih Jharkhand 1

Giridih is one of the most important cities in Jharkhand. It is popular for its industrial and health sectors. It is also known for its natural beauty. The Kandoli park, dam, and hills are such a peaceful place. You can also visit Usri Falls and Parasnath Temple. It is quite an adventurous place because you can experience trekking as well. It offers amazing kinds of food as well, and street foods are loved by everyone because they’re spicy, crunchy, crispy, and most importantly, pocket-friendly. So, here are the top 20 fast foods in Chandauri Road, Giridih that you must try.

1. Mushroom Chilli

You may have eaten chicken chilli, paneer chilli, and so on. But mushroom chilli is one of the delicious food items that you should definitely try. It is tasty and yummy, and you can have chapati with it as well. You can experience the wonderful taste of mushroom chilli at any restaurant in Chandauri Road, Giridih. This item will give you a very satisfactory taste, and you’ll love it for sure.

Mushroom Chilli

2. Veg Roll

Everyone is aware of this food item as it is one of the tasty fast foods. It is actually very nice because it is so delicious and can fill your tummy as well. There’s no problem with the sitting area as well having this item. Just take it from the street vendor and enjoy it while walking. You’ll definitely have such a great experience if you try this. There are so many variations on it as well, like non-veg roll, egg roll, paneer roll, etc.

Veg Roll

3. Momo

Momos are one of the most popular street foods. It originated in Delhi but is famous all over India. If you ever visit Khodoli Hills, you’ll definitely find so many momo stalls there. And it is also true that the taste that comes from the stall momos, you can’t get it in any restaurants or cafes. Momos also have variations on them, like fried momos, chicken momos, paneer momos, manchurian momos, etc.


4. Chops

Just like every item, it also has so many variations. In Chandauri Road in Giridih, you will find so many shops or stalls that offer these kinds of food items. People over there really love these food items. If you are thinking that it is a vegetable chop or something, then you are completely wrong, because in Giridih, chop means aloo chop, bread chop, etc. So, if you are in Giridih, then you must try the chops of this place.


5. Litti Chokha

If you are in Jharkhand and you are unable to find litti chokha, it is impossible. Because for once, people here can stop breathing but they can’t live without litti chokha. You can find so many stalls of litti chokha on the Chandauri Road in Giridih, as they have some different tastes as compared to others. And this different taste attracts customers towards them because whatever they get there can’t be gotten anywhere else.

Litti Chokha

6. Aloo Parantha

Not only in Punjab, but you can also find aloo parantha stalls in Chandauri Road. You don’t need to go to the restaurant, order it, and then wait until it arrives. In Giridih, you’ll find not only one but so many stalls that offer aloo parantha. The taste is amazing, and you can get it quickly as well. People who are working in offices mostly have access to it as it is healthy, can fill their tummies, and easy to find.

Aloo Parantha

7. Jalebi

Jalebi is one of the street foods that is sweet in taste. There are so many restaurants that offer the same item, but on Chandauri Road, you can find it on the street as well. There’s a lot of difference in the taste of the street as compared to the restaurants, and the jalebis on the streets are way much better. If you haven’t tried Hit Jalebi, then try it because you are going to love it.


8. Sattu

Sattu is a very common street food here. You can find it anywhere, but especially during the summer, when there are many street vendors selling sattu drinks. The drink contains sattu, onion, chilli, lemon, and water in it, and it is very tasty and good for your health as well. You can also find sattu parantha in many places. Litti and sattu parantha are two different food items.


9. Popcorn

Yes, you read it right. On Chandauri Road in Guridih, you can find popcorn on the streets. But of course, that will not be caramel popcorn. It is yellow in color. They sell very ordinary popcorn that actually tastes good, and it’s affordable too, because it’s a street food. Along with popcorn, they also sell some toasts or kaju biscuits. They carry the proper machine that is used to make popcorn. So, it’s all worth it.


10. Samosa

It is a well-known street food that is loved by most people. It is so popular that you can find it almost anywhere in India. It is stuffed with potatao and served with chutney. In Chandauri Road, you can find samosas as well, and if you request a special samosa, they’ll serve it by cutting it and adding onions and masalas from outside. So, you must try the special samosa.

Samosa 1

11. Jhalmuri

It is one of the most popular street foods. It contains different types of ingredients that make it taste delicious. Everyone has their own way of making it, and there’s a difference in its ingredients as well. Actually, customers’ preferences also matter. But its basic ingredient is puffed rice. Basically, it is of two types: dry jhalmuri and wet jhalmuri.


12. Chowmin

One of the most popular street foods that everyone enjoys. You can also have it in restaurants, but there is a lot of difference in its taste as compared to the street chowmin. Yes, it is true that in restaurants they serve foods in an authentic way, but don’t underestimate street vendors. They add such a great taste to the chowmin and they offer Manchurian as well at a very affordable price.


13. Chana Papdi

It is one of the chatpata street foods that you can find on Chandauri Road. Very few people know about it because it’s now a little hard to find because there are so many ready-made companies that offer it, but the taste you’ll get from the street sellers is something else. Ready-made products have nothing in front of them. Readymades are very simple in taste, but the tastes of street vendors include chana, lemon, spices, onions, and green chillies.

Chana Papdi 1

14. Idli

It originated from the southern part of India. But in Giridih, you can find idli as one of the street foods as well. They serve it in a different way as compared to the restaurants, and if you are a foodie, then you will love the street style idli because it is more delicious than the restaurant’s idli. Actually, street idli is served with coconut chutney and so many spices are added to it as well.


15. Panipuri

It would be biassed if we said that girls are more fond of panipuri because boys also love it. There is some magic in Panipuri that attracts customers, and they can’t stop themselves after seeing it. Actually, on the Delhi side, the water for the panipuri is made from lemon, but in Jharkhand, the water is made from tamrind, a few drops of lemon, different spices, and a few more things. People prefer tamarind water because it is delicious.


16. Omlette

There are so many vegetarian street foods, but let’s move to some egg dishes as well that you can find on the street very easily. An omelette is a very tasty food item that people prefer for their breakfast as well. But you can also have it during the evening because there are so many stalls that sell omlette in the chowpati. It is made like chila or chilka, but, of course, the taste is different.


17. Kachori

One of the tastiest street foods that you can find during the morning or evening is It’s very easy to find this food item on the streets. It has variations on it as well. Rajkachori, kachori sabzi, stuffed kachori, etc. are the most preferred variations of kachoris. If you are eating kachori with sabzi, then have it hot. It is possible to catch it as a cold.


18. Pakora 

Pakora is one of the tasty street foods that you can easily find at Chandauri Raod in Giridih. People there generally prefer it with tea. Chai and pakora are very popular food items. Pakora also has variations in it, like aloo pakora, besan pakora, baingan bhaja, cabbage pakora, and many more. You should try this during the evening near Khandoli Park from the street vendors.


19. Dahi Vada 

Dahi Vada is one of the tasty street foods on Chandauri Road. It is very easy to find dahi vada on the streets of Giridih. Along with dahi vada, they also sell sambar vada and kanji vada. It’s a street food, so you can try all these in one go. And all the items taste different. So, you should definitely try these street food items.

Dahi Vada

20. Chole Bature 

Chole Bature is one of the most loved food items. There is no doubt that Delhi’s chole bature is very popular in India, but the chole bature of Giridih tastes amazing as well. Actually, every place has its own taste. So, we should know about the taste of every place. Overall, it’s a fantastic street food that comes with sides of salads and pickles.

Chole Bature