Top 20 Street Foods In Sowcarpet

Top 20 Street Foods In Sowcarpet

If you’re food lover, looking for a unique, exciting culinary experience, you don’t want to miss a visit to Mint Street in Sowcarpet. The bustling area is known for North Indian Street food, where you will explore the rich food culture of North India, and some stalls mix the flavors of South and North to present dishes. Vendors sell everything from crispy dosas and spicy chaats to sweet jalebis and refreshing lassis, and more with so many delicious options to choose from, it can be hard where to start. So, there is a list of must-try foods you will ever taste.

1.Pav Bhajji

If you are looking for delicious pav, then visit the Kakada Ramprasad stall. Spicy potato curry with buttered bread rolls and a lemon, you can squeeze in curry for a sour taste. There is another flavor that has bread rolls that will come with cheese. Whether you’re craving a quick snack or a meal, Pav Bhajji is a delicious and satisfying option you won’t regret trying.



Kachori is the favorite chaat for everyone for its tangy spice taste, a tender pastry filled with spiced lentils, and tangy chutney. You should try another flavor of kachori, which comes with a spicy curry, sev, and dahi with pomegranate, which is also called Raj Kachori.


3.Paani Puri

Paani puri is a classic Indian street food also known as Gol Gappa. Paani puri is a small, crispy, hollow wheat ball with a mixture of spiced potatoes, onions, and chickpeas and topped with tangy tamarind chutney and spiced mint coriander water. It’s a perfect combination of 3 different tastes which always I crave to eat.


4.Vada Pav

Vada Pav is a delicious Indian burger that consists of a deep-fried potato called vada, sandwiched between two slices of bread called Pav and slathered with a spicy green chutney made from coriander leaves, mint leaves, and chilies. There are some other types of Vada Pav, like Cheese Vada Pav, Schezwan Vada Pav, Masala Vada Pav, Palak Vada Pav, and Dabeli Vada Pav. Vada Pav is a quick and affordable snack perfect for mid-day appetite.



Among the many delicacies served here, buttermilk is a refreshing drink that will cool you down on a hot day. Vendors sell buttermilk in small earthen pots called matkas, and the buttermilk was made from yogurt, water, salt, and spices. The best place to try buttermilk in Sowcarpet is a small street stall called Buttermilk Point near the famous Jain Temple.



The golden, crispy soft rings are a joy of sweetness made from maida flour, sugar syrup, and saffron. Jalebi was made from dough, which was deep-fried and drenched in sugar syrup which makes a flavorful dessert that leaves you wanting more. In Sowcarpet, the stall called Jalebi Wala is the best place to try Jalebi, where freshly made and served hot.


7.Murukku Sandwich

Murukku Sandwich is a creative twist on the traditional Sandwich, with a sturdy murukku and toppings like slices of tomato, onion, cucumber, grated cheese, sprinkled chaat masala, and roasted cumin powder. A lip-smacking Sandwich gets ready in an instant, served with green chutney.


8.Aloo Tikki Chaat

Authentic chaat made with crispy potato patties that have topped with a variety of sweet and savory chutneys, yogurt, and spices. Chaat is known for its delicious combination of flavors and textures, which were often served cold, making it a refreshing option on a hot day.



The popular desi chilled delight can beat the richness of the milk and almonds that give kulfi a unique flavor. Nowadays, people make different flavors with fruits, flour, and chocolate and tease your tastebud. Kulfi is so popular in Mint Street that it draws you closer to the dessert.


10.Channa Chaat

The Savoury and zesty flavors of the spices make Channa Chaat a delicious treat. This popular Indian Street Food was made with chickpeas, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, various herbs, and tangy chutney. Channa Chat was a mouthwatering treat enjoyed by people of all ages. Channa Chaat is the best try at one of the many stalls on Mint Street.


11.Bhel puri

Bhel puri is a beloved Indian Street Food known for its sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, and in Sowcarpet, it was taken to a whole new level. Bhel is spicy but also sweet, tart, and salty, and an exploration of delectable flavors such as puffed rice, sev, and chutney creates a delicious crunch in your mouth. While exploring Sowcarpet, be sure to give Bhel Puri a try!


12.Khakra Sandwich

This Sandwich has gained a lot of attention in recent years, Khakras with various flavorful fillings such as vegetables, cheese, and sauces. The combination of textures and flavors in a Khakra is amazing with its drizzle of mayonnaise, and tomato garlic chutney as a layer of crispy Khakras. Looking for a nutritious snack, then visit Maya Chaats on mint street.


13.Papdi Chaat

Papdi Chaat is a sweet and tasty snack that has become a staple among foodies in the area, with vendors offering a variety. The texture of this dish is so satisfying as crispy fried dough wafers, chickpeas, yogurt, and boiled and smashed potatoes add a burst of flavor.


14.Ragda Pattice

Ragda Pattice is a delicious Indian street food, which is a flavorful and spicy dish that consists of shallow-fried potato cakes. This dish was served with various chutneys, sev, and chopped onions, which adds a crunchy and refreshing texture to the soft and savory patties. Kakada Ramprasad is the stall where you find the yummiest Ragda Pattice.



Sev Puri is a burst of flavors, the sweet, tangy tamarind chutney complements the spicy mint chutney. Crunchy Sev provides a satisfying texture by adding diced onion and tomatoes to make perfect evening snacks in Sri Balaji Bhavan on Mint Street.


16.Palak Chaat

Palak Chaat also called Chatpata Chaat means piquant, it was tangy and easy to make, and bursting with flavors. Palak Chaat was made from crispy spinach leaves providing a satisfying crunch, while the chutneys and spices add a burst of flavor that will stimulate your taste bud.


17.Chola Bathure

Chole Bathure is also known as Chana Bathura, a most popular Punjabi dish. The spicy chickpea curry and puffy deep-fried bread give a rich and savory taste. Hemanth Chaat is the best place to try out this dish.


18.Mirchi Vada

Where in the mood for a spicy and crispy snack, then Mirchi Vada is the one. It’s so popular among all the Chaats made by stuffing a green chili with a potato filling and deep-frying it.


19.Cone Papad Chaat

Preferring something milder, Papad Chaat is sure to satisfy your cravings. You were topping crispy Papad with various toppings, such as onions, tomatoes, chutney, and spices. Cone Papad chaat is another variety make, Papad a cone and add filling to the cone.


20.Special Dosa

Craving for various Dosas, visit Seena Bhai 1977 Dosa Centre, their creative menu will always amaze you. South Indian cuisine and only vegetarian dishes but no dine-in option. Often visit this place for the yummiest dosas.