Top 20 Street Foods In Tollygunge, Kolkata

Top 20 Street Foods In Tollygunge, Kolkata

Kolkata is known for its rich Bengali culture, cuisine, style, and authenticity. There has been a lot of fusion for a long time and the old roots have been permanent. These have added more flavors and tasty street foods to the growing list of delicacies. The narrow streets of Kolkata have their beauty in the different types of food which it offers to the population, as crazy and exciting as the dishes are.

1.Chicken American Club Sandwich, Street Food Plaza

Club Sandwiches have been a part of Western culture. All this while, when Kolkata was under British rule, a regular vegetarian club sandwich was turned into a more interesting dish. Street Food Plaza offers and brings you the most delicious chicken club Sandwich at an affordable price while you are hungry or wish to munch on a little snack.


2.Veg Pasta, Street Food Plaza

If you go by the review and look for the right amount of food-hunting skills to work, you can try your hungry stomach and interest in veg pasta. This dish is a great option for all vegetarians. There are very few dishes within the price range to suffice with all the checkpoints to the perfect food. Veg Pasta from Street Food Plaza is one dish you can go for while you are craving a healthy snack.


3.Keto Smoothie, Binge Baefikar

Here you are, freaking out about what to eat and what not to. You also cannot give up street food. The Keto Smoothie is all that you might be looking for. A blend of healthy fruits and rich taste, the Keto Smoothie is one perfect smoothie you can try. Kolkata has all kinds of food for you to be content. Yet, the Keto Smoothie is a new add-on to the list. A must-try!


4.Bombay Cutting Dosa, Vedu Veg Adda

Dosa, idli, or vada, what is your favorite among these? Although, the best one always goes by the amount of popularity. At least it is the same for a portion of food. The Bombay cutting dosa is a unique combination of original South Indian taste and the perfect taste of fusion. It is a treat for vegetarians. It is a light food, less oily, and most importantly healthy.


5.Churma K Laddoo, Sharma Sweets Snacks

A person cannot escape Bengal without obsessing over the variety of sweets and their impeccable taste. If you have not tried it yet, do it soon because every day there is a new addition to the list. Churma k Laddoo is another option for you to strike off the famous sweets. Come on, there is more than just Rasgulla in the streets of Kolkata.


6.Cheese Pav Bhaji, Aryan’s Pav Bhaji

Mumbai thought it could never be beaten for Vada Pavs and Pav Bhaji. Kolkata took it seriously. There is no big or fancy restaurant for the dish to outshine everything else but just the magic taste of immense love and spices that fuse with the Bengali touch to make the dish special. Who does not like cheese anyway? Cheese Pav Bhaji has a rich taste of cheese blending with the bhaji which gives it a unique taste.


7.Dry Kachori, Saurashtra Nimki House

There is a saying in Kolkata that Sundays have to be special when every member of the house is present. A dry Kachori and a bit of chutney are what you call a kick-start to the day. A mouth-watering dish with a tasty dry filling, often involving dry fruits gives the dish a different yet unique taste.


8.Street Style Biriyani, Local Biriyani Shops In Tollygunge

The Mughal Rule, apart from the monuments, gave us a very good way of working with the taste buds. On the one hand, there are beautiful monuments and, on the other hand, there is a list of dishes and foods which it offers. The most special thing about it is the potato being a main part of the biriyani culture in Kolkata. Biriyani freaks look out for such offers at a minimal price where street style biriyani is the one for them. Biriyani from the local shops is pocket-friendly and rich in taste that you would keep going back.


9.Suta Kabab, Adam Kabab Shop

Along with the biriyani on your plate, there is another dish that is mandatory for everyone. This calls for a kabab. Suta Kabab is another option among the vast range of kababs in Kolkata. The delicious meat and spices, all burst together to give an unforgettable taste. The meat is tied with a string which is called a ‘suta’ in the local language and slow-cooked for a burnt flavor.


10.Haleem, Sufia And Aminia restaurant, Zakaria Street

We know, Delhi serves the best Haleem to you. But, if the Kolkata shops are in front, will there be another war in this? Haleem by Sufia and Aminia restaurant is a must during Eid and whenever you crave rich and authentic Mughal food. Haleem is sold out during the month of Ramadan. However, it always has a demand. The whole process is special because of the way it is prepared and served. Haleem is generally served with Rumali rotis and naans.


11.Chicken Kabiraji Momo, Tasty Town

No other city in the country saw an uprise in the fusion and originality of momos. The Gandharaj Momo was a trend a few days back in Kolkata as the Chicken Kabiraji Momo is another member of the food trend. Kabiraji has been particular with chicken or fish. However, a combination of the same with momo is interesting. It is covered with a crispy layer similar to a fried momo yet outstanding in the way Kabiraji is.


12.Chicken Periperi Momo, Tasty Town

In the era of Wow Momo and the uprising prices, it becomes very important for every foodie to search for new dishes. People who love momos are everywhere and so is the quest for the fusion that it brings in chicken Periperi Momo. It is a unique blend of momo and peri-peri flavors. A bit spicy and sharp in its taste, the chicken peri-peri momo is a perfect street food to be chosen for people who like spicy food.


13.Dahi Bada And Dhokla, Sharma Snacks

Every time, among the chaos, there remains some part of the originality and authenticity that people want to keep within themselves. What can be a better combination than Dahi Vada and Dhokla? Sharma Snacks is one such go-to place for hunting down the best of this food. Sour, sweet, and a blend of spices. The dhoklas are spongy and taste best with coriander chutney.


14.Chicken Pasta, Shivam’s Sandwich

Kolkata and the Western culture have always been joining hands and providing the best food to its people. In certain cases, there have been extremely weird and unique combinations of pasta, pizza, and burgers where people have a lot of options in front of them. However, it is important to keep in mind the price tag and have the best chicken pasta. Shivam sandwich provides a very tasty plate of chicken pasta for one delightful experience. The pasta is light yet fulfilling.


15.Variety Kabab Platter, Tolly Food

Ever heard of food fetish? Yes, some people solely thrive on discovering new varieties of kebabs and opt for the platters. The variety Kebab Platter is the best option in the case where there is a remarkable taste of heritage and history. Starting from the reshmi kababs to the galoti kababs and many more, the kabab platter is one such street food in Tollygunge.


16.Fish Finger, Just Fries

This is one dish that can be seen in every house. Kolkata is uniquely known for its fried food in terms of fish and chicken. The fish finger is one such delicacy that offers a very rich taste to the people and lets them obsess over this street food even more. It caters to a wide variety of price ranges and is particularly served with ‘Kasundi’ (mustard sauce) and salad.


17.Afghani Egg Devil, Just Fries

Egg devils are another form of heaven. At least, this is what everybody in Kolkata believes. Although there can be differences in the way one makes the Advil, it precisely focuses on providing a unique blend of boiled egg and the cutlet. Afghani Advil is another form of presenting this delicacy in a much more unique way. Kolkata has been seeing an uprise among the food hunters who enjoy the Afghani egg devil.


18.Dhansiri Mughlai Paratha, Dhansiri Indian Cuisine Restaurant

It is needless to say, how much Mughal culture and its roots have been spreading in and across Kolkata over the years. The Mughlai paratha is another side of the same plate. However, as a street food and something that keeps you coming back to the shop, the Dhansiri Mughlai Paratha is one such cuisine that will make your mouth water.


19.Kochuri From Local Sweet Shops

Kochuri, simply the koraishutir (peas) kochuri is something no one can get over. The crispy texture and the taste of spiced peas are what you will look for every time. The best breakfast street foods serving your stomach are the kachoris from the local sweet shops. They make it best.


20.Rosogolla (Rasgulla), Kotal’s Satyanarayan

Rosogolla is indeed the diamond delicacy Bengali has to offer. However, apart from big sweet shops, some local confectioners make extremely soft, sweet, and sugary rosogolla. Cannot be happier than getting a plate of rasgullas (roshogolla) for you. The sweet sugar ball is made out of cottage cheese and then dipped into the sugar liquid adding the main flavor.