Top 20 Street Foods Of Manipur

Top 20 Street Foods Of Manipur
Top 20 Street Foods Of Manipur

You may visit Manipur and try their famed road foods, but go the taste will not match the bone you will have in the Street food of India. Not only is eating road food an easy & affordable way to fill your stomach, but it also opens the door to a whole world of maximum deliciousness.

1. Singju

A Special salad made up of a Singju vegetable splint from Manipur. Salad is good for health. This Manipur food is constituents are cabbage, coriander leaves, onion, gusto, lotus stem, Singju splint & vegetables. It’s one of the healthy food in Manipur.


2. Chak-Hao-Kheer

Chak-hao-kheer is a notorious sweet Dish in Manipur. It’s a kheer made with black rice, milk & cardamom &this succulent sweet gets a beating of raising, almonds, and other dry fruits.

Chak hao kheer

3. Chamthong Or Kangshoi

Chamthong is a popular dish from Manipur. This fantastic stew form is rough-hewn with seasonal vegetables & spices. Popular in the ménage, the Kang shot is served hot with & roti.

Chamthong Or Kangshoi

4. Morok Metpa

Morokmetpa is a popular chutney from Manipur cookery. This chutney is a confect of Nagri fish & green dried chili. This chutney serves all kinds of reflections & it’s the most notorious food in Manipur.

Morok Metpa

5. Eromba

This Eromba form is made-for fish food suckers. This dish chef with fermented fish called Ngari with vegetables. Fish, vegetables mixed & it looks like a paste. Food is served-garnished with coriander leave and Mario.


6. Paaknam/ Paknam

Paaknam is a delicious snack from Manipur cookery. It is like a hotcake. Food is set-better of besan, sauces, chills, vegetables & popular fermented fish of Manipur Ngari, More is also wrapped with banana splint & brume cooked. It serves with hot coffee or tea.


7. Alu Kangmet

Alu Kangmet is a simple dish made with potatoes. Boiled potatoes mashed with spices and mustard canvas & Alu Kang met served rice or another main dish.

Alu Kang Met

8. Nga-Thongba

It is a fish curry dish in Manipur style & one of the most popular dishes of Manipur. Small pieces of fish cooked with spices. This mouth-soddening dish is a traditional food of Manipur.

Nga thongba

9. Oottithougba/ Uttithougba

Oottithougba form is rough-hewn with green peas & lentils. It is a set- soaked lentils with lentils & other spices. Colorful varieties of this food are available.


10. Peruk Kangsu

Peruk Kangsu is one of the notorious traditional food of Manipur. Its prepare-Peruk medicinal factory & boiled unheroic murmur, boiled potatoes & fermented fish chutney & all the food is mashed & eaten raw. You all bear numerous variations in the dish.

Peruk Kangsu

11. Chagempomba

Chagempomba is a thick curry dish prepared with soybean. Hawaijar (fermented soya sap) and chagem cook this dish. This dish is popular during the jubilee Ushop & firoi.


12. Champhut

Champhut is a simple & easy recipe from Manipur. It is a boiled vegetable with a swab or sugar. It’s the most notorious food in Manipur.


13. Maroi Thongba

Maroi Thongba is a notorious form of Manipuri during the feast. The dish is made- with Mario (Allium) & other constituents.

Mario Thong

14. Sana Thongba

In the Manipuri menu, you also find the recipe made with paneer. You can say paneer recipe in Manipur.

Sana Thongba

15. Mangal Ooti

This succulent Manipur form- prepared with Unheroic peas & ushoi. Extremely healthy & easy to cook.

Mangal Ooti

16. Tan

Tan is a simple dish in Manipur. Food is prepared- with add flour & swab blends well in a coliseum & knead the soft dough. Then, the canvas is hot enough in rolled puri & presses them a bit to puff & cook for seconds. Serve with thongba or any sabzi.


17. Chak Angouba

Chak Angouba is a popular dish from Manipur Food- prepared with vegetables and saute them. Add red chili greasepaint, turmeric greasepaint, coriander greasepaint & swab. After the veggies, the chef adds rice & mixes them well, and serves hot.

Chak Angouba

18. Kelli Channa

The dish in Manipur makes with green peas & unheroic peas. Food prepared with cooked peas, red chili greasepaint, cumin greasepaint, coriander greasepaint & swab. Mix them well and embellish them with coriander leaves, onion, and chives.

Kelli Channa

19. Maroi Nakuppipakoura

Maroi Nakuppipakora is a delicious snack from Manipur cookery. Food is set up, with better of besan, sauces, chilly and swab. Fry them till they turn golden brown & serve them hot.

Mario Nakuppipakoura

20. Khamen Ashinba Kathoomba

Khamen Ashinba Katoomba is a simple & easy dish from Manipur. In a saucepan, toast the water adds bay splint & cumin seeds, and sugar. Also, shindig tomato on both sides till the skin shrinks. In a way, they served in Manipur Usaps( feast) & garnished with roasted sesame.

Khamenashinba Kathoomba