Top 20 Street Foods Under Rs.50 In Madhapur, Hyderabad

Top 20 Street Foods Under Rs.50 In Madhapur Hyderabad
Top 20 Street Foods Under Rs.50 In Madhapur Hyderabad

Indian street foods are better known for their style, heterogeneity, and easy availability in numerous cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and all other corners of the country. India tops the chart when it comes to street food. Be it any corner of the country, and every region has its style of street food made with a melange of exotic spices and ingredients specific to that area.

Hyderabad is famous for its highly reputed Hyderabadi Biryani, and the city is also home to some of the best street food served on food carts (bandis) and food trucks, which serve delectable butter Rosa’s, Tawa idlis, vadas with chutney, and much more. Each of these has a large fan following. The cuisine here is exceptional and flavorful since it is an aggregation of Mughal, Turkish and Arabic, along with the influence of the native Telugu and Marathwada cuisines.

Madhapur is a place of a busy corporate business park. Lakhs of people from all over India reside working in the hub. Between Karachi Bakery and Pace Hospitals, on Madhapur main road, lies a 300m stretch occupied by a neat line of food trucks. This street is operational primarily from 9 Pm to 1 Am serves street food from around the country while remaining loyal to the Hyderabadi people. We’ll check out the top 20 street foods in Madhapur road, which are under Rs.50.

1.Ghee Idly

Ghee idly at, is one of the tastiest idly in the world. The fuzzy feeling of sinking our teeth into a hot idly dripping with ghee and the gentle stab and minty coolness of the ginger and coconut chutneys is rare. A plate of two idly comes for INR 35. Other dishes like Karam dosa are also famous in this spot.

Ghee Idly2.Kesar kulfi

 Balaji Ice Cream center in Ayyappa society of Madhapur serves the customers faloodas and kulfis of various flavors such as Kesar, vanilla, pistachio, chocolate and others. Kesar kulfi with a sprinkle of assorted nuts, jelly, and vermicelli in the range of INR 35-40 gives the best experience of kulfi. There will be a lightness that pervaded the whole dessert, and restraint on the general sweetness.

rajwari or rajwadi sweet kesar badam pista kulfi or ice cream candy


Uthappam point opposite to DELL, in Hitech city on a tiny little stand is, quite famous which are available till 3 am. These Uthappams are freshly made, utterly soft, and tender with yummy chutney to go with it. A plate of 2-3 units of uthappams is for INR 20. Every customer of this point will adore for its simplicity and taste.


4.Chicken Pizza Dosa

Attarinti Dosa point opposite to Pride Honda Showroom in Madhapur, serves the amazing dosas of Hyderabad. This place is the best place for mouth-watering food and is also famous for hospitality. here Chicken Pizza Dosa is done for INR 50 is the cheapest, and best dosa served anywhere.


Punugulu is a type of bondas made with the idly or dosa batter. This dish has a separate fan following. These are served with ginger and tender coconut chutney at Jeevana Jyothi Snacks. One can feel the crispiness and spice (because of karrappodi) while eating punugulu. 25 to 30 units are served for INR 25.


6.Egg Bonda

A small stall on the roadside serves three units of Egg Bonda for INR 25. The feel when you eat golden fried, boiled egg dipped in besan flour with a homemade masala sprinkled on it is marvelous. The bondas served with tender coconut chutney will take you home.


7.Badam mix or Fruit Mix

Jill juice center serves authentic and traditional beverages of the city such as fruit salad, badam milk, fruit mix, buttermilk, sabja lemon. Fruit mix is a beverage with some fruits and thick milk served at INR 15.



This dish from Tunisia is the pan Indian sweet, is known with different names in different corners of the country. The jalebi with crystallized sugary texture will melt as soon as it enters the mouth. This jalebi is served at INR 20 at Haryana special Jalebi center.


9.Masala Dosa

Dosa can be regarded as the most staple breakfast in south India. Many varieties of dosas are served all over the country, but the best dosa of all time is masala dosa. The food cart on the roadside is regarded as the ramki bandi of Madhapur. Ramki bandi is a famous dosa center situated in Begum Bazar of Hyderabad, known for its dosa varieties in the country. Masala dosa here is served with coconut and ginger chutney at INR 30. One, bite of dosa will give the feeling of worth more than INR 100.


10.Dahi puri

Dahi puri at Bhavani Chaat Bandar is quite famous in the area. Seven units of Dahi puri is served at INR 25. The puri with some aloo and chana curry, sweet and Mirchi chutney, and some toppings as carrot and bhujiya have the power to take you into the other world with its taste. The crispy puri will melt as soon as it enters our mouth. The best snack one would ever get at that price.


11.Rava dosa

This dish at Annapurna takeaway center is served with tender coconut chutney and sambhar at INR 30. The specialty of this dosa is, it is made with suji, carrot, onion, Mirchi mainly. The texture of the dish, although it looks rough, will melt quickly once it touches the palate.


12.Sajja Dosa

An outlet called Just Millets in the ayyappa society of Madhapur serves a variety of dosas with millets. Pearl millet or Bajra in the Telugu regional language of the area is known as sajjalu. This place will turn the iron, calcium, protein, and magnesium-rich millets into the tasty, crispy recipe (dosa), which is a hard thing to do. This dosa is served with potato curry, coconut, and ginger chutney at INR 35. There are other types of tasty and healthy recipes such as ragi dosa, sama dosa, Jonna dosa etc, in the range between INR 35-40.


13.Chicken masala magic stick

A food truck named as, omelette factory is situated in the ayyappa society, which uses japan technology to convert omelettes into food sticks. One chicken masala magic stick costs INR 30. The smooth texture of omelette and juicy chicken gives us a different experience. This truck also serves a plain magic stick, masala magic stick, masala cheese magic stick made of potato.



Another truck Godavari Chutneys, will be parked on the road in the ayyappa society, serves a wide variety of dosas and idlis. This truck will give the authentic taste of Godavari a district in coastal Andhra Pradesh. Pesarattu is made with moong dal and it is served with ginger chutney and potato curry at INR 50.  Other recipes such as ghee Karam idly, masala dosa, karrappodi ghee dosa are worth trying dishes.



These ponganalu are found at a stall called A R Foods near mind space in Madhapur. These ponganalu are served with peanut and mint chutney, will make us fall in love with them. These are round balls of dosa batter with onion, coriander, and corn. Six units of ponganalu are served under INR 30. The outer crispy crust and soft inner content will take us to heaven.


16.Bhel puri and Dahi puri

Maharaja Chaat spot is one of the best spots to have different types of chaat and savories such as papdi ragada, pav bhaji, aloo chaat, Pani puri, Dahi puri, etc. Prices here starts at INR 30. The crunchy puri with sweet chutney, curd, and bhujiya on the top is one of the perfect chaat lime tastes in the Bhelpuri here gives the twist to the dish. We can get one of the best Bhelpuris of Hyderabad.

Bhel Puri Recipe

17.Samosa chaat

We can get this samosa chaat from Tulja Bhavani Chaat center. The ingredients used in this dish are onion, Mirchi, lemon, crushed potato, spices, curd, and coriander. The chaat gives the experience of tasting spicy and sweet dishes together.


18.Maggi Omelete

A combination of Maggi on omelette can be seen in this place called the Omelette factory. Though Maggi and omelette are foreign foods, they are found in each part of the country even in the remotest areas and as these are easily affordable are favorite to every class of the society. A plate of Maggi omelette costs INR 50 here is worth tasting.


19.Raagi Idly

Idly made with ragi flour is served with coconut chutney in Just Millets at INR 30. This dish gives a rare combination of taste with nutrition. The taste of hot idly with chutney will make your order for one more plate unknowingly.


20.Sweet pan

The yummy sweet pan with a cherry on top of it is served for INR 30 at the A1 sweet paan stall near Karachi bakery. The person customizes the pan as we like it if we want without any extra charge.