Top 20 Student-Friendly Treats Available In & Around The University Of Delhi

Top 20 Student Friendly Treats Available In Around The University Of Delhi
Top 20 Student Friendly Treats Available In Around The University Of Delhi

One of India’s best educational institutions, the University of Delhi, is commonly known as DU (Delhi University). This University has almost 90 colleges scattered in Delhi, with the main campus in North Delhi, also known as the North Campus area. These facts show us that many students from different parts of India come to study here.

As there are so many students at the University of Delhi, there are plenty of food outlets offering a variety of food delicacies that are student-friendly. Here is the list of some student-friendly treats available in and around the University of Delhi.

1. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is very popular in Delhi, especially among students. Various food joints are offering this yummy combination of large-sized bhature along with delightful chole. Chache Di Hatti in the north campus area of Delhi University is famous for its Chole Bhature, and students enjoy this delicacy over here.

Chole bhature

2. Maggie

Maggie is very convenient food for students, and, Delhi University is no exception. Tom Uncle ki Maggie is an old and famous Maggie joint offering variety of Maggie, fries, and pasta to the students of the north campus. Some favorite dishes are cheesy Maggie, Peri-Peri fries, and Schezwan Pasta.


3. Paratha

Paratha is another famous and popular dish of Delhi and its students. It is an excellent food option for students to enjoy, especially during the winter season. Pandit Ji paratha wale in Ashok Vihar, Delhi near, the North Campus area, offers various parathas with curd and pickle.


4. Momos

A famous Tibetan dish extremely popular among students of DU is Momos. This is a delightful food item that can be relished during any part of the day.  Majnu-ka-tilla is a famous place near the North-Campus where the students enjoy a variety of Tibetan delicacy including Momos.


5. Kulfi

A perfect and better substitute for ice cream is Kulfi, according to the students of the University of Delhi. It is one of the best things to have during the scorching heat of Delhi, and students in between classes or whenever they get time never miss having  one.


6. Banta Soda

A unique and very refreshing drink available in Delhi, especially near the colleges of the University of Delhi, is Banta Soda. This is basically a lemon juice but carbonated releasing a great flavor of lime and acts as a perfect stress-buster during hectic days of students.

Banta Soda

7. Kulchey Chole

Another famous, affordable, and convenient dish for students is Kulchey Chole. It is a soft flour bread with spicy  chole and garnished with mint leaves, lemon and onions. Students of DU claim that this is the best meal to have if someone misses his/her tiffin or misses food.

Kulchey Choley

8. Pizza

When we talk about popular fast food for students, then Pizza tops the list. Pizza is loved by everyone, and students are no exception to this fact. There are various outlets of Pizzas around different colleges of DU, serving a variety of them.


9. Burger

Another famous fast food among the students of DU is Burger. Aaloo Tikki, when put between buns and complimented with spicy and sweet chutney, is what a typical Delhi-style burger is. This is one of the best delicacies for students of the University of Delhi.


10. Rolls

Boneless chicken gravy or a Paneer veg gravy wrapped in a paratha is known to be a delightful roll loved by the students. It is available in various stalls near different colleges of the University.


11. Dosas & Other South Indian Cuisines

Delhi University is also famous for its canteen. Many college canteens of the University serve delicious  south Indian dishes like dosas, uttapam, idlis, and Vadas. Men’s hostel canteen of PG is famous for its South Indian delicacies, and one must try if a DU student.

Dosas and other South Indian cuisines

12. Biryani

Another delicacy perfect for lunch and delicious for students is. Biryani is wholesome food and students claim it to be their best lunch option at an affordable price. Chicken biryani and veg biryani stalls are readily available around the campus.


13. Aaloo Tikki Chaat & Gol Gappe

The best thing for students to munch at any time are aaloo tikki chaat and gol gappe. These delicacies are favorite among the students of the University and, they love to have whenever they can manage time during the day and also at a very affordable price.

Aaloo tikki Chaat and Gol gappe

14. Tea & Coffee

Tea and Coffee are the most common beverages for students of DU. These beverages are responsible for refreshing them after a long hour of lecture. Also, tea and coffee can be perfect partners for any snacks students have during their college time.

Tea and Coffee

15. Bakery Items

Students usually have a craving for various bakery items. After a hectic day at college, sometimes students go to a bakery to have different types of cakes, pastries, and chocolates. Also, during birthday celebrations of students, cakes are being bought and then celebrated with full enthusiasm in the campus area itself.

Bakery items

16. Mexican Dishes

Not many people know, but the University of Delhi also has various options for Mexican dishes. Students love change and,  Mexican is something that can bring change in their same old routine of food. Tacos and Nachos are some Mexican preparations enjoyed and relished by the students of the University of Delhi.

Mexican dishes

17. Samosa

How can we miss samosa when discussing the student-friendly delicacy of the University of Delhi? Samosa is the eternal love for students and almost every, college canteen of the University has this typical and delightful snack.


18. Shakes

Students always need a refreshing but flavorable beverage at the end of their college day, and shakes are something that helps them during this crisis. Different types of shakes are popular among the students of DU like the Banana shake, Oreo shake, Strawberry shake and chocolate shake.


19. Ram Laddu

Ram Laddu is another popular snack on the north campus of Delhi University.
These are small moong dal pakodas but circular and that’s why known as laddu. Many people confuse this with sweet because of its name. Students enjoy this dish with a little bit of spicy green chutney and onions.

Ram Laddu

20. Kachori

Kachori is also a famous snack among the students and is readily available around the campus. It is usually stuffed with aloo and is relished with chole or else potato. These are one of the  favorites of DU students; hence are part of this list.