Top 20 Sugar-Free Desserts

Top 20 Sugar Free Desserts
Top 20 Sugar Free Desserts

India is a country of many different people, culture, customs , cuisines and sweets. Any festival in India is incomplete without sweets. Indian sweets are made of milk, flour, condensed milk, sugar and many other ingredients. But these sweet and creamy treat have high sugar content due to which diabetic people may have to avoid eating them and for others overeating sweets may cause obesity and other health problems. Hence, now many Indians are moving towards sugar free desserts. So here we bring you Top 20 sugar-free desserts that you can enjoy during festivals or other days without compromising on taste with your family and friends.

1. Oats Kheer

Filled with the goodness of oats and milk, simple oats kheer without sugar is a healthy version of rice kheer. It is a nutritious, quick and yummy sweet snack. Sweetened with honey, cardamom, nuts and raisins. It can be served as breakfast to kickstart the day or as a dessert to make the day sweeter, healthier and happier.


2. Khaas Malpoi

A fusion dish consisting of stuffed pancakes with carrot halwa, sugar free Khaas Malpoi is a perfect dessert for festival seasons to enjoy along with family and friends. Made with simple ingredients like carrot, milk, flour, mawa, aniseed and cardamom powder. Garnished with Pista and almonds and served with rabri.


3. Sugar Free Modak

Modak is one of the most liked traditional sweets in India. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is incomplete without Modak. Sugar free Modak is a treat for people with diabetes as they can enjoy this dessert without  compromise on taste. Sugar free Modak are equally delicious and loaded with the goodness of coconut, nuts and dry fruits.


4. Grilled Almond Barfi

Grilled almond barfi is a three ingredient recipe. Stuffed with the goodness of almond and khoya, it is a quick and easy sweet dish to prepare at home. It makes for a great combination of healthy and tasty sweets enjoyable on festivals or other occasions along with family, friends and relatives.


5. Carrot Ladoo

Made with grated carrot, coconut, nuts, dates and ghee, carrot ladoo is a wholesome and luscious sugar free sweet dish. A dish inspired from the delicious carrot halwa, carrot  ladoo has similar ingredients as carrot halwa except for white sugar which is replaced by soft dates which adds a healthy and sweet twist to this recipe loaded with nuts and coconut.


6. Moong Dal Payasam

A south Indian milk based sweet made from green gram, jaggery and coconut milk. Moong dal payasam is a straightforward and mouth-watering sweet dish. It tastes delicious with an unique aroma of roasted moong dal and the coconut milk adds creaminess to its texture. A perfect traditional dessert to enjoy at festivals.


7. Faldhari Badam Barfi

Faldhari Badam Barfi is a nutty and crunchy sugar free dessert made with mixed nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios and figs, mawa and dehydrated mixed fruits. An easy to make dish with simple ingredients and enjoy along with family and friends on festival and non-festival days.


8. Flax Seed Ladoo

A refined sugar free mid afternoon snack made with flax seeds, nuts and jaggery, these delicious and healthy ladoo are simple and quick to make, loaded with fiber and omega 3 fats that can light up your day. As they are made of flax seeds they strengthen your immune system. These ladoos are very healthy, tasty and nutty everyone can enjoy.


9. Fruit Payasam

A very easy to make, healthier version of south Indian traditional payasam filled with the freshness of fruits it is a perfect way to end your meals. Made with simple ingredients like milk, sugar free pellets, seviya and fruits like guavas, pomegranate, pineapple and oranges. The best thing about this recipe is that it can be made and enjoyed anytime during the year.


10. Diet Pumpkin Halwa

An easy to make sweet dish that requires only four simple ingredients, that tastes perfectly good on its own and there is no need for any other additives like cardamom or saffron. As pumpkin halwa is commonly eaten during fasting this version is perfectly suitable to be eaten during a fast.


11. Anjeer Barfi

An easy guilt free sweet that can be prepared in under twenty minutes, made of dried figs, and nuts. The  nuts add in crunch and volume whereas dried figs and dates add sweetness. A different sweet from dry fruit barfi or dates ladoo, but Anjeer Barfi makes a great treat for festivals like Diwali.


12. Oats Apple Phirni

This medium-sweet Phirni is diabetic friendly, low in calories, no sugar dessert made with coarsely crushed oats and apple in a few minutes. It can be served to children as an evening snack or as a dessert after a simple lunch or on special occasions and festivals to relatives, guests and friends.


13. Paneer Kheer

Paneer kheer is a quick sweet dessert made for festivals like Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali. It can be made within thirty minutes with simple ingredients like paneer milk and some dry fruits. It can also be flavored with cardamom powder, saffron and rose water. Everyone can enjoy the rich texture and wonderful flavour of this kheer comfortably.


14. Sugar Free Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is usually made with just two ingredients powdered Kaju and sugar but for sugar free Kaju Katli instead of sugar you can use honey. It is a super easy dessert made in just 15 minutes. Raw honey is added to freshly made cashew butter and molded into rhombus shaped katlis.


15. Besan Ladoo

Sugar free besan ladoos are  soft and aromatic  three ingredient famous festival delight. These besan ladoos are vegetarian, nut-free, and gluten-free. Made with besan, jaggery or stevia or sweetener and milk or water. They taste equally good as normal besan ladoo do and are a healthy dessert to enjoy during festivals with family and friends.


16. Sugar-Free Mango Curd Ice Cream

Ice creams are the most liked desserts especially during summer. Mango curd ice cream is an easy sweet dish that can be made at home and enjoyed on a hot summer day. The only ingredients required are some mangoes, curd and honey. You can also use milk in place of curd for a more milky flavour.


17. Two-In-One Phirni

Phirni is a simple rice pudding loaded with sweetness and cooked within the goodness of milk, nuts, fruits and aromatic flavors like kewra or saffron. This recipe has two layers – a Pista layer and one flavored with rose essence. This recipe is just the right kick when you’re craving something sweet.


18. Sugar Free Peda

Peda is a traditional sweet which everyone enjoys. Sugar free peda are rich in protein and nutrient. Unlike the normal peda it does not have any sugar, instead raisins are used for sweetness. Using almonds and raisins increase the nutrient value for this sweet hence you can enjoy the guilt free sweets and don’t have to worry about the extra calories.


19. Sugar Free Shrikhand

Shrikhand is a creamy delicacy full of goodness of curd and flavored with saffron and cardamom. You can have Sugar free Shrikhand using 5 ingredients which are  curd, honey, chopped Pista and Badam, kesar and cardamom powder. This popular nutritious dessert is for you if you love finishing your meal with something.


20. Sugar Free Date & Apple Kheer

Sugar free date and apple kheer is a twist to the usual traditional kheer. It being sugar free is more healthy yet delicious. It is a quick and easy kheer recipe that caters to your sweet tooth. Natural sweetness of dates, apple and raisins, acts as a natural sweetening agent and hence you will not feel the need to add sugar.