Top 20 Sweets You Can Eat While Fasting

Top 20 Sweets You Can Eat While Fasting
Top 20 Sweets You Can Eat While Fasting

Fasting is an essential aspect of Indian culture, especially in Hindu tradition, as we can see people fasting often on different occasions like Ekadashi, Janmashtmi, Navratri, and MahaShivratri. They are not only spiritually beneficial but they also are good for our health as our system gets a break and heals itself. Though nowadays, people find it difficult to altogether avoid meals on fasting days, so they prepare meals using ‘kuttu’ kaatta or ‘singhade’ kaatta. Even if you crave any sweets on a fast day, then you can also prepare them, but do you know actually what all sweets are consumable on that day? If not, do have a look at the list below and try preparing out these dishes.


These soft sponge balls filled with sweet water are a treat to taste buds and initially originate from Bengali Cuisine. It is perfect for eating during fasting as they are made up of chenna, extracted from milk.


2Ras Malai

We all have eaten this lip-smacking recipe full of delicious flavours and tastes best when eaten chilled. They are also made using paneer or chenna and then dipped into malai with Kesar flavour into it. You can even top the chenna dumplings with pistachios.

rasmalai 1

3Sweet Potato Halwa

Sweet potato halwa is an excellent alternative to try during fast. They are made by cooking boiled and mashed potatoes in ghee and some sugar and milk. It comes out to be extremely sweet and even is healthy.

sweet potato halwa

4Makhana Kheer

Makhana can be consumed in multiple ways during fast, and makhana kheer is one of the best ways to utilize them. You have to prepare kheer normally and add makhana to the kheer. Cook the kheer until the makhana gets softened.

makhana kheer

5Sweet Potato Kheer

Kheer is; one such sweet dish, which can be prepared with many variations available, one such variation is Sweet potato kheer, which is equally tasty to the another ones available. They are easy to prepare and requires boiled sweet potatoes, milk, sugar.

sweet potato kheer

6Badam Halwa

We all know various benefits one can get from badam or Almond. So including, this super-ingredient in one recipe of fasting gives us all the goodness it acquires. Just soak a few almonds overnight and, after peeling them, cook them with milk, sugar, and ghee.

badam halwa


Basundi is a sweet dish consumed in Gujarat regions and even other parts of the country. It is condensed milk, made by heating milk for a long time. You can add Kesar or another flavour to it along with nuts to enhance their flavour. The best way to consume it is by chilling it.


8Lauki Barfi

This recipe requires only three ingredients that are bottle gourd or lauki, milk, and sugar. You have to use grated lauki and then cook it with milk and sugar in ghee. When they are adequately cooked, give them the shape of a barfi, and it is ready to be consumed.

lauki barfi

9Coconut Ladoo

Ladoos have always been an integral part of the sweet dish family, and making out healthy coconut ladoos are an excellent idea. To prepare them, grate a coconut, followed by cooking it for some time, and then finally give them round shape to be consumed.

coconut laddoo

10Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana is a very often used vrat ingredient that you can see has been prepared in almost every other home during the fasting period. They can even be used in making a delicious recipe for kheer. You have to add these sabudana balls into boiling milk with sugar, and they will be ready within half an hour.

sabudana kheer

11Singhare Ka Halwa

We always used singhare ka atta in making puri, paratha, thechilla, or other recipes, but do you have tried halwa using it? If not yet, then this time try it out. You will surely love it and always would desire to have it.

singhare ka halwa


Aamras is very popular in Gujarat and traditionally is consumed along with puris. This recipe does not require a lot of ingredients; you need sweet ripened mangoes and cook them on the stove with added sugar for some time. Then cool it, and it is ready.


13Lauki Halwa

We have discussed above lauki barfi and now comes lauki halwa. There is not any difference as such in making lauki halwa and lauki barfi. The only thing is that you don’t have to give them a square shape.

lauki halwa

14Mango Coconut Barfi

Mangoes and coconuts what a combination, right? These two ingredients, when combined, results in a delicious sweet recipe. You can make them anyday you like, and they also do not take long to be prepared. The vibrant yellow colour of the barfi is pretty attractive.

mango coconut barfi

15Papaya Halwa

Papaya is a very healthy fruit and can be consumed during the fasting period. But, to your notice, they can also be used as a key ingredient in a sweet dish. Yes, now you can even prepare sweet halwa using it, which is quite attractive and orange in colour.

papaya halwa

16Rajgira Sheera

This sheera is prepared using Rajgira flour and is made using ghee, Rajgira flour, milk or water, and sugar. It resembles soojihalwa in appearance and has a smooth texture. Topping the halwa with some nuts is a treat to taste buds.

rajgira sheera


Shrikhand is prepared using yoghurt and has a thick creamy texture. It is sweetened using sugar or desikhaand. Flavour to it is added by Kesar and cardamom. It is an easy and quick sweet recipe that is suitable to have on a fasting day.



This two-ingredient recipe is straightforward and consumes less time to be prepared. You need chenna, which is made by separating milk and sugar. You can make it of any shape and serve them to everyone.


19Gajar Ka Halwa

Yes, you can even consume this very famous Indian sweet dish during fast. Everyone know show to prepare it and can quickly cook it at home and enjoy on their fasting day.

gajar ka halwa

20Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun

This gulab jamun made using sweet potatoes are as delicious as the regular ones and can be prepared easily at home. Remember to use Rajgira or buckwheat flour instead of regular whole wheat flour.

gulab jamun