Top 20 Tasty Healthy Hummus Recipes

Top 20 Tasty Healthy Hummus Recipes

1. Siracha Hummus

Siracha is a 5-minute recipe and healthy too. Chickpeas are boiled and then ground into a smooth paste or dip. Siracha is added to it, with garlic paste. As it has right heat with a little sweetness, it is a good Hummus to eat. The creamy texture of the dip can be further enhanced by adding cream to it. Delicious in taste this hummus can be called a super food.


2. Smoky Grilled Eggplant Hummus

The qualities of Eggplant mixed with chickpeas give a unique flavor and taste to Hummus. This recipe is made up with Eggplant being roasted till it is caramelized and then blended with chickpeas to make cream like content. Salt and few spices are added up for taste.  It can be served with bread, chips. This Hummus is garnished with mint leaves.


3. Hatch Chile Hummus

In this recipe, chickpeas are soaked overnight and then cooked in a pan with baking soda, water, and salt. Ginger, garlic paste, and chili are added to it and then the whole mixture is blended to make an even paste. The Hatch Chile Hummus is a seasonal dish and usually cooked during hatch season.


4. Roasted Garlic Kale Hummus

Blending Garlic with the Kale is nutrient way of making Hummus. The green texture and color which comes from Kale is extraordinary and gives a good taste to hummus. The roasted garlic enhances the tang further.  The pinch of common salt and black pepper can also be added to improve the spiciness of Hummus.


5. Cumin Roasted Carrot Hummus

Carrots are roasted slowly on medium heat with cumin seeds till they get blended into a paste. This is the Cumin roasted carrot Hummus. Made from Carrots this hummus is not only good in taste but also have high nutrients valve. This Simple dish with health benefits is popular all over the world. This orange color hummus can be spiced up by adding red chilies and black pepper. Carrot Hummus is a delight for all.


6. Sweet Potato Hummus

Sweet Potato is a bit sweet in taste and hence this Hummus comes with a saccharine taste. This Hummus is made by boiling the sweet potatoes in water with salt and then grinding it into a paste. Salt is added for taste and is garnished with green chilies and coriander leaves. The amazing taste of this Hummus can never be forgotten.


7. Pistachio Hummus

Pistachio Hummus is a nut based Hummus. And is prepare with roasted pistachios are boiled and mixed with other nuts. Chickpeas are added up for consistency and velvety look. This unique Hummus is different from others and carries a creamy and tender taste. Most liked by children’s this hummus is worth trying.


8. Black Olive Hummus

Olives are real friends of good health. The Black olives when blended to make hummus, adds to the texture, flavor of the hummus. The outstanding taste of the black olives goes well with lemon juice spread over it. This purple color hummus is quite a dish.


9. Hot Wing Hummus

This Hummus is not made from chicken but is a vegetarian dish which made from garbanzo beans. The buffalo sauce which enhances the taste of this Hummus is mouth watery. The tahini paste and a little barbecue sauce give this hummus the kick it needs. This Hummus is a bit liquid and takes only 5 minutes to cook.


10. Roasted Tomato And Basil Hummus

The hummus comes with roasted tomatoes and basil leaves. The sourly but sweet hummus is relishing in nature and brings all the goodness with it. The basil leaves are first tossed in olive oil and then blended with roasted tomatoes. Salt and pepper are added up for taste and thus this hummus is really excellent to taste.


11. Beetroot Hummus

The garden fresh beetroot hummus has a pink color and splendid sensitivity. The chickpeas and beetroot go well with tahini paste and are easy to cook. Lemon juice is added to maximize its taste. The loaded and smooth texture of the beetroot is delicious. The roasted beetroots Hummus are excellent for appetizers.


12. Jalapeno Lime Hummus

Food, faith, and fitness are the mantra’s when we talk about Jalapeno lime hummus. The hummus does not need the tahini paste and can be cooked up within a minutes. The overwhelming taste of the jalapeno with a hint of lime enlightens the taste bud of anyone. Pinch of salt and pepper is added up for taste, and the Jalapeno lime hummus is ready to serve.


13. Spicy Southwestern Hummus

This Innovative Hummus does not require tahini. And can be made as per one’s desire. The spicy and rich hummus is made with minimum things. Chickpeas, tomatoes, garlic and herbs are blended into pasta. Olive oil is added to improve the flavor of the hummus. This Hummus has the entire healthy nutrient concept.


14. Sprouted Saffron-Basil Hummus

Sprout with chickpea a deadly nutrient combo. Hummus made from this combo is not only healthy but also gives rich but milder flavor to the hummus. Nuts can also be added to the hummus to make it more delicious. Saffron and basil are added to this for more color and variety.


15. Pumpkin Hummus

Pumpkin adds complexity to the hummus and makes it yummier. Cinnamon and smoked paprika is added to cut the sweetness of the pumpkin. This delicious dish has an even and velvety consistency. Pumpkin hummus can be made more piquant by added red chili.


16. Basil Pesto Hummus

Chickpea, Basil, Pine nuts are soaked overnight, and then grinded. Extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper are added up for taste. This hummus is creamy and fresh due to its ingredients. It provides a straight and elegant zest as this hummus is very crispy due to the nuts.


17. Red Pepper Hummus

As the name suggests, this Hummus is hot and spicy. Chickpeas are roasted and then mixed with red pepper making the hummus full of seasoning. This hummus is well garnished with coriander and mint leaves. It is a real treat for all the spice lovers.


18. Red Lentil Hummus

The Red lentil hummus is a versatile dish. The nutrient value of the red lentils goes well with the chickpeas. When made into a paste the exclusive color red comes out making is a delightful hummus. Salt, pepper, chili flakes are added up for a more savory taste. Tamarind and lemon juice is added to this hummus to make it sourly.


19. Edam Me Hummus

This hummus is made with Edam me, fresh herbs, and lemon juice. Chickpeas are not used up in this hummus, and thus the texture is different from all others. This hummus does not have the bean taste, and tahini further adds to the incorporation. Season with salt and pepper, it is quite a dish.


20. Avocado Lime Hummus

Avocado, a juice, and nutrient fruit give a sole assortment to this hummus. An over the box recipe is relishing and mind blowing. Many few people know, and hummus can be made up with Avocadoes. Lime is further added up for sour taste. Regular seasoning is use for its preparation.  It is garnished with basil; this dish can be serving with chips or pita.