Top 20 Themed Cafes In Kolkata

Top 20 Themed Cafes In Kolkata

Talking about cafes, Kolkata is the right place. Within the alleys and lanes of Kolkata, the Victorian city, has some attractive restaurants that offer delicious foods. From beautiful to themed, the streets have many secret treasures. From the oldest coffee house to the book culture and art lovers, Kolkata has some attractive places to visit.

1.Mrs. Magpie

This place takes you back to an old English tea party. They manage to be both charming and attractive for their decor. It is also known for its Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The furniture is made of old and new colorful walls. They mainly sell bakery items and have gathered Indian and Bengali favorites in their list. Their recommended items are Cupcake, Hot Chocolate, Sandwiches, Tea, Cream Cheese Brownie, and Peanut Butter Cupcake. Location: Southern Avenue, Kolkata. Cost: 500/- for two people.

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2.Indian Coffee House

This cafe is known for its heritage and culture. Established in 1942, it is within Albert Hall in the street. It has many branches, but this cafe is the authentic one. In the past, this house was the place for poets, intellectuals, writers, and freedom movement activists. Satyajit Ray, Manna Dey, Amartya Sen, Mrinal Sen, and Aparna Sen are regular visitors to the Indian Coffee House. Their decor is worn out. They have many food options to try for, but limited to vegetarians. Recommended items are Hot Coffee, Chicken Kabiraji, Sandwich, Mughlai Paratha, and Chicken Omelet. Location: College Street, Kolkata. Cost: 200/- for two people.

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Flury’s has an old, attractive European British tearoom. This is a trendy and crowded place. The decor gives this place a vintage appearance. They are known for their breakfast foods, pastries, cakes, and ice cream from aound the world. The menu contains many past favorite items which have not changed. Nowadays, Flury’s has introduced new vegan and gluten-free options. Recommended items are English Breakfast, Coffee, Apple pie, Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Mousse, and Tea. Location: Park Street, Kolkata. Cost: 1350/- for two people.

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Kolkata’s first travel cafe combines paintings, photos, and quotes. Their decor includes travelers, and comic books of Tintin, and the ceiling has a world map printed. They have English and Bengali books related to travel. Recommended items are Sandwiches, Pasta, Salads, and slushies, tea, are a must-have. Location: Golf Green, Kolkata. Cost: 400/- for two people.

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5.The Wise Owl Cafe And Steakhouse

This cafe is for carnivorous readers. This is a rooftop cafe and has spacious and cozy decor. The rooftop place is with wooden chairs, planks, and a floor. The area has rustic vibes. Recommended items are Coffee, Egg Burger, Pasta, Chocolate Shake, Mocktails, Honey Tea, Chicken Steak, Pork Chops, and Mashed Potatoes. Location: Hindusthan Park, Kolkata. Cost: 1000/- for two people.

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6.Ornaate- The Cafe Store

This cafe is known for its custom jewelry store on the top floor. You can find many beautiful pieces. The space is small, but the decor is gorgeous and cute. Recommended items are Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Mojito, Cappuccino, and Sandwiches. Location: Ballygunge, Golpark, Kolkata. Cost: 500/- for two people.

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7.Hit Wicket

This cafe has a green carpeted floor and a live match screen. The space is small, but they have eight TV screens and a giant projector. The place gives the vibe of a Cricket ground. On match days, the place is extra crowded. They also offer hookah. Recommended items are Italian dishes, Lebanese dishes, and Chinese. Location: Many outlets: Ballygunge, Saltlake, Kolkata. Cost: 1200/- for two people.

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8.Cafe Story

Perfect for all the book lovers. It has a colorful and fabulous decor, with shelves packed with books. You can also play board games there if you are bored. They offer Italian dishes. Recommended items are Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Chai, Pizza, and French Fries. Location: Elgin Road, Kolkata. Cost: 950/- for two people.

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9.The Bikers Cafe

This cafe is a top breakfast cafe. It has a bike-like vibe. The menu is a Biker and masculine theme with European and American dishes. There is free wifi, if you want to work. The overall is divided into three sections- a lounge area, a bar, and a dining space. Recommended items are The Terminator, Lamb Burger, Chicken Burger, Chocosamosa, Hangover Killer, and many more. Location: Platinum Mall, Elgin Road, Kolkata. Cost: 1100/- for two people.

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10.Artsy Coffee And Culture

For art and culture, this cafe is on top. The walls have a mixture of blue and yellow, the furniture is wooden and has an old bookshelf. The paintings are out for sale. The cafe also gives you the opportunity for open-mic poetry, stand-up comedy, and workshops. The menu has Thai and Asian cuisines. Recommended items are Coffee, Par Thai Chicken, Dark Chocolate Zucchini Bread, Quinoa Salads, and Avocado Toast. Location: Bhowanipore, Kolkata. Cost: 700/- for two people.

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11.Cafe Mezzuna

This was opened in Forum Courtyard Mall. Its decor has beautiful white walls, light wooden furniture, bookshelves, and olive padding. The ambiance provides a cozy vibe where you can relax and dine. There are live music and standup comedies sometimes. Recommended items are Bailey’s Mousse Cake, Lamb Chops, Tiramisu, and Creme Brulee. Location: Forum Courtyard Mall, Bhawanipore. Cost: 1600/- for two people.

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12.Wabi Sabi

This beautiful restaurant is the brainchild of four friends who wanted to open a cafe of ‘natural and local flavors’. This indicates purely ‘finding beauty in imperfection’, which is derived from the Japanese phrase. They provide healthy meals for the vegans. Their decor has sea shells, and paintings, giving the cafe a sophisticated look. Lamps are hanging from the ceiling, which adds to the charm. Recommended items are Masala Khichdi, Cottage Cheese Rolls, Kewa Datshi, and Guava Punch. Location: Southern Avenue, Park Street, Kolkata. Cost: 800/- for two people.

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13.Blue Mug

This cafe is known for its lamps and fairy lights. The chairs are mismatched and add to the cafe’s vibe.There is also the cutest swing outdoors, which is loved by the guests. The place is ideal for breakfast, brunches, and tea parties. Recommended items are Chicken Wings, a Chicken Club Sandwich, an Oreo shake, and Chicken Steak. Location: Jodhpur Park, Kolkata. Cost: 650/- for two people.

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14.Piccadilly Square

Piccadilly Square is known as the best desert places in Kolkata. They have beautiful vintage lamps and paintings on the walls. They are famous for their waffles and pancakes. Recommended items are Cheesecakes, Pancakes, Waffles, and shakes. Location: Sarat Bose Road, Minto Park, Elgin Road, and many more outlets. Cost: 850/- for two people.

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15.The Country House

Known for its cutest interiors, cozy ambiance, and country vibe. There is a tree beside the cafe that provides shade. It first started with a vegetarian menu and then they introduced non-vegetarian dishes. They have large French windows that allow the light to pass through all day. Recommended items are Waffles, Sizzlers, Mushroom, Cheese crepes, and Coffee. Location: Near Forum Mall, Elgin Road, Kolkata. Cost: 1000/- for two people.

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16.Bon Appetit

It is a famous eatery in Kolkata, famous for college crowds and school students. The most popular item is their Cheese Maggi. Recommended items are Chocolate Avalanche. Location: Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Cost: 500/- for two people.

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17.Roastery Coffee House

The coffee house is lined with trees and potted plants. This has of world ambiance, they are famous for all the coffee lovers, and the beautiful vibe. The cafe has two sections: the interior with a regal air and vintage look, and the outdoor is sophisticated. Colored in mustard yellow and pearl white furniture. Recommended items are Cheesy Onion Rings, Ice-cream Blended Coffee, Aglio Olio, and Cold Brew Cascara. Location: Gariahat, Kolkata. Cost: 800/- for two people.

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18.Calcutta 64

They are mainly known for their freshly brewed Irish Coffee and Hazelnut Cappuccinos. It has outdoor and indoor seating, with a splendid decor of fairy lights and furniture that gives the overall cozy vibes of the place. Recommended items: Walnut Brownie, Chicken Pizza, BBQ, and many more. Location: Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Cost: 900/- for two people.

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19.Cafe 377

This means unity, equity, equality, and inclusivity. This was opened for the LGBTQI+ community. The lightings are of vibgyor( colors of the rainbow). There are many drawings on the walls, promoting unity and inclusivity. Every Wednesday, they have ladies night where ladies’ get free drinks. Recommended Items are Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata. Cost: 1100/- for two people.

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20.Cafe HQ

It is a perfect place for all the superhero fans out there. The place has huge posters of superheroes, villains, and characters from DC and Marvel Books. The foods are also named as per the characters: Justice League Chicken Pizza, Harley Quinn Apple Pie, and many more. They also have superhero-themed customized lamps. Superman Burger, Spideys Sparking Espresso, Mr. Freeze Ice Spicy, and Mind Stone Virgin Mojito are recommended items. Location: Ravindra Sarobar, Tollygunge, Kolkata. Cost: 600/- for two people.

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