Top 20 Traditional Dishes To Eat In Hatigaon, Assam

top 20 traditional food to eat in hatigaon assam
top 20 traditional food to eat in hatigaon assam

The unusual flavor of the herbs, rustic experience of the dishes, and one of a kind taste is what drives the Assamese meals. Traditional Assamese serves Rice, barbecue, Aloo Pitika, Daal, green chutney, and Xaak Bhaji. An important part of Assamese food is that the ingredients of those dishes are regionally produced. You may locate a variety of leafy vegetables in each family, mainly inside the rural regions. The natural vegetables from the garden help to decorate traditional Assamese dishes. When it comes to range, the traditional Assamese meals give an extensive range. The smoky flavour makes it worth attempting. Here is the list of the top 20 traditional dishes to eat in Hatigaon, Assam:

1.Doi Chira

It is a conventional Assamese breakfast dish. It is one of the famous breakfast dishes, served historically in bell metallic utensils, called Baan Bati. In Assamese, we name it Jolpan. There are a variety of Jolpan variations like Bora Saul, Kumol saul, and Chira are used. The traditional Jolpan is pretty filling and active as well.

2.Tekeli Pitha And Laal Saah

One of the most cherished snacks in Assam is Tekeli Pitha. It’s fabricated from rice flour combined with black sesame and desiccated coconut. The delicious Food is then steamed in the mouth of a glass or Tekeli. The spongy white rice cake is served with a bowl of steaming hot purple tea.

3.Khulasaporir Pitha with Laal Saah

The Assamese breakfast dish is Khulasa Porir pitha with Laal Saah. This is prepared with a batter of rice flour. It’s of high quality with a bowl of crimson Assam tea. The aroma and the country sense make you have it.

4.Massor Tenga

It is a traditional and famous Assamese dish. The traditional Assamese tangy fish curry is fairly recommended. Maasor Tenga is one of the preferred dishes, widely famous among food enthusiasts throughout the USA. This iconic dish is cooked with tomatoes and sparkling rohu fish. The Assamese people use one-of-a-kind souring elements to prepare this dish, like Outenga, Thekera, Tomato, Lemon, distinct herbs, and so forth. It is pretty soothing in the summer season.

5.Haah Joha Kumura

It is actually one of the incredibly celebrated iconic conventional Assamese dishes. No Assamese ceremonial dinner is complete without this amazing dish. Duck meat is typically enjoyed in the icy months. The best traditional spices like ginger, garlic, green chilies, and black pepper are used for cooking it.

6.Laai Xaak Gahori

It is one of the favorite traditional Assamese dishes that you may not pass if you are a red meat lover. An oil-free dish, the beef chunks are both boiled with the greens with ginger, garlic and chilies or stir-fried.

7.Patot Diya Maas

It is a popular dish amongst non-vegetarians. If you are a fish lover, this is recommended. The tiny clean river fishes are used to prepare this dish. The wiped clean fishes are blended with aromatic herbs like coriander, chopped onions, chilies, salt, and mustard oil. They may be wrapped in banana leaves or fragrant turmeric leaves and steamed.

8.Til Diya Murgi

It is broadly used in Assamese delicacies. It substituted oil in earlier days. This chicken dish is cooked with a grinded paste of black sesame seeds. Ginger, garlic, and raw chilies are the handiest spices delivered. This dish goes excellent with rice. Simply boil the beef with fermented bamboo shoots, king chilies, ginger, and garlic. It is a quite demanded traditional Assamese dish in any birthday celebration.

9.Baah Gaaj Bhoot Jolokia di Gahori

It is the signature dish of the whole of Northeast India. The aroma of soured bamboo shoots in itself is tantalizing. You can boil the pork with soured bamboo shoots, king chillies, ginger, and garlic. It is an ancient Assamese dish in any celebration. 

10.Koldil Murgi

The Assamese people prepare dinner chicken with a huge style of elements. It is a traditional dish. It’s healthy and nutritious. The banana flower, called koldil, is rich in iron and nutritional fibres. It’s chopped very excellent and cooked with chicken with traditional spices like ginger, garlic, black pepper, and chilies. The same recipe goes wonderful with pigeon meat too, which is some other favored amongst locals.

11.Dhekia Bhaji

Stir-Fried Fiddlehead Ferns with chickpeas. This is one of the most usual dishes, generally served in Assamese households often. The Dhekia grows in rainy season in wild areas. Dhekia is a delicious dish.

12.Mati Dail Khar

This traditional factor may be utilized in numerous ways. It includes pulses, vegetables, or even fish or meat. The dal is tempered in natural mustard oil to give it an ought to wish punch. Adding raw ginger slices complements the flavour. Mati Dail khar is one of the traditional Assamese dishes for certain.

13.Aloo Pitaka

It is a famous traditional Assamese dish that everyone seems to like. It’s a dish, served in particular in conventional Assamese Thali, almost everywhere, every time you try Assamese delicacies. It is mashed boiled potato, constant with inexperienced chili, onion, chopped ginger, mustard oil, and coriander leaves. Nicely, conventional Assamese cuisine offers a diffusion of mashes, not most effectively constrained to Aloo Pitika. The eggplant, pumpkin, potato, tomato, and even fish can be organized right into a Pitika.

14.Outenga diya dail

It is a unique dish that could be very comforting, specifically in summers. Outenga or elephant apple has a bitter flavour. Including parts of it to ordinary lentils and just boiling it, results in a mouth watering daal.

15.Poita Bhaat

It has turned out to be quite famous amongst food lovers these days. It’s pretty interesting to see how a dish like Poita Bhat, which roots its originality from the agricultural regions of Assam has been getting the highlight inside the culinary international. Typically, the farmers used to have it before leaving for paddy fields and each day chores. It is healthy in nature. As soon as taken into consideration as a negative guy’s breakfast, it is progressively turning into quite popular amongst meals enthusiasts.

16.Kosuthuri Kon Bilahir Logot

This is an iconic rustic dish. It’s such a pleasure to acquire them in a woven bamboo basket, at the side of lovable cherry tomatoes. You get those in each Assamese family in interior areas. The smooth Colocasia leaves, and Cherry Tomatoes are cooked collectively with fundamental spices. Now and again, we love to feature fish heads or fermented fish in it too. It’s lip-smacking.

17.Maah Proxador Khar

The Assamese, in most cases followers of Vaishnava religion, visit Namghar for prayers throughout this era. The maah proxad of cut-up green mung beans and chickpeas is a holy offering. Typically, the leftovers are cooked with khar the following day. Drizzle a spoon of raw mustard oil to it, while serving.

18.Kothalguti Pitika

It is one of the ought to try traditional Assamese dishes. Take the name of this dish, and all Assamese will jump with pleasure. The seeds are boiled or roasted by setting them in warm ashes, then mashed with chilies, mustard oil, and many others. The pleasant one is mashed jackfruit seeds with khorisa. The Khorisa is fermented bamboo shoots. There are distinctive varieties of Khorisa.

19.Til Pitha

The variety of rice desserts are specialties of Assam. It is very famous and organized for the duration of Bihu. It is basically rice flour rolls filled with a mixture of grounded black sesame seeds and jaggery. This easy conventional Assamese pitha is an integral part of the Bihu platter together with an awesome type of different sweets. Even though it seems simple, one wishes for the talent to make it in the best form.


It is one of the most favorite dishes you’ll get in an Assamese family. It is an Assamese model of Kheer or Rice porridge. It also has a religious importance, as it is cooked every time at prayer meetings.  It is an easy dish yet the most loved sweet dish for Assamese people. You could taste it at ethnic eating places in Assam.