Top 20 Travel Foods


Are you tired of going to your office today? Oh, that is fine. Let’s go travel to some exotic destinations. We can even go to that hills and that beach you always wanted to go. We will do some shopping. Also, we will visit that holy place you plan to visit every year. However, I need you to have a bag full of food. So, we bring you the top 20 travel foods. Take these foods to all the places you will travel. They are easy to transport, fresh, healthy, energizing, and super delicious. Let’s travel this journey together.

1. Peanut Chikki

Do you know Peanut Chikki? It is a healthy peanut jaggery bar. It is easy to transport and delicious to taste. With that, it is good at providing the required energy during long travels. It fills you with protein, calcium, manganese, and other essential nutrients.

2. Popcorn

Popcorn comes second in the top 20 travel foods. Basically, Popcorn is one of the varieties of corn kernel. They rise and puff when heated. Nowadays, Popcorn comes in different flavors. Many people hate these combinations. But many people love it. Also, Popcorn can be your great travel buddy. Personally, I would love to take salted Popcorn on my trip.

3. Protein Bars

Protein Bars, Chocolate Bars, Coconut bars, and many others are good travel buddies. They are easy to carry. Specially, all the kids prefer to take them. Furthermore, even a few adults keep protein bars in their pockets. Protein bars act like their quick hunger snack for the moment.

4. Cookies

There are stories of grandmas giving a box full of biscuit cookies during long travels. The cookies will have varied flavors, tastes, textures, and ingredients. Mostly, they are handmade. Nowadays, people bring coconut and choco-chip cookies on their travels.

5. Chip

Chips do vary from potato to tortilla. Spinach chips are famous these days. Also, one can try banana chips during their travel. Chips are available anywhere and are easy to carry. Furthermore, they are stomach-filling too. Hence, we include them in the top 20 travel foods.

6. Cupcakes

Cupcake is another travel food. Having a sweet cupcake during a long journey can reduce stress and tiredness from the same. You can carry any homemade or readymade cupcake. Include cream as a topping on it. The cream enhances its taste and brings in more excitement.

7. Nuts

Nuts like cashew, almonds, and pistachios have been a travel buddy to humans for a long time. They provide the required energy and fill up the stomach in small servings. Furthermore, the aged prefer carrying it instead of other foods. They know their nutritional value.

8. Fruit Gummies

Children will love this section. Fruit gummies came out recently. Also, They won hearts over a period. However, making them at home can ultimately increase their nutritional value. Homemade fruit gummies during travels play the role of sweeteners to the journey. You can also try the readymade fruit gummies.

9. Candy

Carrying Candy during a long journey is a must. Hence, we include it in the top 20 travel foods. Candy helps get out sleepiness, tiredness, foulness, and much more. Plus, it is the children’s favorite. Candy, lollipops, and mouth fresheners are essential during long trips.

10. Fruits

Not all fruits are worth taking to travel. However, many fruits are. Fruits like oranges, strawberries, bananas, guava, sweet lime, custard apples, apples, etc. are worth taking for travel. Just pack them correctly. They don’t get messed up soon. Hence, you can eat them for two-three days of your trip. It is a healthy option tho.

11. Balls

Balls or laddoo is a good travel option. Protein balls, date balls, semolina balls, chocolate balls, coconut balls, etc. are easy to carry. They are long-lasting too. Majorly people take balls on their travels to icy destinations. Their body requires heat. These balls provide the essential humidity and other nutrients required.

12. Lemon Bites

Lemon bites are more of medicinal travel food. Many times, people feel giddy and puked during their travel. Here, lemon bites are the ultimate solution. They are sour and sweet. They help in controlling the symptoms of giddiness and stopping puking. One can have them throughout the journey. They do not have any side effects. Hence, we include them in the top 20 travel foods.

13. Dates

Just like date balls, dates are good travel buddies. You will see many aged people carry dates during their long travels. They provide essential carbs to the body. Also, it increases the heat level of the body. Hence, you can take dates on your next trip to your favorite cold spot. Do not forget!!!

14. Instant Cup Foods

Instant cup foods are the ones that need only warm water to cook. Just add some warm water. A good meal is ready. Furthermore, Cup noodle is an excellent example of the same. Similarly, we have frozen pasta, pizza, lentil soup, soups, rice dishes, and much more. They are in ready-to-eat forms. They are delicious, slightly healthy, and stomach-filling on long trips.

15. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Now, this is an exception. Korean movies feature hard-boiled eggs in higher quantities. These eggs are with their shells. People remove the eggshell during the journey and consume the whole egg in a bite. Also, they provide a lot of protein and calcium to the body. Also, they are stomach-filling snacks. For kids, try using small hard-boiled eggs.

16. Shakes And Homemade Juices

People start fetching water bottles and soft drinks when they go travel. However, they can carry the same from their house itself. Use readymade powder juices like tang or Glucone D. Similarly, use fresh fruits to make fruit juices and take them on the trips. Homemade juice saves money and keeps you healthy throughout the trip.

17. Namkeen

Indians know the worth of Namkeen during travel. Basically, Namkeen is a sweet and spicy foodstuff. It has gram flour, all-purpose flour, cumin, spices, nuts, and more. Also, it is the favorite travel buddy of all the Indians. Also, Namkeen can be harmful. However, it is good to go option in the top 20 travel foods.

18. Cream Rolls

Cream rolls come in the desert section. Taking a cream roll along on the journey is a good decision. It is a substitute for something sweet. It is easy to carry and easy to eat. Majorly all the children will love this travel food. Furthermore, it is not unhealthy. Their health benefits are less.

19. Tea Or Coffee Bags

Tea or coffee is a treasure for all tea and coffee lovers. Coffee can be a refreshment for a long road trip. Also, a driver might require two-three cups of coffee daily. Carrying tea and coffee bags helps out with digestion and the smooth functioning of the body during travel.

20. Water

Last, in the top 20 travel foods, we have water. It is an essential factor in life. It is present everywhere. However, not every water is good for health. Hence, do carry a big water bottle and fill it at good and hygienic places accordingly.