Top 20 Types Of Dosas In Ram Ki Bandi, Hyderabad

top 20 types of dosas in ram ki bandi hyderabad
top 20 types of dosas in ram ki bandi hyderabad

Ram ki Bandi is the first listed place when any Hyderabadi is asked to name the best place to eat dosa and idli. This food cart was started in 1989 by Lakshmi Rao Shinde, 2011 his, son Ram Kumar Shinde an MBA graduate, has taken over the Business. He introduced the best iconic fusion dosas with his innovative ideas. The word about these dosas has spread fast around the city, and hungry customers began flooding the place. With a suggestion from a customer, they started to begin the day early at 3:00 am, which can be regarded as the milestone in their journey. Two of their customers helped Ram expand their franchises by investing in them. Presently, they have five franchises across the city. The primary stall started is at Mozamjahi market, opposite Karachi Bakery near Nampally. He says that customer feedback is the main source of his innovative ideas. He feels customer satisfaction is very important.

1. Karam Dosa

This dosa is general masala dosa with special karappodi (spicy powder) made with roasted Bengal gram and other spices. This dish costs INR 50. This can stand as the must-try regular dosa of the bandi.

karam dosa

2. Butter Dosa

Special masala dosa made with butter. The cart owners use good quality butter. We can’t control it without ordering the dish if we see how it is made. This costs INR 50.

butter dosa

3. Butter Paneer Dosa

Crispy Dosa with a good amount of butter, spices, and soft paneer will take us to heaven. This is one of the best combinations of dosa there. One should try this dish for must.

butter paneer dosa

4.Palak Paneer Dosa

This Dosa gives us a rare combination of healthy, and tasty feelings. Palak is spread over the dosa with a good amount of paneer, and karappodi, will leave us mouth-watering. This dish costs INR 90

palak paneer dosa

5. Cheese Dosa

It is bliss when we get the taste of Cheese in dosa. One can’t control without tasting the fantastic cheese dosa with coconut chutney, and karappoddi. This dosa costs INR 70.

cheese dosa

6. Cheese Paneer Dosa

This Dosa is one of the best fusions, with two delicious milk products, cheese and paneer. This costs INR 90, which is worth eating.

cheese paneer dosa

7. Cheese Cream Dosa

This is another combination of dosa with milk products. They use fresh cream of good quality. The thick and soft cream with the right amount of spiciness, and twist of coconut chutney will leave us eating the same dosa again and again.

cheese cream dosa

8. Schezwan Dosa

Schezwan sauce which is made with special spices, is used in the dosa along with the common spices. Spicy food lovers will love this dosa.

schezwan dosa

9. Schezwan Cream Dosa

The nicely crisp, and browned from the base with soft and fresh cream will confer us with great feeling. Food is heaven and cream are the first thing on the list. We can enjoy this dosa at INR 90.

schezwan cream dosa

10. Mozzarella Cheese Dosa

This is a particular type of cheese made from Italian Buffalo milk. This dish is an oval dosa filled with onion, butter, and mozzarella with a slice of melted cheese. This costs under INR 110.

mozzarella cheese dosa

11. Pizza Dosa

This is the best fusion dosa one can ever have. Pizza is one of the most famous fantasy foods and dosa can be regarded as one of the best-accepted food in any corner of the country. A combination of both these will take us to our dream world. We can travel to our imagination of place with INR 150.

pizza dosa

12. Onion Dosa

Plain dosa with regular karappodi and golden roasted onions on it is a simple dish, and we can have this dish at INR 70. It is served with tender coconut chutney and Potato curry.

onion dosa

13. Dry Fruit Dosa

When the taste of graciousness of Dry fruits is mixed with the taste of dosa, we will get the sense of delectable. We can get the feel of this feeling of cherishes with INR 150.

dry fruit dosa

14. Chocolate Dosa

Chocolate is the piece that can turn anyone’s mood into joy. When the taste of Chocolate mixes with dosa, we can feel the pleasure, and it helps us to release all our tensions, it is under INR 100.

chocolate dosa

15. Double Cheese With Butter Dosa

Butter, and cheese can turn any food into delicacy. All we need is a good amount of both the items to cherish. We can get this combination with the Double Cheese with Butter dosa for under INR 90.

double cheese with butter dosa

16. Fresh Cream Dosa

Food gives immediate solace and it’s, the best remedy to feel good. Milk and its products are best in that, especially cream. The Dosa with the right number of spices, masala, potato curry, and cream are one of the best combinations.

fresh cream dosa

17. Teenmaar Dosa

The name of this dosa was originated from a local language. As the name suggests, it gives a twisted taste, one can experience different and all types of flavours. We can have this dosa in INR 130. This dosa can be regarded as the best combination of dosa and specialty. We can’t find this dosa everywhere, unlike other dosas. This dosa have a golden-brown crisp stuffed with upma, onion, butter, and a slice of cheese.

teenmaar dosa

18. Ghee Dosa

This dosa is a regular Dosa in which pure Ghee is used instead of oil while making it. Ghee will lovers find this amazing. We can experience this dosa at INR 90.

ghee dosa

19. Butter Sweet Corn Dosa

This Dosa is another type of variety that is made with veggies such as corn. The golden roasted corn will be sprinkled on the prepared dosa, and this gets bonded with the butter and cream. This dosa costs INR 70.

butter sweet corn dosa

20. Bahubali Dosa

Last but not least, Bahubali Dosa. As everyone knows about this movie, everyone is aware of this dosa as well. We can experience that cinematic experience of Bahubali in every bite of this dosa. This dosa costs INR 150.

bahubali dosa