Top 20 Underrated North Indian Dishes

Top 20 Underrated North Indian Dishes

Several North Indian dishes are still not known to people. This involves a wide range of cuisines which are collectively had in various forms. These dishes are known to people in abundance yet not so famous because they did not get enough limelight. A lot of states like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, etc. have seasonal fruits and vegetables that are used in various ways to prepare a cuisine based on and rooted in the culture.


Wazwaan is one of the lavish course meals which have about 15 to 30 dishes made out of the meat. It is generally hard during any kind of celebration or occasion within the family. It is one of the most popular dishes in Jammu and Kashmir. The origin of the dish is from Srinagar and it goes into the bucket list for anyone who wants to try the cuisine.



This dish originates most traditionally from Uttarakhand. It is also known as the pahadi cuisine and is generally offered to the guests who visit the place. The dish is specifically, a mix of spinach and fenugreek leaves with different kinds of spices. Therefore, it can also be said that it is a proper blend of all the healthy nutrients as well as a tasty cuisine.



One of the most popular recipes in the region of Garhwal is Chainsoo. It is made out of urad dal and the specialty of the dish is how it is cooked. The dishes are slow-cooked for hours in one iron utensil and then served along with or within a main course. It is one of the most unknown dishes of Uttarakhand which goes under the underrated list of dishes that are less known by people.


4.Bharwan Chicken Pasanda

This is one of the most famous dishes of Uttar Pradesh. It is considered to be a royal delicacy and is most heartily welcomed by everybody who visits the state as well as the ones who try the dish for the first time. Chicken breasts are particularly stuffed with cheese mixture and slow-cooked. After the time when the dish is ready, it is drizzled with the coconut and cashew sauce which makes it even more special and rich in its taste. This stage particularly fits for the king and therefore, involves a true blue royal delicacy.


5.Kaakori Kebab

Kaakori kabab is a nawabi recipe that originates from Lucknow. It has been passed on for generations in various ways yet the original form of this kebab remains the most wanted. It is named after the city kaakori which is located on the outskirts of Lucknow the dish is made out of the finest meat from lamb and fewer spices are used.


6.Rajma Chawal

Rajma chawal is a typical hyped north Indian dish with nobody wants to miss. It is a rich Indian street delicacy that has gravy served with rice. The dish has a lot of nutritional value as it involves rajma and is most popular among street food fans. It also falls under the comfort food list.


7.Nalli Nihari

Nalli nihari is an authentic dish from Delhi. The fragrance of the different flavors and the spices that are used in the dish adds to the main attractive feature of this. It has rich and spicy gravy involving slow-cooked meat and is served with tandoori rotis. This delicacy is extremely famous among the royal families of India.


8.Nadur Monje

This dish is originating from South Asian food delicacies and is originating from Kashmir. It is generally had as an appetizer or rather a deep-fried snack. The main specialty of the dish remains the fact that it is made out of Lotus stem and gram flour which is extremely unique in India. Fewer people have tried this kind of unique dish and it is a popular street food.


9.Mondur Pulav

This dish particularly originates from Kashmir and is a sweet rice. It has a very strong flavor of the different spices which are mixed to create a unique taste and smell. It involves cinnamon, saffron, milk, and ghee. The saffron is locally grown and adds to the flavor and fragrance of the dish.


10.Kashmiri Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a simple mouthwatering and irresistible dish. It is again originating in Kashmir and brings about the signature of the valley. It is an all-time favorite among meat lovers as well as the ones who want to try something new and spicy. One must try this dish for anyone who visits heaven on earth, Kashmir.


11.Malai Ki Kheer

This dish is known by different names in different parts of the country. It is a popular dessert and the pudding is made out of milk, sugar, or jaggery for the sweetness and rice. However, the rice can be substituted by vermicelli, lentils, etc. There can be a lot of other added flavors that enhance the richness of the dish.


12.Rajasthani Laal Maans

Rajasthani Laal Maans is of lamb meat it is cooked in a variety of different masalas with a very rich taste of red chilies in it. The bright red color of the dish is what distinguishes it from the other cuisines and is garnished with coriander leaves and ghee. It is a very delicious dish of north India which is also made at home.



It is yellow rice which is prepared mostly in Uttar Pradesh. There’s North Indian cuisine involves a lot of spices which are added onto the plane rice and then the color of the dish comes out. One of the main ingredients of this rice remains the potato. The other variants can be soybeans also.


14.Shalgam Masala

In literal terms, this dish can also be called the spiced turnips. The north Indian dish is spiced up traditionally with mashed turnips. It is a very fresh cuisine that is served with either basmati rice or naan bread. Generally, the dish is recognized as a local cuisine.


15.Saag Paneer

It is an authentic dish that involves leafy vegetables like spinach or even other ingredients. Generally, this is had with a roti or naan and specifically with rice in some regions. The main regional state from which it originates is Punjab and is also compared to the dish called palak paneer.


16.Chicken Korma

This Indian meat dish originates in the Indian subcontinent and belongs to almost every state in north India. The taste varies from one state to another and the main ingredient of the dish remains yogurt and the meat. The meat is marinated in the yogurt and added spices for hours before cooking. The thick sauce or gravy that is produced later is mainly the heart of the dish that adds to the main taste. It is a unique, rich, and creamy cuisine.


17.Gatte Ki Sabzi

This dish belongs to the Rajasthani cuisine and is made out of gram flour. The gravy is curd-based and the uniqueness of the dish is provided by the ground-floor roundels. It is one of the most unique dishes which was found in north India and also falls under the Rajasthani thali.


18.Kadhi Pakora

It is also known as fried fitters in yogurt curry. There is a mix of different spices which are most popular in India and Pakistan. Particularly, this dish can be eaten with rice or roti. It can also be hard as an appetizer or a snack and the uniqueness of this dish comes from the curry which is prepared out of yogurt and other spices mixed with it.


19.Seyun Patata

Seyun Patata is one of the most famous Sindhi dishes. It is a traditional Sindhi dish that is made out of sweet vermicelli and is generally served with fried potatoes to create a perfect brunch. People of all ages love this dish and can be heard as a Sunday breakfast on a weekend to enjoy the essence of this cuisine.


20.Kombdi Vade

This is a traditional Konkani meal which is extremely famous in Maharashtra. It is the traditional chicken curry which is prepared out of different spices and can also be hard with deep-fried puris. The cuisine is also called rasa. It is both traditionally and culturally one of the most dominant dishes of the region.