Top 20 Unique Ice Cream Flavour Spots, Chennai

Top 20 Unique Ice Cream Flavour Spots, Chennai

Unique ice cream flavors are a fantastic opportunity to experiment with novel and exciting tastes. There is a tonne of creative and unique ice cream flavors available out there. The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is renowned for its growing food setting. It has become known for its extensive history, rich cultural diversity, and economic significance. Here are the top 20 unique ice cream flavor spots in Chennai

1.Haagen Dazs – Eiffel Tower

Haagen-Dazs is a premium ice cream company that operates internationally. It is renowned for producing top-notch sorbets, frozen desserts, and ice cream. Must-try desserts include parfaits, fruit-infused sorbets, ice-cream crepes, and the iconic Eiffel Tower dessert with rich dulce de leche, shortbread, caramel biscuits, and truffle cream.


2.Cream And Fudge – Cafe Au Lait

The enterprise is well known for its distinctive cold marble slab concept and creamy ice creams. The ice cream that the customer chooses is combined with various toppings and presented to them on a chilled marble slab. A rich and smooth coffee flavor with a dash of sweet, creamy milk makes up the Café Au Lait.


3.Amelie’s Cafe And Creamery – Hazelnut Creme Brulee

Amelie’s Cafe and Creamery is known for its enchanting ambiance and delicious treats. A wide selection of ice cream flavors, sundaes, and specialty desserts are available. The flavor of toasted hazelnuts and chewy caramelized sugar bits is incorporated in the custard-flavored ice cream.


4.Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory – Salted Caramel Sundae

Famous for its fine handmade chocolates, gourmet desserts, brownies, tarts, mousses, and inventive confections, Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory is a dessert parlor and chocolaterie. It consists of caramel ice cream, salted caramel sauce drizzled over it, whipped cream, and almonds for a delicious sweet and salty treat.


5.Amadora – Under Baked Chocolate Chunk With Vanilla

Amadora is renowned for its gourmet handcrafted ice creams, which feature flavors with the ideal harmony of taste and texture. Additionally, they provide freshly baked treats like brownies, cookies, and tarts with an ice cream scoop on top. An underbaked chocolate chunk bar paired with a scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream is a decadent dessert with a gooey warm center and a cold, creamy contrast.

Amadora - Under Baked Chocolate Chunk With Vanilla

6.Baskin Robbins – Chocolate Truffle

Baskin Robbins is a well-known international ice cream brand that has an enormous selection of ice cream flavors. There are 31 distinct flavors available, and new and seasonal options are frequently added. Their chocolate truffle ice cream contains swirls of luscious chocolate drizzled on top of a creamy chocolate base.


7.Ibaco – Maharaja Bhog

Ice cream cakes, sorbet flavors, and other frozen delicacies are all available at Ibaco. This amazing Indian-inspired ice cream has a crunch from almonds, pistachios, and cashews and a vivid yellow color from saffron and cardamom powder.


8.Cream Stone – Guava

Cream Stone’s broad selection of ice creams, sundaes, and desserts allows customers to create their unique ice cream treats by offering a range of mix-ins, toppings, and flavors. Their Guava ice cream is handmade with freshly pureed guava fruit and boasts a vibrant, tropical flavor.


9.Polarbear – Kala Jamun

Polar Bear Ice Cream Parlour is a lively and well-known ice cream shop regarded for its extensive assortment of distinctive ice cream flavors. It features a fun and vibrant ambiance. The flavors of the traditional Indian fruit, kala jamun, are combined with velvety ice cream to create kala jamun ice cream.


10.Pabrai’s – Gandhraj Lemon

Pabrai’s prioritizes utilizing high-quality, naturally produced dairy and fresh seasonal fruits to make smooth and satisfying frozen desserts. It features a silky ice cream with aromatic Gandhraj lemon infusion, which produces zesty, acidic overtones with a citrus aftertaste.


11.Schmoozies – Banoffee Pie

Schmoozies has a reputation for delivering pure, handcrafted ice creams with out-of-the-box flavor combinations. The environment has an aesthetically pleasing look. It consists of a banana-flavored ice cream with caramel and is garnished with chunks of toffee or biscuits for added chewiness and depth.


12.Batter – Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

The ice cream desserts from Batter have a novel idea that involves pairing ice cream flavors with underbaked cake batter. It combines cookie dough chunks with peanut butter flavored ice cream. As a result, nutty flavors and the delightful texture of cookie dough pieces emerge.


13.Tewary’s Kulfi – Gulkhand

It specializes in providing different kinds of kulfi, a classic Indian frozen treat loved especially in the summers. It is made by thickening milk with sugar, flavoring it with cardamom, saffron, and pistachios, and then freezing it in molds. The sugar and rose petal-based Gulkand is combined with the cold kulfi batter to create a floral refresher.

Tewary’s Kulfi - Gulkhand

14.Strictly Deserts – Bun Butter Jam

A variety of dessert desires can be satisfied at Strictly Deserts. It integrates the comfortable and familiar characteristics of a traditional breakfast sandwich. It has a base of thick ice cream that has been flavor-infused with the nutty taste of butter and fruity notes of jam, offering a nostalgic experience.

Strictly Deserts - Bun Butter Jam

15.Milkyway – Titanic

A wide range of ice cream flavors with inventive names and presentations are available. The ambiance is a welcoming and family-friendly setting. A waffle cone is placed in the shape of a boat and is filled with scoops of ice cream, toppings, and sauces to make a creative and mouth-watering dessert display.


16.Some Softy – Gulab Jamun Sundae

Some Softy is famed for its delectable soft-serve ice cream. The interior is brightly colored and retro-inspired. To create a true celebration of tastes, textures, and cultures, this desert mixes the warm, syrupy sweetness of gulab jamun with the refreshing, creamy richness of vanilla ice cream.


17.Havmor – Sithapaal

Havmor was founded in 1944 and has since gained a devoted following. They provide an extensive lineup of ice creams and frozen confections known for their quality and creativity. The pulp of the sithaphal fruit, commonly known as custard apple, has an unique flavor and is used for making the ice cream.


18.Soft Serve Company – Smores

It is an aesthetically pleasing location because of its attractive facade, pastel colors and neon signage. It is made with chocolate ice cream, marshmallow swirls, and graham cracker crumbs. This dessert captures the flavor of marshmallows roasted over an open flame and sandwiched between chocolate and graham crackers.


19.McDonalds – Oreo McFlurry

McDonald’s is an iconic fast-food chain with locations worldwide. A popular dessert choice at McDonald’s is their Oreo McFlurry. Oreo cookie crumbs are mixed with soft-serve vanilla ice cream to create this indulgent and addicting dessert. You can customize your dessert by choosing your McFlurry sizes according to your preference.


20.Dumont Creamery – Lotus Biscoff

Customers are seated at retro-style tables and chairs, contrasting with the creamery’s pastel-colored walls. The focal point is a gleaming display case containing a range of satisfying creamy treats. This delicacy consists of vanilla or caramel ice cream blended with crushed Lotus Biscoff cookies and drizzled with Biscoff spread to create a sweet and subtly spiced dessert.

Dumont Creamery - Lotus Biscoff