Top 20 Veg Delicacies of Lucknow


We all are very well aware of the non-veg delicacies of Lucknow. But apart from non-veg, this city has a wide range of food that will surely satisfy the veg eaters. If you are a vegetarian and planning a trip to this beautiful city of tehzeeb and tameez, we have sorted the list of top 20 vegetarian foods to make your visit and, most importantly eating a memorable one.

1 Khasta Aloo

Khasta – Aloo is one of the famous dish of Lucknow. You will find it in every corner of the city. Khasta – aloo is the deep-fried baked pastries with lentils and sautéed, served with spicy chutney. You should surely try this dish when you are planning to visit this beautiful city.


2 Makhan Malai

Makhan Malai is a famous winter food in this city. It is liked by everyone the localities, and tourists. Makhan Malai has a light and airy texture. It is a must-have during the winter; it is slightly sweetened and garnished with dry fruit.


3 Kulfi

When we say kulfi, a very famous name comes in our mind that is Prakash Kulfi. It is one of the most famous kulfi shops in Lucknow, and is located in Lucknow’s famous market Aminabad. This kulfi shop sells only kulfi and falooda. Apart from Prakash Kulfi, you can also give your taste buds a different flavor by visiting Chanakya Kulfi’s in Bhootnath. They are also famous for their magical and tasteful kulfi.


4 Veg Kebab Parantha

When we say veg kebab parantha, you might wonder that this city is famous for its non-veg kebabs. But it has something for its veg eaters also. Veg kebab is deeply fried kebab, rolled on a roll, and served with chutney and onions. These Lucknowi veg kebabs will surely make your day.  You should try this veg kebab parantha invention of Lucknow, which is now extending to Delhi and other regions.


5 Aloo Tikki Chaat

In most of the Northern India, you get Aloo Tikki Chaat, but nothing fits Lucknow’s taste. It is distinguished with crisp potato, generous yogurt dollops, ground spices, and garnishing of ginger, coriander, and chillies.


6 Golgappa

Golgappa in Lucknow is commonly known as paani ke patashe. You’re inimitable for the kind of flavors in Lucknow. You will a get different kinds of flours in Lucknows’s golgappe such as khatta-meetha, sweet lemon, basil, etc.


7 Basket Chat

You will get basket chaat in Lucknow filled with potato cake; vada, chutney, yogurt, fresh fruits garnished with ginger. You can also ask for the customization of your chaat. You will find basket chaat everywhere in Lucknow, but we recommend you to eat the basket chaat in Aminabad. They serve the best basket chaat, which you will not find anywhere.


8 Bhuni Matar

We are sure that you have never heard this name before but this city has full of surprising food for you. Bhuni matar is a Tawa roasted matar filled with spices. It just cost Rs. 10. Eat bhuni matar if you want to have something light but super tasty.


9 Dahi Vada

This city is famous for its Dahi Vada also. Dahi Vada served here is soft, has dry fruit filled in it, and is readily available.


10 Meetha Paan

If you are a paan lover, you should surely try Lucknow’s meetha paan as you will not find it anywhere. Lucknow’s paan just melts in the mouth. They add different things to make the paan even more beautiful and presentable. You can also try fire paan here.


11 Malai ki Gilori

Ram Asrey Sweets Malai Ki Gilori is one of Lucknow’s most popular local dishes. Apart from malai ki gilori, you can also try pista barfi as it is also one of the popular sweet dishes of Lucknow.


12 Puri Aloo

Give your day a cheerful start at Vajpayee & Sons puri aloo and chane ki sabzi. It’s a very small kiosk and one of the few vegetarian food kiosks in town. Serving with the spicy aloo puri, complementing it with tasty chane ki sabzi. This kiosk serves the best aloo puri in the town.


13 Khoya Laddoo

Haji Sweet Shop in Lucknow is serving khoya laddoo from the last 50 years. It is a very renowned sweet shop that still sells sweets. Apart from khoya laddoo, besan ke laddoo are also a popular sweet dish of this place. They also sell many different sweets purely made from milk at very reasonable prices.


14 Thandai

Thandai is the most popular local dish in Lucknow. This thandai can be added to bhang too. The best place to get the best thandai in Lucknow is chowk. Lucknow offers you a variety of thandai with different specialties.


15 Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi is a must on the list of local food to eat in Lucknow; it is served in Kulhad. You can have the best sweet lassi at Shiv Bhandar, which serves this lassi for three months in summer, so make sure you take over this delicious lassi in Kulhad when you are visiting this place.


16 Chole Bhature

You must have eaten this dish in many places, but you will never forget the flavor and taste that you get in Lucknow. Chole Bhature can be found in Lucknow everywhere as one of the famous and most loved dishes in Lucknow. Chole Bhature and Lassi combine to create the perfect combination of this nawabi environment.


17 Nainital Momos

You must wonder what the normal taste of momos in Lucknow serves you, but Nainital Momos has a twist to this story. Besides the Nainital momos specialty, in Lucknow, you will find many other momos varieties that you may not even have heard of. The momos served on Lucknow Streets are the sweetest and savory to be recalled.


18 Shahi Tukda

This dish is a specialty of this city. The dish has rich and heavy ingredients and is therefore preferred after the meals to be tasted. It is rich in taste and thus ends the meal with a delicious sweet dish. This dish is easily found throughout Lucknow, because of its popularity among people.


19 Sheermal

Sheermal is a sweet naan baked in Tandoor and served with spicy plates that balance the tastes. Saffron, milk, sweeteners, and nuts can melt in your mouth and give an unforgettable taste.


20 Kaali Gajar Ka Halwa

Kali Gajar ka Halwa is made from carrots of a darker color. It’s not black practically, but deep purple. Sitting with dollops of ghee and sprinkled with cashew, almonds, and sometimes a spoonful of cream is served on top. This humble shanty makes the Kali Gajar halwa at the busy junction of Nakhas.