Top 20 Vegan-Friendly Eateries In Bangalore

Top 20 Vegan-Friendly Eateries In Bangalore

The concept of mindful eating is gaining popularity. Many restaurants in Bangalore serve vegan dishes like frankies, risotto, burritos, coconut rice bowls, vegetable biryani, etc. Vegan dishes include fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils, and plant-based dairy products and do not include any animal-based products. Dining out in Bangalore is no longer challenging for vegans. Here are the top 20 vegan meal restaurants in Bangalore:

1.Justbe Resto

Vegan buttermilk, beetroot hummus, soups, and hot chocolate are the most popular dishes at the Justbe Resto Cafe. The sophisticated interiors and the calming aura make your visit to this restaurant a value-for-money deal. The vegan dishes are delicious here.

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Carrots Restaurant claims to be India’s first vegan restaurant. The menu is 100 percent vegan with cholesterol-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and allergic-friendly options too. Whether you are looking for Indian cuisines or American, Continental and Fusion cuisines, their diverse menu would satiate your taste buds.

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3.Go Native

The easily accessible location, the spectacular ambiance, and the tasty Indian cuisine mark the specialty of this restaurant. This restaurant is good to visit with your family and friends for a casual brunch or a fine dining experience. The menu has many vegan and gluten-free options.

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4.Green Theory

Green Theory is a restaurant presenting global delicacies with variations in taste incorporated with time. The restaurant chiefly serves vegetarian food and has many seasonal dishes in its menu. The service and hospitality are commendable.

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Yogisthaan is another vegetarian friendly restaurant to spend a relaxing weekend. The menu has many gluten-free and vegan options. The restaurant specializes in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. The delicacies are very affordable here.

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6.The Good Grain

The Good Grain Restaurant specializes in North Indian and South Indian cuisines. This restaurant allows you to customize the preparation based on your choice of grains. Most of the dishes at this restaurant are made using organic wheat and millet.

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7.The London Curry House

The restaurant is purely vegetarian. The customers can choose from a variety of modern Indian, North Indian, Italian, Continental, and desserts. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The restaurant has many vegan, vegetarian, and fusion cuisines on its menu.

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8.Urban Solace

Urban Solace specializes in American and Continental food. The elaborate menu is vegan-friendly. The seating arrangement outdoors and facilities of live music would provide solace to your soul. The baked potato starters and pasta washed down with sangria are some must-try dishes here.

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9.Lucky Vegan Food

Okra Soup, Vegan Sausage Sandwich, Peanut Butter Pie, Coconut Crusted Tofu with Peach Salsa, are some of the must-have dishes at this restaurant. The dishes are delicious and the hospitality is commendable. The artistic interior decor would surely steal your attention.

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10.House Of Seitan

This restaurant serves vegetarian food with many vegan options as well. The delicious flavors add a healthy twist to present you some mouth-watering dishes.

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11.Enerjuvate Studio Café

Are you looking for a fine dining experience with some healthy food? You must visit Enerjuvate Studio and Cafe. The ambiance and the decor are sure to energize and rejuvenate your soul. This cafe serves several varieties of vegan and vegetarian dishes that are prepared with the use of various organic ingredients. The studio invokes zeal to work on fitness.

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12.Vaathsalya Millet Café

This cafe is quite popular among the vegetarians and vegans of Bangalore. The reasonably priced dishes and the delicious taste make your visit to this cafe a value-for-money deal. They use millet and red rice in most cuisines. The healthy food items on their menu and the cozy ambiance are worth appreciation.

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13.Crave By Leena

If you are a vegan and you are craving for desserts, Crave by Leena is a must-try. Their menu is quite diverse with good quality sweet dishes and appreciable portion sizes. This eatery specializes in bakery items and desserts, with the option of getting your dessert customized as per your requirements.

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14.Broadway- The Gourmet Theatre

Broadway restaurant is a vegan-friendly restaurant. It has all the modern amenities to entertain you. They have an outdoor seating arrangement and a buffet section as well. It’s a kid-friendly restaurant. The customers can choose from a variety of cuisines. The spectacular ambiance and the humble presentation makes it a favorite among the customers of Broadway restaurants.

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15.Paradigm Shift Organica

This restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant with many vegan options on the menu. The cozy interiors present a relaxing environment to enjoy your lunch or dinner with family and friends.

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16.Farmhouse Kitchen Bakery

Farmhouse Kitchen and Bakery is a multi-cuisine restaurant. Quality of food is fair enough. Vegans can find a lot of options on the menu to stimulate their taste buds. The subtle ambiance makes it popular among food enthusiasts.

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17.MTR 1924

Rava Plain Dosa, Rawa Idli, Potato Masala, Bisi Bele Bath are some of their must-try dishes. The dishes are affordable. MTR 1924 chiefly serves South Indian dishes. The menu is vegan-friendly. The sophisticated interiors present an exclusive dining experience.

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18.Vegan Vogue

Vegan Vogue offers a luxurious dining experience. The staff is well aware to help visitors find their suitable dish. The decor is decent enough and so is the food. There are many vegan dishes on the menu prepared with the choicest organic ingredients.

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19.Eat India Co Bangalore

This restaurant has many gluten-free and vegan dishes on the menu. Get your pizza prepared with a choice of gluten-free or vegan-friendly base and choose your favorite toppings. This restaurant is ideal for conscious eaters.

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20.True Vegans

This restaurant has only take-away option. The restaurant specializes mostly in North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Apart from its usual cuisines, the restaurant also has many options for vegans, thus making it a vegan-friendly cafe.

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