Top Twenty Desserts of Goa

Top Twenty Desserts of Goa

Goa is the fourth smallest state regarding population. Goa is one of the best destination places for tourist, the beauty of nature, beaches, culture, festivals are popular in Goa. Therefore, Goa is not only famous for its beauty; it also serves a huge variety of Desserts. Desserts of Goa are said to best among all country’s.

The most Delicious desserts of Goa are as follows:

1. Bebinca

 Bebinca is the best dessert of Goa, one of the favorite desserts in Goa. It is a traditional dessert of Goa, for Christmas. Bebinca is also known by name “Bibik” or “Bebinka.” A multi-layered cake with a Delicious taste. Basically, it is a type of pudding. Bebinca is known as the Queen of dessert in Goa. Martin’s Beach Corner is the place to have Bebinca. The best place in Goa.


2. Serradura

 Serradura is a Portuguese style dessert belongs to Macau. It is well-known by the name of Sawdust Pudding. Serradura is a combination of whipped cream and tea biscuits. The addiction desserts for the people of Goa. One of the best place in Goa to have Serradura is Spice Goa Restaurant near Kasarwad Junction. Taste it once, and you’ll try it again and again. Serradura is the Delicious desserts of Goa.


 3 Dodol

Dodol has a similar texture like Halwa. It is jelly-like firm. Dodol is a Goan dish, and it is made up of coconut milk and coconut jaggery. It has sweet flavors of a creamy taste of milk.The best dodol is ofDom Pedros, Margao. Dodols are the sweet dish of Goa, loved by the people of Goa.


4. Bolinhas

Bolinhas is a signature dessert of Goa, the most popular and traditional dessert of Goa. It is a Goan coconut cookie. The soft and crispy cookies which crumble in your mouth. If you love coconut, then Bolinhas is one of the best desserts for you. Cotingo is the best place in Goa for Bolinhas.


 5 Perad

Perad is a dessert made up of guava, sugar and lime juice. Most famous for Christmas. Perad is also known by the name of “ Guava cheese.” It is a traditional classic festive dessert, loved by the people of Goan. Nostalgia is the most popular place to have Perad.


6. Coconut Ice

The popular dessert of Goa especially in summers. Though, the name itself describes this dessert so it is made up of condensed milk, icing sugar and coconut. Coconut ice is sweet and Delicious in taste with a pink color. It is one of the best Goan dishes. Fiesta Baga in Goa is one of the best places to coconut ice. They serve so fresh and creamy.


7. Kulkuls

 Kulkuls is the famous and special dessert during Christmas. Kulkuls are made up of maida, rawa and sugar powder. They are a little bit crunchy and soft, but the taste of kulkuls will stick up to your mouth. The most famous Kulkuls you’ll get in Panjim.


8 Patoleo

 Patoleo is Goan cuisine.  It is also known as Patoli, one of the oldest traditional sweet dish of Goa. Patoleo is made on occasion for major feasts celebrated by Roman Catholics, said to be a star dish of this day. The dish liked by all Vegetarians. Made with rice and jaggery. The unique flavor of turmeric leaves to make this dish apart from other desserts. Hilda Mascarenhas is the most famous place in Goa to have Patoleo. 


8. Channa Doce

Doce a sweet dish of Goa. It is a simple dessert cooked easily. One of the oldest traditional dessert of Goa. The taste is so Delicious that you can’t be satisfied with a single piece. It is made up of channa dal, coconut, and sugar. The best Channa Doce you’ll have in Hilda’s.


 9. Cocada

Cocada is a traditional dessert of Goan. A Coconut sweet candy. They are garnished with almonds. There are any varieties of Cocada. It is well known by the name of kokad. The famous place is Goan Foodie. Cocada is made on Christmas Eve in Goa


10. Tiramisu

 Tiramisu is a Sweet Italian Cake. It has a flavor of coffee and a soft crumbly cake which melts in your with the unique Panna cotta flavor of cream and coffee. The Tiramisu is one of the popular among all desserts. Brittos, Baga is the best and delightful place to have it. The freshness and creamy coffee taste are served well.  The flavors are excellent.


11. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert, easy to make and super Delicious mostly famous in Goa. To make it the combination of fresh fruits and jelly are used. It just melts up in the mouth as the texture is amazing. The topping of Kiwi makes the dessert more Delicious. The best pannacotta is of Ciao Bella.


12. Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich

 An icy sandwich which is sweet and the caramelized chocolate brings the different texture of this dessert. A sandwich is served with coffee ice cream, though it gives the taste of both ice-cream and Sandwich. The most Delicious one you’ll get in Panjim.


13. Baklava

Baklava is a type of pastry eaten by Goan people. It is made with fillo dough, nuts. Basically, it is garnished with almond nuts. It is a buttery dish with multi-layered pastry. For the perfect search of Baklava, Global Dialysis is the best place.


14. Baath Cake

Baath Cake is a traditional dessert of Goa. It has rich and moist texture. It is a unique sweet made up of Semolina and Coconut. A Coconut cake with moist and soft texture. Christmas is said to be incomplete without Cake. It is really yummy and delightful. Therefore, Lisa’s Cakes andPatisserie is a heaven for the one who loves this dessert.


15. Doce Bhaji

Doce Bhaji is a dessert of Goa, loved by the people of Goa. Doce Bhaji is also popular by the name of lapsi. It is made of wheat, sugar and coconut oil and garnished with almond. It is a traditional dessert of goan  and taste is sweet.It is tea time dessert of Goan


16. Lady Finger Fruit Dessert

It is a type of cake made up of fruits and a ladyfinger biscuits, mostly this dessert is loved by kids. This dessert is famous in Goa. This dessert is easy to make. They are served with an ice cream and cup of coffee and dessert.


17. Chocolate Fondant

Goa’s one of the best sweet dishes. Sunday is incomplete without Chocolate Fondant. Fondant is a classic chocolate tasty souffle. The taste of chocolate water ups your mouth. It has a never ending varieties, and the taste is not only of chocolate but a different flavor. Mapusa is the best dessert place to have it.


18. Neureos

Neureos is made up of maida it has the outer covering of maida. It has a filling of Coconut.Goa’s special sweet dish loved by all. The Neureos is most popular in Goa. The best you’ll have in Panjim.


19. Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard is a type of cake made will sugar, vanilla and egg. The essence is Delicious it melts in a mouth as it is very smooth and velvety Custard. A gentle flavor of Vanilla is amazing. Caramel Custard is best in Ranchikud.


20. Alle Belle

Alle Belle is a Delicious dessert. A pancake. It is easy to make and therefore, less time-consuming. The filling of coconut and jaggery yums your mouth. Panjim is the best for it.