Turquoise Turkish Ice Cream In Noida Sells Not Just Ice Creams But Happiness!

Turquoise ice cream is made up of fresh milk and orchid powder. Orchid Powder / Salep brings creamy smoothness and makes the Turkish ice-cream unique in its taste. This ice cream stall is located in Great India Place, a shopping mall in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The ice cream is originated from Turkey’s small town known as Kahramanmaras which is also known as the ‘City of Ice Creams’ This special ice cream is not prepared with machines and it is a handmade product.

It is rich in vitamins too. The ice cream comes in a lot of flavors like chocolate, strawberry, peanut, kiwi, caramel, mango, lemon, and banana.

The tagline of Turquoise is “We Don’t Sell Ice Cream We Sell Happiness.” People who tasted this ice cream say that it is delicious and unique from that of others.

Turquoise has got its special customers. If you visit the Great Indian Place, don’t forget to taste the Turquoise ice cream. With the delicious taste, you can have a cone game in the shop. So, enjoy the Turkish flavor in India.