20 amazing Tibetan/Chinese Cuisines


Noodles and Momo are what comes to mind when people talk about Chinese food. Tibetan dishes are claimed to be nothing different from Chinese. To break this stereotype, you need to read these 20 best Tibetan and Chinese foods that you need to try!

1. Dry Laping

Many people are not familiar with a dish called laping. It’s a cold Tibetan dish. A dish made with flat noodles and with chicken mince and spicy chili chutney rolled between the noodles, if you order chicken laping that is (they serve veg too). It is spicy but the spice element in it would only make you want to eat more. It indeed is an interesting dish.


2. Wet Laping

A dish with flat noodle dish with minces of chicken but not rolled within the noodles but in soup seasoned with spices. It’s a perfect dish for people who loves ‘spice in their mouth’.

You must be thinking where will one find laphing in Bangalore?

KHAWA KHARPO is the answer. This dish is a must have and yes, people it’s cheap.


3. Momos

You don’t like your vegetables steamed? So here is a breakthrough from your regular steamed vegetable. Momo is a widely known dish. The culture of eating momos has been accepted around the world. It is a steamed bun with fillings of your choice. Six to eight pieces of momo can drive away an average eating man’s hunger. It is a delight. They taste much better when eaten with the spicy chili chutney or badam chutney.


4. Chocolate Momos

These days you get varieties of Momo. Chicken momo, Veg momo, Paneer momo and yes, Chocolate momo too. You heard it right. It is a steamed bun with chocolate filling. You take a bite and the chocolate inside just drips down your lips. Yes, people this dish exists.


5. Chili Momos

Why always momos and fried momos. Why not try something different. Chili momo is what you need to try right away. Good news is that the dish is not as spicy as it has been named. The use of soy sauce, chili sauce and ketchup brings the balance not making it too hot.

Yes, people BAMEYS will introduce you to Chilly momo!


6. Mothuk

Ever wished to have momo with soup as a dish? All you have to say is ‘ one mothuk please ‘. Do not confuse mothuk with wanton which is very similar. Mothuk means momo in soup. Like the name suggests mothuk gives you like real momos in soup. The dish is very filling and it makes sure that you would not have to cook anything for your dinner.


7. Kalimpong Aloo Noodles

You love spicy? You should try Kalimpong Aloo Noodles. It is also called as aloo thukpa by the people. The dish is a dry noodle with spicy aloo dum and semi gravy.

You could add on Wai Wai to your aloo noodles. Most loved food in Kalimpong. You can find this dish in ‘Mad Tummy’ and also in ‘O My Hunger (OMH)’. A perfect meal for the vegetarians!


8. Thenthuk

Thenthuk is a traditional Tibetan dish. A noodle soup mixed with vegetables like tofu Chinese cabbage, onions, tomatoes and carrots. Chicken Thenthuk too is available. It is not very easy to make Thenthuk. The process is a bit tough. Like we know simple and easy are not satisfying. It can be eaten as your lunch or dinner as one prefers.


9. Tingmo

Tingmo is a Tibetan dish. It is a steamed bread with no fillings. It is a snack and is perfect to serve to the kids with some ketchup or chutney. People usually eat it with semi gravy chicken or vegetable dish.


10. Sadeko Wai Wai

People either cook wai wai and eat or eat it raw by mixing the seasonings that is provided in the packet. But have you ever tried sadeko waiwai? If the answer is no, then just keep reading the article. It is quite simple to make but why dirty your hand and house right? What you can do is go to some restaurant or maybe ‘Bameys’ and order one. It is a crispy noodles topped with vegetables and masala. A perfect snack.


11. Shaptak

You are gonna love this dish. It is a Tibetan dish made with thin slices of meat. The meat can be your choice obviously. Bell peppers, onions and tomatoes add on to the dish and makes it even more better. It is often eaten with Tingmo.


12. Thukpa

It is a classic Tibetan dish. The dish consists of noodles, veggies and meat, which is upon one’s choice again. The dish is popular for winter weather as it keep you warm and filled. It is a popular dish and if you have not tried it, then you must.


13. Dry noodles with Gravy

Tired of eating the same soupy thukpa? Well you can eat the dry thukpa with gravy made ofvegtables and meats. Not only it tastes different but gives a new look towards noodles.


14. Sha Phaley

Sha Phaley is a Tibetan dish. A semi-circular or round bread stuffed with cabbage and onions. The dish is deep fried and served with red chutney or mint chutney. It could make a perfect snack for anyone. The dish is widely loved.


15. Chicken Choyla

Smoked chicken marinated in tomato chilly sauce or any other sauce. It’s a come through from your regular chicken chilly. The gravy is so different from any normal chicken cuisines.


16. Rice Paper Rolls

No! This is not the usual roll that you would eat. It is a roll though but the roll is made of rice and its starch. Stuffed with brocollis, carrots and chinese cabbage.


17. Thypo

A steamed bun with chicken and cabagges stuffed inside. The biggest surprise is that one big complete egg stuffed inside too. People find it difficult to finish one completely. You could organise competitions using this dish. I am sure it would be interesting.


18. Momo Thukpa

If you are very hungry and with just Rs. 100 or 200 left in your wallet, momo thukpa is to your salvage. Like the name suggets, it is a combination of momo and thukpa. With momo amd thukpa together I doubt if you will ask for any other side dishes. Such filling and fantastic combination.


19. Chopsuey

It is an all time favourite Chinese dish. With noodles, meat, egg, vegetables and thick sauce. Well it’s a buy one get one free combo. Chopsuey has also become a major dish of the Americans.


20. Aloo Phingsha

Phingsha, also called as cellophane noodles is a noodle made out of starch such as potato starch. It is a transparent noodle. When cooked with potato, it tastes better. One Tibetan dish is Aloo Phingsha. It is difficult to get used to eating this noodle, but once you are comfortable then nobody can stop you.