Top 20 Food Corners Of Delhi University


Delhi University is a public central collegiate University. It is known for the high standards in teaching and research. Along with these, it is best known for the absolute mouthwatering food. Every Delhi university kid loves this typical street style food that the campuses and their canteen’s offer us. Being a part of this university, I would like to share with you 20 of the best food joints of South and North campus.

North Campus


Bun-tikki Stall

The “Bun-tikki stall” outside IP college for women makes you salivate. The stall serves a potato patty in between two bread buns filled with a sweet red chutney and a spicy green chutney. To relieve you of the spiciness, also have “Banta” which is a chilled lemon drink with plenty of masala. If you love street food and want to try something new then this place is a must try.



Mutton Dosa

Delhi School of Economics is one of the colleges that is famous for its canteen. They have a lot of food to offer. It’s especially known for its mutton cutlet, mutton dosa and masala coke. So for all the non-veg lovers this is your place to be. The canteen also serves delicious veg and non- veg thalis at economical rates. Are you a sweet lover? These guys will take care of that too by serving you with some really amazing desserts.



Chache Di Hatti

This place comes to you with the best Chole Bhature. The Bhature are very light and are served with absolutely delicious and spicy Chole. The imli chutney on the side just adds that tangy flavour that your pallet needs. The best part, it’s just for Rs. 50!!!

They open at 9 A.M. and their food is sold out by 12 P.M, so the best time to go to this place is between this time. I’m sure you’d want to go here immediately!




After an entire day of attending classes, and to avoid the scorching sun from one class to the other one obviously needs something refreshing!

What’s better than an icy Chuski! Kamla Nagar has more than 5 stalls of Chuski and these people have all kinds of flavors, starting from kala khatta, masala nimbu, elachi, rose and kesar. The list is never ending. All of this will be available to you at just rs. 1-20!

Don’t the prices cool you off more than the Chuski!



Tandoori Momos

Do you love momos? Who doesn’t?

Well, then what about tandoori momos?

QD’s has the best Tandoori momos, people come from all over just to have their Tandoori momos. They’re absolutely finger-licking and delicious. This place is a must to go, especially if you’re a momo lover. Other than tandoori momos they serve butter chicken with naan, honey chili potato and much more. Every food item you order here is going to be worth each penny you spend.




Hudson Lane is famous for its various restaurants and cafés, this one is one of the most popular amongst the students of Delhi University. They have a wide range of options for you to choose from. Their barbeque chicken wings are one of the best. And not to miss their sizzlers! Their staff is the sweetest of all and the food is simply good. They have an open kitchen too, and it really is fun to watch!


For God’s Cake

Here we have another one of Hudson Lane’s best.  God’s Cake doesn’t only serve you desserts but also savory dishes. Hence it’s called a “bakery café”. The best part about this is that they keep changing their menu, so every time you go there’ something new to try. From pizza’s to burgers to pasta they will make sure to satisfy your pallet. Coming to the desserts now, they serve waffles with an option of whipped cream and nutella, pancakes. Their red velvet cup cake is a must try and so is their rainbow cake, hazelnut cake and caramel cake. They also serve various kinds of shakes and everybody’s favorite is the snicker bar shake. It’s heaven in a glass!!

So for all you dessert lover’s this is the place to be!


Momo’s Point

Located in the dingy lanes of Kamla Nagar, this place has a lot to offer to Chinese food lovers. The best on their menu is their fried momos and crispy chilli potatoes . Also popular here are the Manchurian, fried rice, the thukpa and chowmein. All the dishes are available at an affordable range.



Rigo Noodles

Rigo Noodles has its own place amongst the hustle bustle of Kamla Nagar. They serve Thai, Chinese and Tibetan. The must try in their menu are the Szechuan momos served with spicy gravy, the Thai curry served with steamed rice and the thukpa. The ambience of this place is really calm and the cheap rates just adds to the attraction.



Minced Cutlet

St. Stephens is extremely popular for the academics but another thing that it’s popular for is its minced cutlet served in the canteen. People from all over DU’s colleges come here just to have a taste of this. They have a variety of things on their menu but this one is a must try!


South Campus



High On Burgers

High on burgers is the hub of all the south campus college’s. They offer a large range of burgers both veg and non veg with different sauces and various add-ons. A must try is the chicken sausage burger with smokey sauce and chilly sauce and if you want it less spicy then cheesy sauce is the one to go for. They also have various snacks such as shammi kebabs, masala fries, hot dog on a stick and more. The best part of it is the cost. All of this will be available under the price range of Rs. 100.




Echoes is a one of a kind place amongst the hustle bustle of Satyaniketan. The people that serve you are physically challenged. You have to ring a bell to place your order and you either talk to them in sign language or point out what you want from the menu. Apart from this the food is cheap and absolutely delicious. Their pasta is a must try!


South Indian

Venkateshwara college is most popular for their canteen. They are known to serve the best South Indian food. From masala dosas to idli sambar and vada, they have all the South Indian food you want. Also popular are their Aloo Tikki’s and Maggi. If you want to try some crazy south campus south Indian then this is the place to be.




The crowded streets of Satyaniketan have a lot to offer you, but what when you’re craving for some momos? These are not just your regular steamed or fried momos, “Mom hand momos” have all kinds of momos to satisfy your pallet. Their gravy momos is a must have and other than that they serve soya momos, chilli chicken momos, paneer momos so on and so forth. All of this is available to you at the cheapest rates and amazing quantity.



If you love Biryani, you’ll go bonkers when you know about this place. “Muradabadi Biryani” offers you the best chicken Biryani ever. Their chicken Biryani has all that you want in one plate. They serve this with really spicy and absolutely delicious gravy which tastes heavenly along with the Biryani.

Cost: It’s just for Rs. 100 and they deliver within seconds so you won’t even have to wait to get a taste of some heaven.



Maitreyi Canteen

This college’s canteen has lip-smacking dishes to take care of your hungry stomach. They have fresh mosambi juice to relieve you from the heat at just Rs. 20. The Rajma Chawal is absolutely amazing and would remind you of your “ghar ka khana”. A must try is their Chole Bhature and honey chilly potatoes. Don’t forget to try their food if you’re a part of this college.



Chowringee Lane

Another one of Satya Niketan’s most popular food place Chowringee lane has all kinds of rolls to offer such as the chicken seekh roll, chicken tikka, and butter chicken roll. They also have a little shawarma stall outside with absolutely delicious shawarmas served with mint chutney.

This place is so good and affordable that you would want to come back for more.


Gol Gappe And Aloo Tikki

A small stall stands outside Jesus and Mary college on the Bapu Dham road. Not a lot of people are aware of the amazing Aloo Tikki and Golgappas that he has to offer. The Aloo Tikki is freshly made and served the way you want it to be, super spicy or super sweet and the gol gappas are just amazing. All at reasonable rates too.



Sev Puri

The canteen of Jesus and Mary college has an amazing canteen but apart from the food that they offer there is a small corner in the canteen that belongs to the Sev Puri and Bhel Puri wala. Served with lots of papdi and spicy chutney at just Rs. 40 it’s a must try!!


Amigo’s Hub

We have another one of Satyaniketan place. Amigo’s hub is absolutely amazing with the best ambience. They play music that everybody loves and they even let you put your own music just in case. They have a small outdoor area with Sofas for you to chill. They have a lot to offer on their menu. A must try is their butter chicken pizza and all their burgers and their Oreo shake is to die for. All of this is available to you at economical rates.

I hope this article was helpful in exploring new places to indulge in with affordable prices!