20 Most Authentic Dishes From Assam You Should Try!


1. Khaar

Assamese cuisine is known for being very different from the other parts of the country. The unique dishes are full of local flavors which celebrate the culture of the state. This dish is a delicious gravy cooked with vegetables and a non-vegetarian element. Papaya, Pulses are cooked with Meat to produce this beautiful dish. The dish is then filtered with the help of dried leaves of the banana plant. This is responsible for the uniqueness and the refreshing taste. This dish is usually served for lunch.


2. Duck Meat Curry

Duck Meat Curry is a popular Assamese dish that is loved a lot by the locals. The dish is prepared with gourd and duck and is prepared during festivities and special occasions. The dish has a lot of use of whole spices, which is the main reason behind its taste. The curry can be of any type and can be cooked with many elements. The usual choices can be pumpkin, lentils, and sesame. So try this dish as soon as you can!


3. Masor Tenga

This is an extremely popular fish dish from Assam. It is a common dish in most households, without which the cuisine is incomplete. The fish curry is part sweet part sour. The fish is cooked in a tangy gravy with lemon and tomato to ensure that dish is tangy enough.


4. Aloo Pitika

A simple but loving dish which is full of flavor burst and love. It is a dish with simple ingredients land served alongside the good old rice and dal. This is perfect for a meal during any time of the day. In a simplistic way, this is the Assamese rendition of the American mashed potatoes. The boiled potatoes are mashed into a pulp. It is then mixed with onions, mustard oil, etc.


5. Xaak Aru Bhaji

It is served as an accompaniment alongside the main meals. The dish is prepared with classic green vegetables which are seasoned with garlic, onions, ginger, cinnamon, and lemon. This dish is prepared quite regularly.


6. Ouu Khatta

This is a great sweet and sour chutney served after lunch, which is the perfect ending to any meal. It is prepared with the elephant apple as the main ingredient. The fruit is boiled and then a chutney is prepared in a similar procedure as that of any chutney.



Pigeon Meat

Pigeon Meat is known to be a fancy sort of meat that Assamese eat. The meat is known to be a little warm, which is why it is favored. The dish is prepared with banana flower and is a popular side serving in the state. The dish boasts of a beautiful composition of two unique items, which makes the dish essentially tasty.

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8. Silkworm

This one is a shocker, yes! This exotic dish is a tribal delicacy where the larvae are sauteed and fried with spices. The outside is known to be crispy whereas the inside is gooey.


9. Baanhgaajor Lagot Kurkura

This dish is prepared with bamboo shoots, chicken, and lentils. The dish is indulgent in flavors of the bamboo shoot, which imparts a unique taste to this dish. The dish is truly reflective of the culture of the state.


10. Pitha

This dish is common in the state of Assam as well as the states it shares its border with. It is a snack time dessert which is incredibly easy to make. There are various types of pithas and several ways of preparing them. This is usually prepared during festivities.


11. Komola Kheer

A very typical dessert of the state is this one. It is a regular kheer dish with a unique ingredient in it. It uses orange peel in the dessert which gives it that orange flavor and color.


12. Narikolor Laru

The Assamese version of Bengali narkol er naru. To make this dish, grated coconut is cooked with sweet and then rolled into balls. This is a dish which is prepared during auspicious events and is often offered to the deities themselves.


13. Xutuli Pitha

This is a type of Pitha which is extremely delectable and prepared with a bunch of easy ingredients. The dish may seem difficult but is a quite easy and needs dedication only.


14. Thekera Tenga Hoite Maas

This is a fish dish which is prepared with certain local ingredients. Catfish is used in the preparation of this dish, which is usually sour. Mustard is an essential part of this dish without which this dish is truly incomplete.


15. Pokori

This is a type of fried snack that is best served with tea. Any vegetables just as bottle gourd or the pumpkin flower are usually dipped in a batter of chickpea flour and then fried in oil.


16. Bor

This is a fried dish which is prepared with lentil which is mashed. It is the Assamese version of Vada. It can be prepared with other green vegetables as well.


17. Kharoli

This is known to be a dish which comprises of mashed seeds of mustard. To make this dish better, Khar is added. The mashed mustard needs to be fermented as well.


18. Poitabhat

Leftover rice which is cooled with cold water is kept overnight. This results in the fermentation of the rice. The rice is then usually served the next day. The dish is prepared by mixing the rice with mustard oil, onion, pickle, and chili. This is a common dish in the nearby states of Odisha and West Bengal, although they have a different local name in all the states.


19. Pura

Any sort of grilled or roasted vegetable in the Assamese cuisine is known as Pura. It can refer to a meat or vegetable dish. There are various types of such dishes available in the cuisine which is just as popular as the other dishes. The grilled vegetables have an honest and simple taste and are devoid of complex and unreal flavors.


20. Chutney

There are various types of chutneys that are prepared in the state and are a part of the common household of Assam.