20 Midnight Snacks Every Oria Craves For

20 Midnight Snacks Every Oria Craves For

Remember! We never said these midnight snacks are healthiest. These are the snacks everyone want to have or dream of during midnight studies or work. Having them a bit won’t make you bed-ridden. Feel free to munch them off!

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Midnight Snacks



Broken rice sprinkled on the biri balls are quite famous in Dhenkanal, a city of Odisha. This is a snack that tastes delicious with Ghuguni and we dream of them during midnight work. This midnight snack proves to be the best appetizer in terms of hunger. This is abundantly available in the streets of the city.

Midnight snacks


Chhena Gaja

A sweet treat from Odisha, that can enlighten your mood and can help you from starving at midnight. Contains calorie, but you can ignore that part while you are starving! Chhena Gaja is quite famous sweet and is found mostly in the stores of the highway roads, popularly known as PAHALA.

Midnight snacks



This besan made, potato stuffed snack can add wonders to your midnight hunger. Though having this in the midnight isn’t a good option, but gulping one or two won’t harm you anyway. The taste matters although. The crunchiness of the snack simply adds up to the taste and flavor which makes you crave more for the snack.

Midnight snacks



Ghugni is the typical snack that can match up greatly with your midnight appetite. This is usually consumed with alu chop or bara, but tastes even better when served with some spices and chopped onions. This tastes incredible when served hot along with mudhi. The dish is garnished with various veggies especially, tomatoes and onions.

Midnight snacks



This is one of the famous midnight snacks of Odisha which can add up to your midnight snack. It tastes heavenly. This tastes best when served with aludum. Dahibara is such a dish that can never be ignored and can be munched upon at any time. The garnishing of the snack is done with sev and mixture that adds up the taste and the flavor.

Midnight snacks


Pav Bhaji

My all time favorite Pav Bhaji, the yummiest snack, if taken at midnight must be served a bit light. Do you like less butter and more of vegetables? Rest, a perfect midnight snack. The pinch of lemon and onions crushed and spread over the bhaji simply makes it taste better and better. This is an all time favorite for one and all.

Midnight snacks


Alu Parantha

The paranthas stuffed with spices and potato can never be supplemented with no other midnight snack. This tastes best with some curd or some sour pickle. Simply adds up to the taste .The softness of the paranthas served with a spoon of butter tastes heavenly. This is known as one of the best midnight snacks to eat to remove your late night hunger.

Midnight snacks


Idli Sambhar

Though it is a south Indian dish but it is very much loved in Odisha and is a favorite midnight snack provided you have some in your house. The best thing about Idli is that you can grab and munch them without counting in numbers and can enjoy them as well.

Midnight snacks


Masala Mudhi

Mudhi is a darling of Odias. Preparing a mixture of Mudhi with various spices like mixture, chutney, chopped onions can simply make the taste better and better. This is found in every streets of the city and is reasonably affordable to all Odias. This is a perfect snack for any occasion.

Midnight snacks


Boiled Channa Chaat

Chanas are boiled and served with some condiments that can be added to your midnight list snacks. This is meant to be one of the healthiest snacks and can be consumed at any time. It helps in digestion. The snack is garnished with tomatoes, lemon, chilies etc. This is very simple to prepare even.

Midnight snacks


Bread And Butter

The all-time favourite bread with some butter can be the easiest way to help you out from hunger  n the midnight. Some slices of bread, a spoon of butter and a knife is more than enough to save you from the midnight starvation.

Midnight snacks


Chhuda Bhaja Mixture

Chhuda is the main ingredient of Poha which is fried and eaten with mixture and can help you out with your midnight hunger. This is a very light snack therefore can be consumed at any time. This can be an evening snack as well as the midnight snack.

Midnight snacks


Chhuda Santula

The Odia name of Poha is Chhuda Santula. A best midnight snack for all ages. This is quite healthy too. Poha is usually taken as a breakfast but it can be added up to the midnight snack as well. This tastes heavenly when garnished with green peas, onions and lemon chutney.

Midnight snacks



A very known and familiar dish that we usually add to our breakfast meals, but a midnight snack won’t be a bad option either. This dish is made out of Suji which is considered as a healthy snack. This snack is garnished with long chilies and can be added with some dry fruits even.

Midnight snacks


Sev Ganthia

Looking for the best midnight snacks then Sev Ganthia can be one of your choice.It is prepared with besan and then fried. This can be served with pudina chutney and tastes awesome. Sev ganthia is exclusively famous in Odisha. This snack is usually mixed up to improve the taste of the mixture but even tastes incredible when consumed along with some chutney

Midnight snacks



Pithas, which is famous in Odisha can be your best partner during midnight. This tastes better at midnight when taken out cold from the fridge. Add’s up to your midnight hunger. As an Odia knows, Pithas are very famous in Odisha, hence it is included as the midnight snack.

Midnight snacks


Buddha Chakuli

This is almost same as Dosa,  the only difference is that it is more thickened and served with chutney. It is a best midnight hunger partner. This tastes better when served with some chutney or pickle. A must try for every guest of Odisha. The thick part of this snack adds up to the flavor.

Midnight snacks


Magaja Ladoo

This is added to the Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath. This is made out of wheat, ghee and sugar. Magaja Ladoo tastes delicious. Hungry at midnight? Grab one!

Midnight snacks


Nadia Laddoo

Yet another laddu prepared with coconut and sugar, can be added up to your midnight snack list. Well, nothing is more appetizing than a sweet midnight snack. This is even prepared in some festive occasions of Odisha.

Midnight snacks


Bread Upma

A special snack similar to upma, but is prepared with scrumbled bread. A yummy treat at midnight! Scrumbled breads enhance the taste. The garnishing of the snack is done with some coriander leaves and tamarind chutney.One of the great midnight snacks to have to make your stomach happy.

Midnight snacks