20 Best Australian Appetizers

20 Best Australian Appetizers

Australian cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultures and landscapes of the country. It is renowned for its fresh and flavourful dishes that combine traditional ingredients with contemporary flavors. Popular dishes include kangaroo, sausages, and BBQs. Seafood is a popular dish due to its coastal location and can be found in kangaroo meat pie, vegemite, and a range of bush fruits. Australian food is an expression of the people, history, and environment and is constantly changing. Let’s take a look at some of the best Australian appetizers that you’re going to love.

1.Cheesy Pizza Puffs

These cheesy pizza puffs are like regular pizza but airy and golden. They’re made from a yummy batter that’s full of creamy tomato sauce and herbs and then topped with melted cheese. They mix mozzarella, sharp cheddar, and maybe even some parmesan cheese. It’s like a cheesy symphony. Plus, they’re super crispy and delicious, so you can enjoy them while out and about.


2.Kangaroo Skewers

This Australian Kangaroo Skewer is an ideal way to showcase the native flavours of Australia. The meat is marinated in a unique blend of herbs and spices to give it a juicy, gamey taste. It’s then grilled to perfection for a smoky flavor. It’s a bold and tasty alternative to the usual kangaroo options and a great way to honor Australia’s unique wildlife.


3.Chicken Parmigiano-Reggiano

Chicken Parmigiana-Reggiano is a classic dish often served as a side dish at parties or as a snack. The chicken is tender and cut into bite-size pieces. It is then dipped in a creamy sauce such as marinara sauce or mozzarella and baked until golden brown on the outside and bubbly on the inside. The breading is crunchy and delicious.


4.Salmon Tartare

This dish is a simple and delicious appetizer made from fresh, cut Tasmanian salmon. It has a lightly spiced flavor with fresh herbs and capers, plus a hint of lemon. It’s served chilled so you can enjoy the creamy texture of the salmon and its rich flavor. This tartare is an excellent accompaniment to crackers or crostini and is light and elegant.


5.Noodle Muffin

Noodle muffins are a delicious and versatile dish that’s easy to make. They’re made by mixing different ingredients, like boiled noodles, egg, veggies, and seasonings, and then baking them in a muffin-sized portion. It’s the perfect mix of comfort and flavor, and it’s sure to be a hit with everyone.


6.Dagwood Dogs

Dagwood dogs are also known as corn dogs. Sausages on sticks are cooked in a batter of cornmeal and fried to a golden brown. The crunchy coating gives them a unique flavor that contrasts nicely with the rich, flavorful sausage. They’re often served with ketchup on the side and may be topped with a dollop of mayonnaise.


7.Kangaroo Carpaccio

This dish is a must-try if you’re looking to experience what Australian cuisine has to offer. Kangaroo carpaccio is a starter, and it’s easy to see why. The meat is sliced thin, showing off its vibrant color and wild taste. It’s then topped with olive oil, lemon juice, and delicious seasonings.


8.Chicken And Mushroom Vol Au Vents

For your next dinner party or event, wow your guests with these juicy chicken and mushroom puff pastry bites. The chicken is succulent and tender, while the mushroom is earthy and flavorful, often served in a velvety, creamy white sauce. Flaky in texture and rich in flavor, puff pastry bites are a crowd-pleaser.


9.Asian Chicken Meatballs

Chicken meatballs are ground chicken mixed with Asian seasonings such as ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. The meatballs are then rolled into bite-sized balls. They can be fried or baked to a golden brown. These meatballs are usually served with hoisin or chili sauce. They have a sweet and spicy flavor.


10.Cheese And Bacon Puffs

Cheese and bacon puffs are a delicious treat full of flavor. They’re made with puff pastry that’s light and fluffy. The cheese is melted, and the bacon bits are salty. They’re baked until golden brown and crunchy. They have a flaky outside and a smoky, melty inside. Perfect for a snack or an appetizer, these puffs will surely wow everyone at any party.


11.Garlic Kyiv Balls

If you’re looking for a twist on a classic dish, garlic kyiv balls are the way to go. These small, bite-sized balls are loaded with tender chicken and creamy garlic butter. They’re fried until golden and crunchy, and with every bite, you get a burst of rich garlic butter and a great flavor combo.


12.Chiko-Style Rolls

Chiko rolls are one of Australia’s go-to comfort food dishes. They’re filled with seasoned meat like chicken or beef, plus veggies like cabbage or carrots, all wrapped up in puff pastry and deep-fried to perfection. These chikos are crispy, golden, and packed with flavor, making them ideal for a quick lunch or snack.


13.Oysters Kilpatrick

If you’re a seafood lover, then you’ve got to try Kilpatrick’s Oysters. They’re made with fresh oysters grated to the top, so they’re crunchy and packed with flavor. Then, they’re drizzled over with a spicy Worcester sauce, bacon, and a smoky BBQ sauce. The result is a delicious combination of salt, umami, and smokey flavors.


14.Super-Crispy Potato Bites

Super-Crispy Potato Bites are crunchy and yummy. They’re made by slicing potatoes into thin slices and then frying them until they’re crispy and tender on the inside. You can dip them in ketchup or aioli sauce to make them even more delicious. Perfect for snacks, side dishes, or side dishes at parties, these are the ideal way to turn your favorite potatoes into something new.


15.Cabanossi Rolls

Sausage rolls (also known as cabanossi rolls) are a type of pastry wrapped in a thin layer of dough, typically a puff pastry or crescent pastry. They are baked until golden brown. Cabanossi rolls are filled with a rich, meaty flavor that pairs perfectly with flaky, buttery pastry. They are a great appetizer or snack.



Pizza pockets, or piroshki in Russian, are a favorite snack in Russia. They’re filled with savory stuff like meat, potatoes, cheese, cabbage, and more. You can bake them until they’re golden brown and they have a nice balance of tender and filling. Piroshki has become a popular street food and snack worldwide, and it’s a great grab-and-go snack that you can enjoy any time of the day.


17.Bacon, Mushroom, And Cheese Bread Bake

Bacon, Mushroom, and Cheese Bread Bake is a yummy casserole full of flavor. It’s made with bread slices covered in bacon, mushrooms and melted cheese. It’s the perfect brunch or comfort food because of all the smokey bacon, the earthy mushrooms, and the creamy cheese.


18.Choc-Top Freckle Cookies

Choc-Top Freckle Cookies are the perfect blend of sweetness and crunchiness. They’re made by combining a classic cookie dough recipe with chocolate chips that have been colored. When baked, the chips melt into the cookie, giving it a beautiful, bright pattern. It’s the perfect blend of chewy, crunchy cookie dough and colorful, crunchy chocolate chips.


19.Smoked Salmon And Mango Blinis

Smoked salmon and mango blinis are the perfect combination of flavors. These pancakes, orblinis, are packed with delicious smoked salmon and crunchy mango slices. The salmon is rich and smokey, and the mango slices are tangy and sweet, making them a great appetizer or brunch treat that’s both tasty and satisfying.


20.Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin scones are a great way to add a bit of fall fun to your tea, breakfast, or any other occasion. The pumpkin puree is baked in the oven to impart a sweet, moist flavor profile to the dough. The inside of the scone is soft and golden, and it’s best when served warm, covered in butter or jam.