Top 20 Authentic Dishes In Telangana

Top 20 Authentic Dishes In Telangana

Southern India is home to the state of Telangana. The state is renowned for its rich historical significance, extensive cultural assets, and fast-growing urban areas. The area has its distinctive traditions for art, music, dancing, and cuisine. It serves as a center for commerce and technology. Telangana’s history has been marked by attempts to forge a distinctive identity while resolving governance and development problems. Here are the top 20 Authentic Dishes in Telangana :

1.Hyderabadi Biryani

It is a tasty dish with flavorful basmati rice, meat (usually chicken or mutton), and a fragrant spice mixture. The dish is renowned for its distinctive cooking technique, which entails packing rice and pork into a pot, covering it with dough, and then slowly cooking it to perfection. It usually comes with a raita.


2.Gongura Pachadi

A well-known sour chutney from gongura leaves is called gongura pachadi, often known as brown leaves. This chutney has won praise for its distinctive flavor, lovely color, and health advantages, which include antioxidants and benefits for the digestive system. Any meal is enhanced and given a tangy, spicy touch by it. Many people enjoy sprinkling ghee or clarified butter on top of their pachadi.


3.Podi Sadham

Cooked rice and a spicy lentil powder are combined in Podi Sadham, a straightforward and aromatic rice dish, to create a tasty and wholesome dinner. This recipe is well-liked by those looking for a quick and satisfying dinner. It can be eaten independently, with pickles, yogurt, or any other side dish of vegetables. Some variations call for adding grated coconut or sesame seeds to the lentil powder for more flavor and texture.



For holidays and special occasions like Makar Sankranti, a traditional deep-fried snack known as Sakinalu is prepared and eaten as a teatime treat. Sakinalu is made with rice flour and has sesame and ajwain added, giving them a unique flavor and crunch. Some recipes could combine rice flour with chickpea flour to achieve a unique texture.


5.Kodi Kura

Chicken curry, or Kodi Kura, is a savory and fragrant chicken dish. This dish stands out for its flavorful spice mixture, tender chicken bits, and sauce that frequently combines spicy, acidic, and savory flavors. With steaming rice or Indian flatbread like roti or naan, it is often consumed hot.


6.Sarva Pindi

The savory and crispy snack known as Sarva Pindi is made from rice flour, grated coconut, onions, green chilies, ginger paste, and spices. It is frequently consumed for breakfast or as a snack during tea time. The shaping and cooking process improve the pancake’s uniqueness and satisfaction of preparation and consumption. It is frequently served with chutney. Other variants include adding crushed peanuts or roasted chana dal for extra flavor and crunch.


7.Mirchi Bajji

Green chilies covered in a seasoned gram flour batter and deep-fried to perfection make up the popular dish known as Mirchi Bajji. It’s a delicious treat that may be enjoyed as a side dish with meals or as a teatime snack. In Mirchi Bajji, which is renowned for its contrasting tastes and textures, the mild heat of the chilies is complemented by the crispy outer layer of the batter. It is frequently served with tamarind or mint chutney.



Tamarind rice, also known as pulihora, is a rice meal that is typically prepared for celebrations, special occasions, or as a gift for a temple. Tamarind paste and a spice mixture employed in its production give Pulihora its distinctive flavor. It is typically served with papad, yogurt, and a side of fried or roasted veggies.


9.Tirupati Laddu

The well-known sweet treat Tirupati Laddu is very significant to pilgrims who go to the Sri Venkateswara Temple. There have been laddus offered as prasad in temples for hundreds of years. Gram flour, sugar, cashews, raisins, ghee, and cardamom are the ingredients. The laddu stands out from other desserts due to its flavor and soft, slightly grainy texture.


10.Boti Kabab

A grilled or skewered pork dish called a boti kebab is offered as an appetizer. A boneless piece of meat is called “boti” when it is marinated and then grilled or cooked over an open flame. The marinade is made with yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, spices, and a tiny bit of lemon juice. It is served hot with onion slices, lemon wedges, and mint chutney.


11.Mirchi Ka Salan

A stew of hot, sour, and spicy green chillies is covered with a rich, fragrant peanut and sesame seed gravy known as Mirchi ka Salan. It is typically served as a side dish with biryani or rice meals because of its excellent flavor contrast. Occasionally, boiled and fried vegetables like potatoes or eggplant are added to the curry to make it entirely vegetarian.


12.Jonna Roti

Jowar (sorghum) flour and water are combined to create the Indian flatbread known as a jonna roti. In Telangana, it is regarded as a staple dish. It is well-liked by individuals looking for a more wholesome option to bread made from wheat because it is gluten-free and filling. It pairs well with lentils, chutneys, vegetables, and curries.



Pesarattu is a hearty breakfast dish. It is a type of dosa prepared from rice and green gram that is generally served with chutney or other toppings. Pesarattu is well-known for its crispness and nutritional value, as well as for its unusual green coloring. It’s a great way to enjoy a tasty and satisfying dinner while adding some protein-rich green gram to your diet.


14.Pachi Pulusu

Tamarind soup is also known as Pachi Pulusu (raw rasam). A refreshing dish that is well-liked in the sweltering heat is called pachi pulusu. It is known for having cooling and flavorful properties and is made with just natural ingredients. Tamarind, onion, coriander, and chillies make up the majority of its components. Add more seasonal vegetables to the soup to enhance its flavor and texture.


15.Gutti Vankaya Curry

Gutti vankaya curry, also known as packed eggplant curry, is a savory dish made with small eggplants (brinjals) that have been fragrantly stuffed with herbs, spices, peanuts, and other ingredients. It is often eaten with rice or Indian bread. Roasted cashews can be pureed and used as a stuffing ingredient to create a more prosperous and creamier version.



Garijalu, a well-known Indian confection, is usually made for holidays and other occasions. Garijalu, a type of deep-fried pastry, is filled with sweet mixtures made of grated coconut, jaggery, and occasionally nuts and spices. They are renowned for their crispy exterior and mouth-watering filling flavor combination. You can change the filling by adding grated khoya and a dash of nutmeg or saffron.



A popular Indian snack called chakodi, often called chakri or murukku, is categorized as “savory fried twists” or “spiral crisps”. It’s a delightful snack that’s well-liked during festivals, special events, and as a treat at tea time. Making chakodi involves shaping the dough into spiral or coil shapes and deep-frying it until golden brown and crispy. In addition to the traditional spiral shape, the dough can also be formed into knots, rings, or even braids.


18.Kobari Annam

Kobari Annam is another name for coconut rice. Cooked rice is combined with a tempering of grated coconut, chillies, urad dal, chana dal, and mustard seeds in this easy-to-make dish, which is then garnished with cashew nuts, dried red chilies, and fresh cilantro leaves. The way Kobari Annam uses coconut in South Indian cooking is exquisite.



Polelu is a festive sweet. They are sweet flatbreads filled with a delectable concoction of spices, including cardamom powder, grated coconut, jaggery, and chana dal. Following the creation of the dough from rice flour, the filling is placed in the center and sealed. The crushed dough ball is then formed into a thin flatbread and deep-fried. They are often served with a dollop of ghee or milk for extra richness.


20.Golichina Mamsam

Golichina Mamsam is another name for fried meat. Before being fried or sauteed till cooked and fragrant, tender chunks of meat, frequently goat or lamb, are marinated with ginger garlic paste and a combination of spices and herbs. With rice or Indian bread, it tastes great. Yogurt, which helps tenderize the meat and imparts a sour flavor, is sometimes used in the marinade in some dish varieties.