20 Best Cafe In Sector 29, Gurgaon

20 Best Cafe In Sector 29 Gurgaon
20 Best Cafe In Sector 29 Gurgaon

 Gurgaon is that the city complete with drool-worthy meals and sit back region to dangle out, during which Any pleasant day you will be taking walks streets and aisles trying the standard meals with within town and currently not positive during which to travel to and what to eat? The considerations surrender here! We’ve got finished the first foundation and transfer to you an in-depth manual of the twenty best restaurants in Sector twenty-nine Gurgaon. While not extra rumpus, choose your metric that quality suits your flavor and budget.

1.Magadh & Awadh

Magadh & Awadh serves the most primitive, bright and rapid cuisines of Asian nation – the meals of UP and state. Their actual arrangements’ selection from most known dishes, in conjunction with Litthi Chokha, to the larger ancient offerings, with inside the likes of Rasia and Bhuna Maas. It’s one of the most wanted and nice uptake places in Sector twenty-nine Gurgaon.

Must-haves: Litti Chat Masaledar, Murga Awadhi, Paneer Masala, feeder Litti Platter
Location: SCO 396, close to IFFCO Chowk railroad line Station, Sector 29
Cost for two: federal agency 1000*.



Roots — Café In The Park

Gravel at your toes, a surprising set of timber amongst brick tables and benches, followed via means of suggests that of a wood fence to form Roots. A romantic doors’ area, with adequate space for an enormous lunch cluster, makes Roots a favorite on our list of first-rate uptake places in quarter twenty-nine Gurgaon.

Must-haves: French Press occasional, urban center Egg Bhurji on toast and Poha
Location: Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Leisure, Sector 29
Cost for two: federal agency 850.

roots cafe

3.Warehouse Café

Warehouse restaurant is AN passing rated and well-recommended resort area for foodies and celebration animals, it is a hub of wonderful homemade beers, well-mixed cocktails and delicious foods. Because the decision suggests, Warehouse restaurant is made within the form of a Warehouse with a very dungeon-like atmosphere, creating your night-out all the additional extraordinary. This can be one amongst the hit locations of the assorted humans of the Gurgaon and also the pleasant uptake places in Sector twenty-nine Gurgaon.

Must-haves: Chicken Malai Tikka, Pepper Chicken, Chicken Tikka dish, Wheat Beer
Location: Plot 11-12 First Floor, Sector 29
Cost for two: federal agency 1650.

warehouse cafe

4.Molecule Air Bar

Molecule Air Bar may be a fantastic neighborhood and is one amongst the superb uptake places in Sector twenty-nine. It offers heavenly meals and notable in-residence freshly brewed beers. You’ll be able to enjoy AN lovable romantic dinner out right here sitting on its top side, indulge within the lip-smacking meals, the vibration within the beautiful decoration and the soothing atmosphere.

Must-haves: habit-forming Nachos, Samosa 2.0, Honey Chilly Potato
Location: SCO fifty-three, Top Floor, Sector 29
Cost for two: federal agency 1650.



All the food alcoholic merely analyze the style of Cervesia. They serve nearly all, whether it’s your non-sticky noodles to well-cooked chicken. The enchantment lies in their liquids as they serve the satisfactory beverage in Gurgaon. So, just in case you wish to own a superb get pleasure from, spot yourself in Cervesia.

Must-haves: Bruschetta, Mocktails, Butter Chicken Slider, Cocktails, Khao Suey
Location: SCO twenty-two, Sector 29
Cost for two: federal agency 1500.



Downtown — Dinners And Living Beer Café

Downtown — Dinners and living accommodations’ beverage restaurant could be a microbrewery-cum-pub, that is noted for sparkling beers every Dark and Wheat, a vigorous atmosphere and appropriate music. One will enjoy varied meals alternatives every in nice and amounts right here, which has the Potato Nuggets, Fish sticks, and special Vegetable Bruschetta. This neck of the woods could be a real price for cash. They need a sitting region to unfold over flooring and currently have recreation consoles. You’ll genuinely return right here further than once.

Must-haves: Mud pie province Spicy Chicken, Cosmopolitan cocktail
Location: thirty-four, Leisure depression Road, close to Crown Plaza, Sector 29
Cost for two: INR 2150.



Big Boyz Lounge

An impressive celebration residence with a fascinating surrounding that gives you get admission to at least one of the exceptional terraces and bars in the city, this location provides you pleasant culinary art to tickle your flavor buds aboard vibrant tunes to groove on. It offers you a high-quality enjoyment below the celebrities with broad luxurious terrace seating. The room serves lip-smacking cuisines from everywhere the international, and also the progressive cocktails are positive to slosh you out. It in addition takes the delight to deliver some extraordinary activities to Gurgaon, which makes it an excellent celebration resort area for you.

Must-haves: pasta Arrabiata, The Veg shish kebab Platter, Chilli Paneer Dry, Alfredo alimentary paste
Location: Floor 4-5, Plot 13-15, Sector 29
Cost for two: INR 1800.

big boyz

8.Philtre— The Bistro

Philtre, which means ‘a love potion’ has emerged as further of a brand decision currently and is not invariably merely any standard bar. The neck of the woods is unpleased throughout the flooring, with one being their splendid terrace. The partitions inner are painted with ingenious design with bulbs shining via the roof and embellished with vines. They need a properly ready and properly lit bar, and also the interiors are rustic.

Must-haves: Lamb Chops, Mutton Curry, Pav Bhaji Burger, Craft Beer
Location: SCO forty, first Floor & Terrace, Sector 29
Cost for two: INR 1450.



Mamagoto, a noted Mamagoto restaurant for its precise Pan-Asian, this neck of the woods is true for people UN agency love tasting the exceptional style of Asian Cuisines. An eclectic neck of the woods with partitions embellished with Asian ninjas, yellow stripy tigers, sea blue, imperial yellows, refulgent reds and celadon greens. The happy-go-fortunate vibration of the neck of the woods is mixed with the savory Pan-Asian cuisines they provide. Everything from Thai to Japanese to Chinese, you’ll not be discomfited. Though this neck of the woods has flagships throughout Delhi, this one right here at quarter twenty-nine deserves a go.

Must-haves: Chicken Dim sums, Chicken Satay, Black Pepper Prawns, Chicken Red Thai
Location: SCO fifty-six, city Centre, Sector 29
Cost for two: INR 1650.


10.21 Gun Salute

Proudly suits into the category of the wonderful ingestion places in Sector twenty-nine Gurgaon, twenty-one Gun Salute guarantees a variety of the most delectable meals within the city. Harking came back to the days of the rule, this lavish passé ingestion spot serves some actual Indian and Nepali dishes. Vintage motors within the restaurant are pretty conspicuous. It’s spacious, ideal for a giant own circle of relatives get-togethers, noted for its actual Mughal culinary art.

Must-haves: Noor-E-Murg, tender Honey Chicken, and Murg Ke Qaafil shish kebab
Location: first Floor, SCO thirty-five & thirty-six, Sector 29
Cost for two: INR 2050.


11.Punjabi By Nature

Punjabi naturally, meals chain recognized for its correct North Indian delicacies, to boot functions as a fully-stocked bar additionally to house-brewed beers. The flavor in their meals objects is finger-licking sensible, and to pinnacle it all, the opening has spectacular decoration, comfortable seating and an ideal atmosphere.

Must-haves: Butter Chicken, Paneer Tikki, Mutton Curry, Seekh dish, Murgh Makhani
Location: Sushant Lok phase I clinical trial, Sector 29
Cost for two: agency 600.



Ministry Of Beer

Ministry of beer, currently not, in any way, associated with the govt., could be a ministry that every booze-fanatics cherishes. With mesmeric, fabulously embellished and well-provided premises. A much-hyped and one in every of the exceptional feeding places in Sector twenty-nine Gurgaon.

Must-haves: Palak Patta Chaat, Butter Chicken, and sangaree
Location: Vatika Grand, close to Leisure depression, Sector 29
Cost for two: agency 1500.


13.Feel Alive

FEEL ALIVE could be a mollusc and lounge positioned at fifty-three, 2d Floor, Main Market of region twenty-nine. The non-public feeding neighborhood could be a brought gain to dine right here along in conjunction with your friends. The song performed via approach means that the DJ can cause you to dance on the flooring. Singing nights are pretty well-known at this place. Feel Alive is properly priced and provides an in-depth type of.

Must-haves: jalapeño Chicken Burger, Curry Udon, Nihari, sour, Manhattan, bullfighters
Location: SCO fifty-three, second Floor Sector twenty-nine close to Leisure depression Park Gurgaon
Cost for two: agency 2000.

feel alive


Walking Street

Walking Street, in Sector twenty-nine, Gurgaon, could be a restaurant with funky interiors and a fab terrace having Mario themed walls. It’s Associate in the Nursing acceptable region for a time-out or reunion with buddies. Walking Street could be a nice country to take a seat back and unwind with buddies over sensible food.

Must-haves: Cheese chilli pepper Seek dish, Butter Chicken Sausages, Clay kitchen appliance Non-Veg Platter, Hyderabadi Haleem, Amritsari Butter Choza, Tamarind Prawn, Brewed Mojito, Gin Mule, Chocolate cocktail
Location: SCO twenty, Sector 29, Leisure depression Road Sector twenty-nine close to geographical area full-service bank Gurgaon 122002
Cost for two: agency 2200.

walking strret


The Whisky Bar And Brew Up

When it comes right down to choosing a part for each that informal hanging out or for the one’s wild parties, luscious meals and therefore the most going down region in the city. The hard liquor Bar is one of every one of the great restorers within the town. The region contains a splendid atmosphere and provides. The meals’ menu serves an Associate in Nursing array of finger meals things. The DJ nights hosted there makes anybody groove at the flooring.

Must-haves: Italian Arichini, Twbb Wafel Sandwich, BC Burger, Chicken Pepper Stick, state Mushrooms, chilli pepper Cheese Sliders, The Veg dish Platters, Non-Veg dish Platters, Classic Chicken Tikka, Fondue & Peri Peri Greens
Location: SCO fifty-three, third Floor Sector twenty-nine close to Kingdom Of Dreams Gurgaon 122018
Cost for two: agency 2500.

brew up

16.Decode Air Bar 

Decode Underground has beautiful & spacious outside seating. The living room has an ideal atmosphere to loosen up and kickback. The menu has quite a few cuisines like North Indian, Fusion and Oriental to pick out from beside the scrumptious finger food. The workforce is exceptional and courteous. Decode Underground is positioned at Sector 29, Gurgaon.

Must-haves: Cottage Cheese Roland, Idly my way, Mutton Rogan puff, Sous vide cooked chicken makhani, Lamb shank Laal mass, Chicken in black sauce with fried rice/Hakka noodle, Underground Sour, Unknown Affair, Porn Daiquiri, Perfect Sunset
Location: SCO 39, 1st Floor Sector 29 Near Kingdom Of Dreams Gurgaon 122022
Cost for two: INR 2200.


17.Gravity Spacebar

An enthusiastic bunch of astronomers, area cadets and cooks got here collectively and determined to offer the sector an out-of-the-international enjoy – Literally! At Gravity, now no longer handiest do you get lip-smacking Tapas Food and liquids at an Infinity Bar, you come upon something outdoor of the normal. The flooring is known as Gravity and Anti-Gravity, and you may enjoy both or both. Not the handiest will your belly be content, your eyes are in for a visible deal with levitating objects. Located in Sector 29, Gurgaon, Gravity truly guarantees to tantalize your taste buds and provide you with an unforgettable enjoyment.

Must-haves: Happy Hours, Lounge, Dine out Pay, Nightlife, Bar, Food Fest, Gurgaon Operational, Rakhi Special
Location: 6-7, 4th & 5th Floor Sector 29 Near Kingdom Of Dreams Gurgaon 122007
Cost for two: INR 2000.


18.Lost Lemons

The region serves several North Indians, Finger Food and Italian dishes at the side of an array of beverages and spirits to pick out from. It has an outstanding atmosphere with a cutting-edge and snugs seating area. The extra function is the Live tune performances hosted there which makes every person groove at the dance floor. Lost lemons give 4a cheap menu which makes the general enjoy worthwhile.

Must-haves: Hanging Garden, Palak Patta Mille Fieulle, Bhel Puri Bar, Chicken Kulfi
Location: SCO 27 and 28 Sector 29 Near Punjab National Bank Gurgaon 122009
Cost for two: INR 1700.

lost lemons



Local, located inside the Gurgaon tremendous splendor for all celebration fanatics is a Casual Dining and Bar. It is the epitome of sophistication and elegance, with interiors embellished with the aid of using

the artwork of monuments in Delhi, the gap is simply beautiful. Serving a number of the high-quality North Indian and Continental dishes from its less costly menu, Local makes it a profitable go-to for one and all. The extraordinary bar menu additionally gives an array of liquids and excellent spirits to pick out from. Be it entering into the celebration quarter or spending a few correct times together along with your buddies or unwinding together along with your colleagues, Local is wherein you could head to for a few unadulterated happiness!

Must-haves: Chicken Tikka Masala, Beling Delight, Chicken Coriander, Grilled Cottage, Spicy Bean Curd in Black Bean Sauce
Location: SCO 26, First Floor, Main Market Sector 29 Near Sector 29 Parking Gurgaon 122009
Cost for two: INR 1800.



The front room has a perfect atmosphere to loosen up and kick back. The menu has loads of cuisines like North Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese and Mexican to pick from further to the scrumptious finger food. The personnel is quality and courteous. Duty-Free | Vāyu is positioned at Sector 29, Gurgaon

Must-haves: Dal Gosht Khau Suey, Asian Noodle Salad, Dimsum, Chicken Frito Pie
Location: SCO-32, 1st & 2nd Floor Sector 29 the Near Kingdom Of Dreams Gurgaon 122002
Cost for two: INR 1500.