20 Best Mughlai Restaurants In Salt Lake, Kolkata

20 Best Mughlai Restaurants In Salt Lake Kolkata
20 Best Mughlai Restaurants In Salt Lake Kolkata

Mughlai Cuisine is worldwide famous for its richness, fineness and extremely exquisite aroma. It is known to be the Cuisine of the Royals. Biryani, kebabs, tandoori and a lot more fall under the exquisite Mughlai Cuisine. The delicacies are so delectable that no one can certainly avoid a plate of the food. Mughlai cuisine also includes Afghani, Persian, Oudhi, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tasteful wonders.

Kolkata is known for its friendly atmosphere, exciting and busy life, love for food and sweets. There’s a lot to explore in this beautiful city of West Bengal. Mughlai Cuisine is widely loved and enjoyed in Kolkata. Here is a list of the 20 Best Mughlai Restaurants in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

1.Oudh 1590 Salt lake

Giving you a true Nawabi experience with their Awadhi ambience, Oudh 1590 is one of the best places that serve authentic Mughlai food. The restaurant aims at giving you a fine period-dining experience of the Oudh Cuisine, served at your plates. The restaurant tops the list of the favourite Mughlai serving places among a lot of celebrities and locals. Within the magnanimous palace themed restaurant, you can enjoy several mouth-watering and luscious galauti kebabs, biryanis, chicken and mutton delicacies, from the rich Oudh Cuisine.

Location- Plot No, 86, 2nd Avenue, CD Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, WB111111


Kareem’s is a huge and spacious restaurant, combining two floors of a building in Salt Lake. The restaurant serves authentic Mughlai and North Indian cuisine, but are widely loved for their mutton and chicken dishes that are authentically made from the Mughlai recipes. The restaurant maintains a very high standard of safety and hygienic protocols very in the food is prepared with that most cleanliness and careful stop the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Location- Tower – I, GP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal2


‘Kaafila’ means a group of Wanderers who travel from one place to another. Historically these wanderers travel from one place to another in search of a living and income. They sold their handmade dishes for a livelihood as well. The taste of these dishes was so distinct and delicious, they got defined as a cuisine- NORTH WEST FRONTIER CUISINE. This restaurant specialises is in scrumptious Mughlai, Afghan and NWF cuisine. They serve Shorbas, Rice, Pulao, Biryanis, Meat and Chicken dishes, all authentically made.

Location- DC Block, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal34.

Haji Biryani

Haji Biryani is not a very huge or humongous established restaurant place to dine- in, but they undoubtedly sell the best tasting authentic biryanis in the locality. They offer a large variety of biryani, tandoor and kebabs that will urge you to come back every time whenever you feel like having a delicious and filling meal. It is one of the favourite spots of the locals as well as people from far away also come to have a plate of deliciousness from them, they are so popular.

Location- Salt Lake Bypass, Milan Nagar, Sector IV, Bidhannagar, Kolkata4


Guchhi, A signature restaurant of the Hyatt Residency Kolkata, offers you a fine dining experience of Mughlai, North Indian and various other cuisines. The restaurant’s attractiveness is that they offer an open kitchen which helps the customers to interact with the chefs and have a nice time dining and watching the deliciousness being prepared in front of them. The ambiance of the restaurant is quite fancy and classy, which allows you to have a very adequate meal with your family or friends. The quality of the food, staff service, sanitation and chef’s special dishes are par excellence.

Location- JA Block, Sector-III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal5

6.Biryani By Kilo

They are a food chain offering 22+ outlets all over India. They are loved widely due to the authentic taste and aroma of their biryani recipes. They prepare their biryani separately for every order in different handis. The presentation and the packaging of their food is quite innovative, they serve it in mud handis to retain the original rustic flavour. The price range is quite pocket-friendly but affect neither the quantity nor the quality of the dum cooked biriyani.

Location- Ground Floor, DN Block, Sector 5, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal6

7.Shahi Khansama

Infused with Chinese and continental flavours, and maintaining the authentic taste of biryani at the same time, Shahi Khansama presents to you culinary excellence and a fine dining escapade. They offer an appetite filling quantity at a price that won’t overburden your pockets. They prepare their meat over slow heat to maintain its original texture and juices. Do also try the kebabs here.

Location- Sector 1, EC-45, near City Centre- 1, EC Block, Bidhannagar, Kolkata7


Galouti is definitely going to be a taste ride for all the food lovers in the locality. Galouti the best place for galouti, kebabs, dum biryani, kathi biryani and mughali rolls. The meat in all of their preparations is soft and tender which adds up to the delight of the dishes. Their shami kebabs and shami rolls are something to die for. They serve all of the dishes with special raitas and chutneys which add up to the taste of the main dishes.

Location- City Centre 1, DC Block, Saltlake, Kolkata, West Bengal8

9.Kaviar Restaurant

Kaviarr restaurant offers you a very decent and peaceful dining experience with them. The interiors of the place are very beautifully decorated and classy. Haringhata Meat is the most famous dish on the restaurant’s menu. The staff has a great sense of hospitality and are quite warm. You shall love the variety of Mughlai dishes they offer and their distinct flavours and aroma.

Location- LB Block, Sector 3, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal9


The most famous and loved place for Tandoor, Biryani or Mughlai and Chinese cuisine, Zaareen is a tough competition for all big brands in Kolkata. The finger-licking flavours, aroma, and authenticity of recipes are all provided at a very convenient price. One of their specials is the Sultani Bhuna Gosht, a spicy meat dish with a variety of flavours infused. The mutton biryani and chicken lababdar are also local favourites.100

11.Jungle Safari

Their mission is to make your experience a memorable one. Serving authentic cuisines from the corners of the world, preparing them cleanly and authentically, presenting the dishes in the most appealing way, to making you feel comfortable with the services, Jungle Safari solely aims to prioritize customer satisfaction. They are a Jungle themed restaurant, specializing in Mughali authentic delicacies and a lot other cuisines. On your visit to this place, you will also get your phone gallery filled with new pictures in the interior, along with the food.

Location- MANI SQUARE MALL, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Maniktala Main Road, Kolkata, West Bengal11

12.Chhota Ellaichi

Trust Chhota Ellaichi to serve with you a tasty, appetizing meal, at a very decent price. They aren’t a very humongous place. They offer a small, cozy place where you can enjoy a leisure dinner with friends or family at peace. They offer an extended menu of Mughlai and Chinese.

Location- 59 North, Girish Park, Vivekananda Road, Manicktala, Kolkata12


The best biryani serving restaurant in the locality, Arsalan is quite famous among the local public. They cook the biryani over a slow flame, adding authentic spice like saffron, mirchi, biryani masala, khare masale and others, eggs and potatoes, and most importantly, the meat they use in the dishes are fresh. It reflects from the tender texture and juiciness of the meat. In a single plate of biryani they offer a filling quantity of flavoured rice, potatoes, two eggs and a big piece of your choice of meat. Enjoy this delicious meal with a chilled bottle of your favourite soft drink, and the taste will stick your taste buds forever.

Location- MB230 Mahish Bathan, Sector 5, Saltlt Lake City, Kolkata13


‘Kabuliwala’ is the protagonist of the very famous story “Kabuliwala” by Rabindranath Tagore. The protagonist was an elderly man from Afghanistan.  Standing true to its name, Kabuliwala Restaurant, Salt Lake offers you the best Afghani and Mughlai cuisine in all over Salt Lake. The luscious aroma of their dishes spreads far in the air around, and lures people to try their delicacies. Mumtaz Tangri and Phirni are their most loved dishes from the menu. They also offer varieties of chutney and raitas as accompaniments with their dishes. Their menu includes Bengali parathas and gravy, handi biryani, dal items, tandoori stuffed parathas, mutton and chicken gravies and a lot more.

Location- near Bidhannagar, Kolkata14

15.Sufi Palace

A delightful and brightly-lit place, delivering delicious Mughlai and various cuisines. The restaurant’s ambience is quite relaxing. You can come here and enjoy your food in peace, in the busy schedule of daily life. The dum biryani and a wondrous range of veg and non-veg gravy are a perfect combination. They also serve freshly made, hot rotis, naans, plain and stuffed kulchas. They also have a delightful menu for the people having a love for sweets. They specially serve Bengali sweets, keeping in mind the taste preferences of the public of Kolkata.15

16.Harry’s Bistro

Harry’s Bistro is famous all over Kolkata for its Mughlai and Desi Chinese fusion dishes. Their interior is very pretty and the food is tempting. Their signature dish is the prawn spring roll. Serving a luscious plate of Mutton Rogan Josh, Chilli Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Bhatti ka Murg, and a lot of other dishes, the restaurant also has a specially designed menu for beverages. Gondhoraj Mojoto is one example of their fusion mojito drink, visit this place to taste all their other amazing dishes and drinks.

Location – AE-329, AE Block- Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkatap30468-150072100659732f6ee090c

17.Orko’ss Restaurant

Orko’ss provides you with a very spacious, fancy, mood-lit and exquisite ambience to enjoy your dining experience. They have an elaborate menu for snacks, appetizers, soups and bread, main course and dessert, along with a separate menu for refreshers. Soothing music is always playing in the background that contributes to your delight. They also offer buffets during lunch and dinner. Their hospitality is very appreciable. They serve the best sizzler dishes in town.

Location- 3rd Floor, Block E, City Centre,  Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal18

18.Behrouz Biryani

Experience the authentic royal taste of biryani and meat at Behrouz. They are already quite a famous food chain, loved widely for their golden-hued rice, aromatic and tender meat and authentic spices combined together and served hot as biryani on your plates. They offer their services online. Their prices may seem a bit on the expensive edge but are definitely worth the quality and quantity. Every penny spent on their lip-smacking biryani is money well-spent.

Location- GN – 26, Sector 5, Bidhannagar, Kolkata18819.

Jabbrr Afghani

Culinary excellence presenting the best Persian, Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines, Jabbrr Afghani is your destination for the beat Mughlai rolls, biryanis and kebabs. Made with the authentic spices, flowers and herbs of Persian culinary history, their dishes are truly a royal experience. They do not mess with the original recipes, letting you devour the real flavours of royalty. However, the infrastructure is not huge and fancy, it’s best for a quick bite and favourable to your pocket.

Location- DC – 22, 2nd Cross Road, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata19


Rahmania is a very old and popular Mughlai food chain in Kolkata, having a number of outlets in different locations. They serve many varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis and kebabs. The place has its own charm and nostalgia due to the number of years it has been in business in the City of Joy. The naan and gravy chicken or mutton is to die for. Hariyali kebabs, shami kebabs and a lot more dishes are the favourites of the public.

Location- 56, Park St, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal200