20 Best College Canteens All Over India

20 Best College Canteens All Over India

1. Jai Hind College, Mumbai.

The most popular college in Mumbai, one of the reasons being food. The Dosas, Sandwiches and  Chaats are lip-smacking. The canteen is clean and hygienic. Dosas are top favourites. The freshly bakes cupcakes from the Cakes and Scoops centre are to die for. The canteen environment is very cool and welcoming.


2. NM College, Mumbai.

This canteen shifted a couple of times, but now it is permanent. The menu has changed over the years, but some dishes were the best, are the best and always will be. Idli, Masala Pav are the hot favourites. The aroma of the food pulls you closer to the canteen. The juices are very fresh and quench your thirst even during high temperatures. The prices are good but the food is worth it.


3. Sophia College, Mumbai.

They have the largest canteen in Mumbai. This canteen was established eons ago. The canteen serves delicious Vada Pav. The Chicken Fried Rice here is scrumptious. But if you passed out from the college, you’re unlucky as they do not allow outsiders.


4. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

The best spot to chill out with friends is the canteen, right? Indeed. Vada Pav, Chai, Biryani, Dosa, Frankie, Bhel, etc. are to the rescue when you’re ravenously hungry. The canteen atmosphere is cool; you can see people strumming their guitars and singing. The sandwiches are finger-licking good!


5. Mithibai College of Science and Arts, Mumbai.

Mithibai does not own a canteen basically but the stalls here are a part of the college. The Dosas here are pretty good. They give large varieties of Dosas and all those are worth a try.

Pav Bhaji and Pizzas are also savoury.  Anand Stall, which is next to the Dosa wala serves the best Vada Pav. The Sandwiches and the Sodas are superb.


6. KC College, Mumbai

This canteen has some really amazing dishes. The most popular thing in the college is nothing else but Masala Pav. The butter-laden Pav is stuffed with the Bhaji and is topped with cheese (if you order cheese Masala Pav) which makes it very irresistible. The Pav Bhaji is also tasty. The canteen is spacious and the service is quick.


7. MMK College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai.

Along with the stalls outside the college, the canteens are too good. The best part is that you don’t have to show your ID cards. Anybody can go and enjoy the food in there. Ravi Chinese and Jai Jawan serve really scrumptious dishes. Egg fried rice at Ravi Chinese and Prawns Rava Fry at Jai Jawan are delectable. The Frankie stall is the latest to be opened and serves yummy Frankies.


8. HR College, Mumbai.

This college canteen is worth a try if you love Chinese food. The Butterfly Cafe at HR serves toothsome Chinese dishes. Raju Chinesewala is the person behind the wonderful taste. From Paneer Chilly to Chinese Bhel, all the dishes are so tempting that you might get confused. Try any Chinese dish and you’ll not be disappointed.


9. Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Out of six canteens, there are two famous canteens which serve the best food. One is Milan Da’s Canteen and the other one is Moni Da’s. Extremely delicious food and easy on your pockets, this is what students need as they are broke almost every time. Dhoper Chop, a snack which consists of bread with lots of stuffing in it is invented by the owner of Milan Da’s. Chicken Pakoda, Noodles, Burgers are some dishes worth trying.


10. University Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

The huge university also has a spacious canteen. The UCMS canteen offers wide varieties of food. The food is good and is available at lower rates. It is a popular chill out spot or adda as we would like to call it.


11. Hans Raj College, Delhi.

This canteen is one of the most famous ones. The area is very large and can accommodate about 150 students at a time. Chocolate Frappe with Grilled Sandwich is the best combo and you should definitely have it. Other dishes are also really tasty. The beverages are also pleasant.


12. Stephen’s Cafe, New Delhi.

The canteen here should be definitely added to the list as the taste here is not less than the others. The mince cutlets here are famous. Kashmiri Omelettes are too good to be missed. Other favourites include Momos and Samosa.


13. Hindu College, New Delhi.

This canteen is famous for its North Indian food. From authentic North Indian food to other street food the canteen serves all these with the best taste. Here you can have sumptuous Rajma Chawal. The food here is very wallet friendly.


14. Kamla Nehru College, Delhi.

The canteen here serves authentic Indian Food. Chhole Bhature and Rajma Chawal are the dishes one must definitely go for. There is a separate stall for Chaats. Chinese Chaat, Cheese Macaroni are some other dishes which are popular. The rates are exceptionally low.


15. Loyola College, Chennai

While most canteens serve varieties in vegetarian food, Loyola provides a wide range in non-vegetarian food too. Chicken Fried Rice is the most-liked dish here. Other than that, Parottas are also delicious.


16. Christ University, Bangalore

The students of this college are the luckiest as they get almost everything in the campus cafeterias or canteens. For people who love non-vegetarian food, there are separate canteens which provide varieties with really good taste. There is a separate canteen for juices. The rates are reasonable.


17. Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

This girls college was set up ages ago. The canteen here is very famous and one of the best.

Chechi’s canteen is a delight for the students. Vegetarians usually opt for Chhole Bhature and Bisebele Bath while the non-vegetarians mostly have Fried Rice and Chilly Chicken. Other stalls like the Momo Hut, Chaat Shop and the Nescafe stall are equally popular.


18. O.P Vaishnav College for Women.

The canteen here is one of the best in the South. The canteen serves only vegetarian food. It is very popular and people have to wait. The Chilli Parotta is highly recommended.


19. Chota Canteen, MICA, Ahmedabad

This canteen is an adda for the students and the staff as well. It is always swarming with students and is always open. The wall in the canteen is decorated by students for nostalgia.


20. IIT Kharagpur

The canteens here are awesome. The highly rated dish is Maggi with cheese, onions and tomatoes which is known as Bhattu Maggi. Cheese Chottai, Macho Rice and Dahi Sandwich are also the top favourites.