20 Best Dosa Places in Chennai

20 Best Dosa Places in Chennai

If you are seeking a southern delight, Dosa comes first. Check out top South Indian places to eat best Dosas in Chennai!

1. Mathsya

Mathsya restaurant has an amazing variety of Dosas. PodiDosa is the most spicy one, for Rs 95. Especially recommended Dosas are Dosai (Dosa) of the day, Mysore Masala Dosa, Peas Masala Dosa, AasaiDosa, RrajaRaja CholanDosai under Rs 115.

Location: Egmore, Chennai


2. Sangeetha Restaurant

Sangeetha restaurant is a pure,South Indian cuisine. The Dosas won’t cost you much; the Dosas are served on specific days only, that means, Ginger Gobi Masala Dosa for (Sundays), Cauliflower Masala Dosa for (Tuesdays) and Maharaja Dosa for (Saturday) only.

Location: Adyar, Chennai


3.Prem’s Graama Bhojanam

Prem’s has just 4-5 options for Dosas to choose. If you are searching for something different which is neither spicy nor sweet, you must try “KonkanMillet NeerDosa”. Its coconut taste will change your perspective for Dosas!

Location: Adyar, Chennai


4.Ratna Cafe

“Ghee Masala Dosa” holds a good number of positive reviews. The essence of ghee is really liked by South Indians. Ratna Cafe sells Dosa for an affordable rate of Rs 50.

Location: Triplicane,  Chennai


5. Krishnavillasam

The Home Of Classics Krishnavillasam is remarkable regarding services and interior. Dosas are starting at Rs 85;Krishnavillasam masala Dosai is the chef’s favourite and has a right taste.

Location:  Adyar, Chennai


6.BR Mathsya

“Rocket Masala Dosa” is a fun food to try! The Rawa which covers the Dosa stuffing is presented in a vertical manner, which makes it eating with fun! The Dosas will cost you around (Rs 70-250).

Location: T. Nagar, Chennai


7. Vasanta Bhavan

The signature Dosas have a well-satisfied variety of Dosas, ranging from mushroom pepper kariDosai, podiDosai, aapam batter Dosai, benne Dosai which will not cost more than (Rs 130).

Location: Nungambakkam, Chennai


8. Shanghai Annaachi

When you are not sure whether to eat just south Indian or look for other great options, Shanghai Annaachi is the right destiny for you in the case! Shanghai Annaachi is splendid with South Indian and Chinese cuisine. KalDosai, Kheema Kari Dosai, Chukka Kari Dosai, Ghee Dosai, Egg Dosai won’t disappoint you! ( under Rs 110). So go ahead and experience the Shanghai and Annaachi twist!

Location: Nungambakkam, Chennai


9. Vrindavan

Spring roll Dosa is a unique combination of South Indian taste and a snacks presentation. Dosa in a roll form makes it even tastier. Dosas are under Rs 108.

Location: Mylapore, Chennai


10. Home Meals

Home Meals have both vegetarian and a non-vegetarian variety of Dosas. Chicken Keema Dosa (Rs 170), Egg Dosa (Rs 60),Cheese Dosa (Rs 80) are must try Dosas at Home Meals! So have a happy Dosa meal at Home Meals!

Location: Kotturpuram


11. Menaka- Hotel Palmgrove

Menaka serves you Dosas in breakfast and in evening snacks too. Breakfast specials are- Masala Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa and Ghee Roast. Dosa offerings for evening snacks are Onion RavaDosa, plain RavaDosa and Rava masala Dosa. Ghee roast Dosa stands best for Rs 107.

Location: Nungambakkam, Chennai.


12. Krishna Restaurant

Krishna restaurant is a vegetarian South Indian restaurant. It is mostly packed at holidays and weekend and has a north Indian, South Indian and limited continental option too. Paper Dosa is a well-recommended delight!

Location: Mylapore, Chennai


13.Shri Balajee Bhawan

Shri Balajee Bhavan only has vegetarian options in north Indian and south Indian items. The place has less but delicious Dosas. Butter roast Dosa for Rs 84 is a must have if you ever come to Shri Balajee Bhawan.

Location: T. Nagar, Chennai


14. Annam

Annam is a small but maintained place, the interior is just ordinary, but the food is all worth its cost. Annam is a multi cuisine restaurant. Paneer Dosa and special butter masala Dosa are running high in demand at Annam. All the Dosas fall within Rs 108.

Location: Perungudi, Chennai


15. Annalakshmi Restaurant

Annalakshmi Restaurant is a royal place to experience South Indian food. The restaurant looks more like a palace and has north Indian and south Indian variety in the menu. Recommended dishes: Paneer Palak, Sevai Payasam, Mysore Masala Dosa. Table for two is Rs 1200.

Location: Egmore, Chennai


16. Haritam

Raagi masala Dosa for Rs 105 and cheese onion for Rs 115 are the favourite at Haritam ! The Dosas are extra large in size so, make sure you are really hungry before deciding to visit Haritam!

Location: Kilpauk, Chennai


17. Prive Restaraunt

The Prive restaurant might take a toll in your pocket, but that must not be a reason to miss outstanding Dosas at this place! The Prive restaurant has endless variety in its menu. Cheese Dosa looks tasty as you will watch cheese topped on it getting overloaded and also tastes the same way! Eating southern dish with such cheesy haul in your mouth, isn’t it interesting? Prive restaurant costs 1200 for two (approximate prices )

Location: Mylapore, Chennai


18. Mahamudra

Mahamudra is the right place when you are hungry in the noon, large thalis are a little too much but is a very satisfying food. Talking about Dosas, it has a conventional Dosa variety like roast Dosa, Mysore masala Dosa, cheese Dosa and plain Dosa. Mahamudra is charging Rs 800 for two.

Location: Mylapore, Chennai


19. Mathura Restaurant

You name it, we have it! The thought seems fit right when we look at Mathura restaurant’s food menu. The restaurant stretches its food services to Chinese, north Indian, south Indian and Continental food. Well, coming at Dosas at Mathura restaurant, every one of them is listed within the price limit of Rs 155. If you like spicy Mysore Dosa this is the right choice for you!

Location: Triplicane, Chennai


20. Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan

Podi Dosa and ghee roast masala Dosa are customer’s first choice. The Dosas are little spicy but, the coconut Chutney served with it makes the taste balance. All the Dosas are available under Rs 105.

Location: Neelangarai, Chennai