20 Foods that Burn Fat

20 Foods that Burn Fat

Heart-broken to acknowledge that the dress you once flaunted is now stacked somewhere in your wardrobe because your figure doesn’t permit you to wear it? Here is a list of 20 food items that can help you bring back your flat tummy, hence making you wear an old body-hugging dress the again.

1 Almonds


Almond contains 0% cholesterol and is rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin D, so it is inevitable to note that it is very good for one’s body.  Where on the one hand almond is a nice healthy snack, on the other hand unlike other oily snacks, almond helps burning fat. So, it’s time to grab a hand full of almonds and start your day.

2 Eggs


Ever imagined that tasty food could be healthy also? If not, then it’s time to come out of the trance. Eggs! Yes, eggs are rich in protein and help in burning fat. When paired with vegetables, benefits of egg increases and help to reduce up to 34% of waist size. Isn’t that amazing?

3 Oatmeal


Oatmeal provides essential Vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and fiber to our body. Once you add Oatmeal to your diet chart, your body will begin shaping up!

4 Apple


Amongst the uncountable qualities, apple also helps in burning body fat. Apple contains water content which compliments it in increasing strength, endurance and certainly reducing body fat.

5 Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

If fat burning involved such a tasty process then who wouldn’t love to follow it? Dark Chocolate contains saturated fats which are, in fact, good for our body, helping in reducing body fat. It also benefits us in lowering the blood pressure. So, no more goodbye to chocolates, when you’re on diet.

6 Green Tea


Green Tea is one of the beverages that aids in burning fat and reducing weight. Consuming one cup everyday will show a drastic change in your body. Providing morning freshness and a lot of health benefits, green tea is available in many flavors in the market. So today, reach to your nearest general store, choose flavor of your choice and get rid of the intrusive body weight.

7 Cinnamon


“Dadi’s Nuskha” can never go wrong. It is a matter of the fact that we all have gone through a phase where our grandmothers have suggested us to take cinnamon. Cinnamon directly shows its effect on belly fat. So, now flavor your favorite apple pie with loads of cinnamon.

8 Broccoli


Annoyed looking at green veggies and crevices formed on the nose? Well, then you got to give up your disgust to attain your desired body figure!  Broccoli is rich in Nutrients and Fiber and it’s low- calorie which attributes in burning fat.

9 Spinach


And with Spinach I remember of my favorite cartoon show ‘Popoye, the sailor man’. Remember the strength he used to gain after eating it? Well, the secret is, spinach works this way in reality too. Spinach has a very low-calorie content which helps in burning fat.

10 Olive Oil


A small change could to bring huge differences in health. Using extra-virgin Olive Oil instead usual cooking oil will prove to be very profitable for health. Olive Oil is not only beneficial for burning fats but also tastes delicious.

11 Low Fat Milk


Drinking Low Fat or Skimmed Milk provides essential Vitamins and Minerals to our body, much like that of regular Milk. The fact that Skimmed milk has more satisfactory results and also aids in burning body fat which makes it stands out of the box.

12 Lentils


Rich in Fiber and Proteins. Lentils exhibit many qualities out of which one is to make your way easier towards your desired body!

13 Coconut Oil


Apart from many super qualities, Coconut Oil surprisingly helps in reducing belly fat. It is an all-in-one Oil which is beneficial for our body in many ways. So, if one is planning for a diet, then Coconut Oil will be worth trying!

14 Chicken Breast


Planning to have a dietary meal, then considering Chicken Breasts will be a good option. These are rich in Protein, low in calorie and are very effective for body fat. Enough has already been said and proved about the mouthwatering taste of Chicken, but for reducing fat, grilled chickens are a better option.

15 Banana


The vibrant colored bananas are very useful for our body. They help in controlling Blood Pressure and your very own purpose of burning body fat also. One can very willingly add bananas to their diet plan because of its heavenly taste with added qualities.

16 Yogurt


Yogurt promotes fat burning. Its consumption has a very positive effect on belly fat. 3 serving of Yogurts a day can make you lose 81%more belly fat than a person not having yogurt at all.17. Salmon

17 Salmon


Eating salmon don’t drastically reduce the body fat but, its intake reduce the overall consumption of calorie. Salmon is, in fact, better that red meat which is very high in calories. Salmon contains protein elements which contribute to a healthy diet plan.

18 Watermelon


This yummy fruit not only refreshes in summers but possesses such healthy qualities that can lead one in burning body fat. They contain antioxidant which provides our body Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Watermelon increases the number of amino acids in our blood which essentially promotes fat loss.

19 Berries


Now no more craving for sweets when on diet. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and have a naturally sweet flavor which can make up your unfulfilled desire of not eating sweets and cakes in the process of your diet plan. In spite its dense, sweet taste, Berries, contains a very low amount of calories.

20 Coffee


Chin-up caffeine lovers! Your dietary plan will not steal away your caffeine from you. But this time you have to do it without milk. Yes, Black Coffee is a nice option when it comes to reducing body fat. This cup, full of freshness prevents the production of new fat cells in our body.