20 Best Italian Restaurants In Delhi


The Italian Cuisine is most loved globally and you’d be upbeat to realise that there are a lot of spots in Delhi, you can visit to encounter the genuine taste of Italy! Listed underneath are 20 stunning Italian restaurants and cafes in Delhi that is worth every visit.


Big Chill

Big Chill serves astonishing Italian cooking. The treats here are amazingly scrumptious. This spot in itself is a brand and it is a very comfortable place. It is profoundly recommended if you long for legitimate pasta and lasagne. Their menu choice is vast. The food quality is respectable, and the vibe is marvellous, the crowd too is astonishing. Reservation of table is highly recommended or else you will need to sit tight for your turn.


La Piazza

One of a kind posh Italian restaurant opened in 1994, is radically known for its wood-heated pizzas. La Piazza is an astonishing authentic Italian restaurant serving some lavish Italian dishes to their clients. Their menu ranges a variety and has such assortment of various dishes that one finds difficult to choose. They also provide you with old-school wine, it can be quite a costly place, however, each dish here makes up for the price.


Caffe Tonino

Concealed in the corners, it is one of the jewels of Connaught Palace. Simply Tremendous food quality and an exceptionally well-planned space itself. Go there for a pleasant, genuine Italian cuisine and great exquisite music. Not the best of the spot for the youthful ones, but rather incredible for a delightful, luxurious supper!


Baking Bad

At the point when craving strikes at late night, this is the right spot to hit. Famous for their stunning thin crusted pizzas, it will most likely fulfil your taste buds. The Heisenberg pizza here is one of a kind, and Gourmet Pizza is also an exception. It is an extremely pocket-friendly restaurant that serves one of the best Italian dishes. Really, a spot worth a visit.


Bonne Bouche

Another one of a tasteful and a comfortable restaurant with dishes loaded with lots of flavours is the Bonne Bouche. Situated in Defence colony, this is an impressive spot for an exquisite dining experience. An exceptionally posh ambience and a variety of Italian food items plague the entire space and taste of the customers; one must visit this place at every cost.


La Vie

La Vie, arranged in Khan Market, serves amazing bona fide Italian cuisines. The food items here are definitely more credible. Their menu contains a rich variety of assortments. The pizzas, pasta and chiefly the sweet course are splendid here. It is quite a little, however, a comfortable spot. The ambience is brilliant, beautifully done everything in green and yellow. Doubtlessly another incredible place for the food lovers to have a real Italian experience.


Artusi Ristorante E Bar

This famous restaurant in Greater Kailash 2 is named after the famous ‘Pellegrino Artusi’.It carries with it the real kinds of flavour of the district in Northern Italy. The quality material food here at Artusi Ristorante e Bar is very innovative, crisp and nicely executed. Their menu is refreshingly not quite the same as other Italian cafes in Delhi and has a superb scope of homemade pasta. The rundown of wines is as broad as the meals menu.


28 Capri Italy

The delightful quality of food, excellent beverages and serene environment characterises this spot. This place serves unusually outstanding Italian dishes. It is a lovely little dining area, situated in the heart of Defence Colony. A site with a beautiful view, and top of the line feel, this one is a sort of area perfect for dates and family supper parties. The Brochette Platter here is heavenly, and the Spaghetti with Meatballs is justified regardless of an attempt.


Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s is a place apart with regards to the tasting of spaghettis, Pizzas and Pasta in Delhi. Aside from the current Pastas, they presently have the Carbonara Spinach, and Ricotta Ravioli, all justified regardless of an attempt. Situated in Greater Kailash 1, another of a kind, must strive for the Italian food lovers is the Jaime’s Italian.


Pizza Express

Now this spot serves the best of Pizzas in Delhi giving you a sentiment closest to being an Italian. The arrangement of nourishment here is at a universal level. Made by the expert Pizza bakers with Fennel Bean Stew Sausage, Mozzarella Cheddar and whipped cream on the base-the sassy Sassi is an absolute necessity attempt! It is very expensive. However, the pizzas here speak for it.



Spago is located in the market of Greater Kailash– 1.This eatery is a lovely place with a vibe that feels like a run of the Italian mill cafes. The course of action of wine on the barge will give the vibe that you are in one of an Italy’s eatery. Spago invites you to an extremely extensive and tasteful looking fine-feast inside. Practically every little thing about this spot will please you whenever you go there. With pleasing insides and delectable food, it is ideal for a date or dinner without a doubt.



In case you’re looking for a genuinely perfect eating and bona fide Italian experience, Travertino is the main deal. What we adore about Travertino is that the eatery is in a manner that the wine basement opens into the feasting range, and their accumulation of cheddar is unparalleled. In case you’re an enthusiast of Ravioli or Risotto, you need to set out here toward the genuine Italian arrangement.



NYC Pie is a little Pizza place in Baani Square alongside Olive Tree bistro. On the off chance that you are a major pizza fan, and you haven’t gone to NYC.PIE then you’re presumably not a major pizza fan. Without a doubt, this spot has a portion of the best pizza in the town. Right from the slimness of the base, to the freshness at the edges to the fixings on it, I don’t think anyone can have any better than this.


Crosta Gourmet Pizza

There are a few eateries that are knowledgeable in practically every food item that they offer. Crosta Gourmet Pizza situated in East of Kailash is one of them. Be it the outlandish Italian cooking or the fiery American cooking, this spot will serve you delights in a way that you will esteem it for a long time. The food is reliably great, prepared expeditiously. Do eat at this spot and you will absolutely love it.


Ampm Café And Bar

AMPM is one bar which has been entirely not quite the same as the others in the region. It has kept things basic and has concentrated on its nourishment and drink offerings consequently acquiring a dependable clientele for itself. Located on a level over The California Boulevard, the feeling of this spot is gentle, faint lit and just designed. The twofold amazed bistro has a natural housetop and the dividers have pictures of stars from Hollywood to make the spot look showy. The menu is broad, and the assortment is enormous. This spot is an enjoyable place. Coming to the nourishment, I want to say that it’s crisp and mouth-watering. The combination is great. The quality and amount are astounding with the costs being pocket agreeable.


Diva – The Italian Restaurant

This place is distinctive. Delhi’s best Italian eatery and a leader model of what magnificent eating implies. Instead of a large portion of the eateries today that buzz with poor lighting and louder than life music, this is a tranquil spot where you can liberally appreciate the Bruschettas and Risotto. If you need to have stunning Italian sustenance, this is the spot to be; very great food, very much arranged and served.


Prego – The Westin Gurgaon

Prego- the Westin Gurgaon is for astounding pasta and pizzas. Here you can discover diverse sorts of pizzas and spaghettis. The way they show their dishes is simply amazing and certainly talks highly of their good taste. This spot is an unquestionable must visit.


Moets Stone

Moets Stone is a fashionable, comfortable corner with truly delightful ambience. It takes into account authentic Italian food. The food is a joy to relish. Flawless spot to hang out with companions or go through some calm night with a date. Stunning joint to chill with an exceptionally fantastic porch. The nourishment here is astonishing. They are well-known for their fresh thin crusted layer wood heated Pizzas. Likewise, the Pasta here are also good.


Spaghetti Kitchen

Spaghetti Kitchen is amongst one of the richest spots to be. Located in the Pacific shopping centre, this eatery provides some genuine Italian indulgences with a zone of desi touch. From the tasteful insides to the astonishing administration everything is a class apart. The way tables are transferred, and the principles are tailed, it is exceptionally uncommon in a stand-alone restaurant. The eatery is little yet roomy. It additionally has Coffee Bean (CBTL) counter so that you can arrange your Desserts or Espresso from that point.


La Brezza

La Brezza is one spot you can vouch for unquestionably in Noida. The fixings utilised here are genuinely Italian and from stylistic layout to their taste and presentation of the cuisines, everything here is legitimately Italian. Notwithstanding, things being what they are, turns out costly if consolidated with wine which is again a must for a decent Italian treat. From Pasta to Pizzas and Risotto to Platters, a large portion of the dishes here looks amazing and fulfilling to the taste.