20 Best North Indian Platters Served In Delhi

20 Best North Indian Platters Served In Delhi

Follow our little guide around Delhi to feed yourself the best North Indian platters in town.




This stunning spot situated in the Greater Kailash-1 N Block Market has been fulfilling the taste buds of the nearby individuals for over eleven years now. Zaffran is surely one of the best with regards to North Indian food and their astoundingly arranged platters. Be it the veg platter or the non-veg one, both tastes utterly tasty. Though costly every chomp here is worth each penny.


Rajinder Da Dhaba

Rajinder Da Dhaba is surely the paradise for non-vegans. The menu contains different Chicken and Mutton dishes. Furthermore it is a modest bunch of veg dishes too. However, the one worth the attempt is their Tandoori platter and the Kebabs which are super delicious and furthermore come at a sensible cost. A portion of the other must-have dishes is Special Mutton Kebab, Paneer Tikka, Fish Fry and Tikka. For all the non-veg lovers, this is one spot you would love to visit. Exotic chicken platter can make the night incredible at this area.



Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill rides you on an authentic trip into the flavours of unified Punjab. The experience here is an investigation of the great assorted qualities of the Food and the spices of Punjabi cooking. A different sort of spot to visit if you are looking for some exotic Indian platters.


National Highway 44

While the south Indian foods here are quite good, their north Indian items are just unbelievably awesome. The vibe of the spot is pleasant. One ought to visit this place at any expense.



A standout amongst the most happening and a loved spot in Saket is the Locale. Located close to the Saket PVR hall, above the well-known Pind Balluchi Restaurant, this is another of an astonishing zone to visit once a while. With a youthful ambience and lip-smacking North Indian and Lebanese Platters worth the value, this one must not be missed at any expense.


Desi Vibes

The spot sincerely gives the Desi feeling through its ambience and the way their staff spruces up. They invite you with an appreciated beverage which is a lemon drink, and then,they also offer little Papads alongside an assortment of pickles and sweets to select. North Indian food here is good while the Tandoori veg and non-veg Platter is superior and smells exceptionally well. Surely recommended for a one-time visit.


100% Rock

Now this is one spot which has vast seating arrangements – their rooftop is very much recommended. The stylistic layout is a blend of components from Classic rock music festival and sci-fi motion pictures like Predators and super-heroes. At an exceptionally wise cost, you can surely taste one of the best Indian dish right here. The astounding platters on their rooftop beat just makes the night delightful.


Punjabi By Nature

Punjabi by Nature is an outstanding eatery, particularly when you need to satisfy your Mughlai food longings. The nourishment is great here, yet the taste in each outlet is distinctive. The richness of spices and the uniqueness of the dishes, all are exotic. This is another of an admirable place that offers some great Indian platters. Do visit this place.


Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill

Underdoggs is a Sports Bar and the ambience has energetic components like trinkets and marked stock from sports persons everywhere throughout the world enhancing the divider at the passage, and sports shoes used as hangings on the roof. One can play snooker or different amusements while drinking and eating; this spot is truly top of the world; one can’t miss this at any expense. The Platters here are distinctly executed well and heavenly tasty.


Downtown- Diners And Living Café

Downtown is a perfect case of a bottling works, restaurant and a bar. They have always been this good since they have kept up their brew and food quality. Their nourishment is exceptionally rich in the eating regimen and the taste as well. Authentic North Indian and Mughlai Platters are what you ought to go searching for in this Bar cum Cafe.



Situated in Pandora street market, Havemore is a family supper eatery. It’s the best place to have some better than average north Indian food. Havemore: As appropriately the name proposes, it’s the spot to have some delicious non-veg and veg Mughlai nourishment. You ordinarily don’t discover places where there is an equivalent rivalry between its veg and non-veg dishes. Nothing exceptionally favours about the eatery atmosphere yet individual’s line up outside the eatery only for its sustenance.


Coriander Leaf

Coriander leaf serves North Indian food in an exquisite setting! The spot is stupendous in all terms, be it the luxurious atmosphere or the music; it is an exceptionally pleasant and thoroughly amusing spot with stunning North Indian nourishment.


India On My Plate – Fortune Select Excalibur

India on My Plate, as the name suggests is a recently opened eatery, which serves delicious dishes from the different locations of India. India on my Plate is the ideal amalgamation of well-known delights from various areas of India. Along with the astonishing friendliness, they have live and conventional or society music of India. The climate is very pleasant and exquisite. The canvases of established shapes make their insides more beautiful. They additionally have a bar serving diverse varieties mixed drinks.


The Tipsy Project

This hot and happening parlour is set up in Janakpuri. It is one of the perfect goals for the gourmet in you where you can sincerely savour some scrumptious North Indian food. They have large seating zone. One can sit in the territory ground floor, where the bar is available or one can go upstairs and enjoy being close to a delightful aquarium.


Baluchi – The Lalit New Delhi

Baluchi is among the finest eateries in Delhi with regards to North Indian cuisine. Baluchi radiates extravagance. It has beautiful insides with an infectious glass wine room, a sentimental mood and delightful food. It’s a must visit place for some great Indian solace nourishment.



Want to enjoy Mughlai cuisine?Then just visit this place. Food quality is astounding as are the segments. A good thing about Karim’s Is that chicken is exceptionally delicate and loaded with flavour which nobody else can contest. Karim’s give you the most delicious nourishment. It is famous for Chicken Burra, Shahi Tukra, Khameeri Roti etc.


Indian Accent

Concealed from the bustling boulevards of New Delhi, in a quiet area inside the Friend’s Colony stands the exemplification of contemporary Indian Cuisine. Situated on the ground floor of the Manor lodging, this one of a kind boutique eatery is very friendly, as well as is regularly thought to be perfect in its class Pan India. The level of administration, nature of food and Chef’s menu are immaculate.


Dum – Pukht

Dum Pukht at ITC has beautiful insides with extravagance at its perfection. They serve great platters in the town.



Tashan is a splendid feasting place with a remarkably imperial and masterful vibe. It has flawless insides and is a decent decision for buddies meetup and family outings. It is an Indian eat out where they have appropriately worked with the Indian flavours and made its combination in the correct way. The menu is exceptionally in vogue and the spot and the nourishment will surely inspire you.


The Great Kebab Factory

This restaurant is known for its Ambience and Decor. The Great Kabab Factory can’t be mixed up as the ordinary Kebab outlets. The fabulous inside and large spot with pool cornering makes this place a delightful one. It serves distinctive sort of best Indian food. This spot is paradise for all the Kebab lovers. The assortment is great, the flavours are brilliant, the administration is extraordinary, and the atmosphere is excellent.