20 Best Michelin Star Restaurant Around The World

20 Best Michelin Star Restaurant Around The World

As soon as we heard a particular restaurant is a Michelin star, we immediately think of the best food quality, with expert cooking and flavors. If you want to experience the best quality of food and service, the above list is perfect for you.

1.The Golden Peacock

This is an Indian restaurant that attained one Michelin star, and the whole interior of this restaurant has a decorative effect of the national bird of India that is Peacock. The menu covers dishes from all around the world, and the chef used proper ingredients and flavors to savor their food making it an exclusive restaurant.

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2.The Song Of India

The entire restaurant’s interior is covered with different Indian art giving a unique feel to the restaurant. The menu has different food across India and is prepared in modern style as well as traditional styles, giving the restaurant a sophisticated environment.

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The restaurant opened in 1926 and since then it is here progressing more and more. The food here is prepared with the utmost care by professionals serving dishes across India.

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This restaurant is made in a basement and the entire interior is covered with glided mirrors, giving it a sophisticated appeal. The specialty of this restaurant is kebabs and curries, and tandoor also gives us a good effect.

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The chef Atul Kochhar used an excellent use of Indian spices with British ingredients making different dishes and unique dishes.

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The interior of this restaurant is inspired by Colonial India’s Gymkhana clubs, which are full of detail and ironic touch. The Northern Indian food is one of the best of Gymkhana.

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Junoon gives us an antique look as it has it wooden arch of a 200-year-old giving the restaurant an exquisite look. Every dish here is thoughtfully made and presents only high-quality Indian food with top ingredients.

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If you like Indian food and don’t like too much ghee, this place is perfect for you. It serves delicious Indian food with a proper mix of spices and you’ll savor it whole-heartedly. The appetizers are street-style, and the food is Indian-style, making you feel at home.

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This restaurant specializes in South Indian food made with super technique and solid ingredients. The famous dish here is dahi vada, basil-chutney, and crisp rice, all these made with a touch of Western food which made them liked by everyone.

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10.Alain Ducasse

This restaurant has around 20 Michelin stars and the chef Jean-Philippe’s French roots can be seen in his menu. He serves classic French dishes like beef filled with charred leak and mustard, truffle, and pasta. The chef maintains the standards of this restaurant perfectly, and the vegetarian menu adds seasoning to his restaurant.

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11.Per Se Restaurant

This three-star Michelin restaurant is located at the heart of New York City and serves delicious French cuisine with an amazing view, and the unique thing about this restaurant is that the chef didn’t repeat the ingredients in any of his meals.

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12.The Fat Duck

This restaurant is famous for its modern British cuisine and the restaurant has earned its popularity due to the multi-sensory cooking of the chef, Heston Blumenthal, and it is known for its 14-course tasting.

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This restaurant is situated in Napa Valley and serves food that features California. The dishes here are also tasty and look impeccable, and they change from season to season, with new innovative dishes.

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14.Cheval Blanc

To have a luxurious experience of food in a perfect location, then this Michelin restaurant is perfect for you. An Italian restaurant that is situated on the riverside, adds cherry to the top.

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15.Osteria Francescana

This restaurant is best known for its Italian cuisine and the chef twists his dish with an infusion giving them a unique flavor. The restaurant serves classic dishes like Tagliatelle, Risotto, and Macaroons.

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16.Robuchon Au Dome

It is located in Grand Lisboa Hotel on the 48th floor, giving it a spectacular sight of the city’s skyline. It offers superb French cuisine which includes, Caviar, King Crab, and many more delicious dishes.

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17.Azurmendi Restaurant

Azurmendi has made its way to one of the top Michelin restaurants which gives the customers a view of a garden terrace savoring their delicious dishes.

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Den is one of the finest restaurants in Japan, apart from Japanese food it also offers food made by the chef personally. One of their best meal is, liver paste and sesame rice that everyone should try.

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Chef Rene Redzepi was the first to revolutionize Nordic cuisine and make something unique and interesting. They served seasonal dishes to guests like a 20-piece tasting that explores several cooking methods and presenting of food.

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20.Man Wah, Mandarian Oriental Hotel

This Michelin restaurant serves exceptional Cantonese cuisine in a deluxe setting. The menu has various types of delicacies like dumplings, pork, and various types of tea.

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