20 Best Places In Kolkata To Find The Perfect Dessert

20 Best Places In Kolkata To Find The Perfect Dessert

West Bengal is known for its sweets, be it ‘mishit doi’ or ‘rasgulla’. So it comes as no surprise that its capital, Kolkata, is home to some of the best dessert places in the country. We have listed below a few:


Standing tall at the heart of Park Street is the beautiful tearoom, Flury’s. It offers a wide variety of lip-smacking desserts and chocolates. The main attractions of the place are its Breakfast Platters and ‘Single Original Chocolates’, made from cocoa beans that can be found in a single region of the planet. Famous for its delicious and exotic confectionaries, Flury’s is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Park Street’.


2.Pabrai’s Fresh And Naturelle Ice Cream

Counted among the best ice cream parlours in the city, Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle Ice Cream is quite similar to ‘Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans’. The parlour not only offers traditional flavours like chocolate and vanilla but also tries to infuse the flavours of Pan, tender coconut, and South Indian Coffee in its ice creams to satisfy the sweet tooth of its customers. The vanilla used in the ice creams is imported from Madagascar. This little parlour has its outlets in four locations – Paddapukur; City Centre 1, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Prince Anwar Shah Road; and Mani Square Mall, Kankurgachhi.

Pabrais-Fresh3.Mumble’s Lab

Mumble, the penguin, welcomes you to this parlour with the motto “Your Ice Your Way”. This is the only ice cream parlour in town that uses liquid nitrogen for its preparations. The ice creams are often custom made, using specific flavours and toppings. The customers have to choose their specifications from a quirky menu card that is in the form of a periodic table. This unique parlour is located at Theatre Road.

Mumbles-Lab4.Nahoum and Sons

The only Jewish bakery in Kolkata, Nahoum and Sons was established 113 years ago. The shop has successfully maintained its standard since then, offering the sweet seekers not just delicious confectionaries like lemon puffs and plum cakes to satisfy their palate, but is also acting like a time machine, transporting us back to the life of Kolkata from two centuries back. Located in the crowded S. S. Hogg Market, this confectionary mart, with its teakwood furniture and glass window display, continues to give the city-dwellers a piece of the old world charm.


5.Fabelle Chocolate Boutique

This dessert parlor is dedicated to chocolates and would surely have been the favorite haunt of the Oompa Loompas. Providing an assortment of the most delicious and exotic luxury chocolates, this parlor is Heaven for all the chocoholics. Located at ITC Sonar in E. M. Bypass, Fabelle Chocolate Boutique is well equipped with its pralines, chocolate ganache, and customized chocolate cups to enthrall the lovers of chocolate.


6.Mama Mia!

Pioneering the concept of gelatos in Kolkata, the desserts served by this chain of dessert parlours will indeed make one go, “Mama Mia!” It is one of the only parlours in Kolkata serving authentic Belgian Chocolate gelatos for over a decade and boasts of a range of unusual flavours which includes Almond Affair Gelato and Tuscan Strawberry Gelato. Apart from this, ‘Mama Mia!’ also serves Red Velvet cakes, Chocolate Mousse cakes, and Truffle cakes among others. This chain of dessert parlour is present in Ballygunge, Bhawanipur, Nagerbazar, City Centre 1, City Centre 2, and New Alipore.

mama-mia7.The Rouge

Located in the busy locality of Park Circus, this is the place to go to if you’re looking for a taste of fresh baked macaroons to satisfy the Francophile in you. The Rouge also serves a variety of delicious and freshly baked tarts, pralines, éclairs, and cupcakes with the prettiest frostings. The pastel interior adds to the charm and renders the feelings of a fairy tale beauty to the place.

the-rogue8.Paris Cafe

Paris Cafe resembles the cafes of France and brings a piece of Europe to Kolkata. Complete with its Victorian decor and pastel walls, Paris Cafe satisfies the sweet tooth of gluttons with utmost care and perfection. Its desserts range from delicious crepes to fluffy pancakes and its four outlets at Sector 5- Salt Lake, Ballygunge, Chowringhee and Alipore are constantly striving hard to impress dessert lovers.


9.Piccadilly Square

Bringing a piece of London to Kolkata, Piccadilly Square, apart from being an ideal vegetarian restaurant, is also a great place to enjoy delicious desserts. British favorites like Croissants and pancakes team up with Belgian waffles, French crepes and Italian freddos to create the perfect destination for the dessert lovers at Elgin, Alipore, and Dalhousie, B. B. D. Bag; by creating for them a concoction of confectioneries from all over the world.

Piccadilly-Square10.Icy Fusion

Experience the world of Candy Crush Saga at this marvellous parlour in Elgin, Sector 1- Salt Lake; and Lake Town. Serving delicious ice creams with quirky names like Candy Crush Saga, Paan Fusion, and Ferrero Fudge is the specialty of Icy Fusion. Most of the ice creams at this joint is a fusion of one or more flavours which adds to the delight of enjoying this cold dessert.


11.Mrs. Magpie

Serving some of the prettiest cupcakes in town, this beautiful little bakery brings alive all our fairy tale fantasies with its pink upholstered chairs, glass top tables, and ceramic cake stands. Located in Sector 1, Salt Lake; and Southern Avenue, this endearing little cafe specializes in sweet and savoury desserts and hot and cold beverages. There is hardly any doubt that Alice would be lost in the wonderland called ‘Mrs. Magpie’.


12.The Bakery : Lalit Great Eastern

Nestled in the cosy and homely  ambiance of Lalit Great Eastern, The Bakery serves freshly baked cakes, crunchy cookies, and magnificent chocolates. This bakery is famous for its cakes and most Kolkatans believe that their Christmas would be incomplete without it.

The-Bakery-Lalit-Great-Eastern13.Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy

No festival in a Bengali household is complete without the sweets from this joint. Be it ‘Bhaiphota’ or ‘Jamai Shashthi’, Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy at Hatibagan is always ready with their ‘kora pak er shondesh’ to grace the celebrations. This place is ideal for getting a taste of authentic and traditional Bengali sweets.

Girish-Chandra-Dey14.La Patisserie and Deli

In keeping with the luxurious ambiance of Taj Bengal, La Patisserie and Deli, Taj’s in-house confectionary provides a fine dining experience to the baked food and sweet lovers. Known for its array of customized confection to match any occasion, this patisserie serves sweet elegances like Pineapple Mango Mousse Cake and Mixed Berry Danish.


This Juice shack remains a popular haunt for not only students but also celebrities. Situated in College Street, Paramount with its Dub Sarbat has become an enigma. A visit to Kolkata is incomplete without tasting the sherbets served here. Every sip of its uniquely flavored sherbets is like tasting the manna from heaven.


16.The French Loaf

Representing the essence of France, The French Loaf introduced the French baguette to the citizens of Kolkata. Apart from its selection of bread which includes Italian Cheese Bread and Milk Loaf, this chain restaurant is also well known for its pastries and cakes. The chocolate mousse served here is a must try for everyone with a sweet tooth. This confectionary has ten outlets located at Sothern Avenue; Elgin; Santoshpur; Sector 1, Salt Lake; Broadway Mall, Sector 3, Salt Lake; Rajarhat, New Town; Alipore, R. D. Mall, Liluah; Prince Anwar Shah Road; and Kona Express way.

The-French-Loaf17.8th Day Cafe And Bakery

Located in Park Circus Area, this cafe and bakery is known for its delicious baked dishes like the Breakup Brownie and Old Fashioned Apple Pie to be enjoyed with a cup of French Press Coffee. This quaint cafe provides a peaceful space to enjoy crunchy cookies and creamy pastries and also promises the pleasure of having New York Bagels in Kolkata.


18.The Corner Courtyard

An outcome of the teamwork of individuals dedicated to the creation of the most delectably scrumptious confections, The Corner Courtyard fuses the flavours of Colonial India with the indigenous flavours to present dishes like Pancakes with Nutella and other Sinful Delights. Located at Hazra, the joint is known for its charming decor and delightful food presentation.


19.Kookie Jar

Maintaining and strengthening its reputation for over a period of 25 years, Kookie Jar stands tall among the cafes and bakeries of Kolkata. This bakery specializes in creating cakes for special occasions and is also famous for its pastries and cookies like lemon tarts and chocolate boat. Kookie Jar has its outlets in Loudon Street; City Centre 1, Sector 1, Salt Lake; South City Mall, Prince Anwar Shah Road; and Enclave, Alipore.


Cakes is an ideal place for grabbing a quick bite at. The shop has its outlets at Loudon Street; Gariahat; Kasba; New Alipore; Sector 3, Salt Lake; Prince Anwar Shah Road; Sector 2, Salt Lake; Kankurgachi; and Southern Avenue. It is known for its pastries like Ganache Pastry and Jam Ring.