Top 20 Restaurants in Kolkata for the Seafood Enthusiast

Top 20 Restaurants in Kolkata for the Seafood Enthusiast

A typical Bong’s love for fish is unparalleled. It comes as no surprise that Kolkata houses some of the best restaurants for the connoisseur of seafood. Cooking and experimenting with seafood comes naturally to the Bengalis, owing to their proximity to the Bay of Bengal.

1.6, Ballygunge Place

Kicking off the list of the best seafood diners in the city is none other than everyone’s favourite 6, Ballygunge Place. Serving dishes like Dab Chingri, Kankrar Jhal, and Bhetki Paturi, this quintessentially Bengali restaurant brings to the table authentic flavours from the sea. Let 6, Ballygunge Place invoke your love for fish and immerse you in flavours from the deep blue sea. It is located at different places like Ballygunge; Sector 1, Salt Lake; Sector 5, Salt Lake; and Kasba.

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2.Bhojohori Manna

If there is something that Bhojohori Manna has indeed learnt from his trips to Istanbul, Mishawr, and Kabul, then it is how to cook delicious seafood in the authentic Bengali way. Located at Hatibagan, Gariahat, Sector 5, Sector 1, Hazra, Barasat, Kasba, Garia, and Nagerbazar, this chain of restaurants has every intention of pleasing you with their dishes like Pomfret Paturi, and Deshi Pabda. Mohonbagani Chingrir kebab, for its part, combines the Bengali’s love for food and football, making it an explosion of true Bengaliyana.

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Aaheli is a Bengali restaurant that nestles in the cosy comfort of The Peerless Inn. Its combination of fine dining with excellent seafood is incomparable in Kolkata. Pur Bhora Bhetki, Golda Chingrir Karsaji, and Paramadrita Pabda Jhhal will catch hold of your imagination and take your sensations on a trip to paradise.

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4.Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta celebrates the gastronomic preferences of the romantic and epicurean Kolkata in the most glorious way. If there is anything a true Kolkatan can’t say “no” to, then it is a good plate of fish. To meet with this expectation, Oh! Calcutta, at Forum Mall and Silver Spring Arcade, has equipped itself with dishes like Mochar Chingrir Sheekh Kebab and Kakra Chingri Bhapa. To add to the taste, enjoy your prawn cutlet.

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Since its inception, Kasturi, located at Ballygunge and various other places( New Market, Nagerbazar, Jadavpur, and Gariahat) has been considered one of the best Bengali restaurants of the city. And it is no secret that seafood pre-dominates Bengali and Bangladeshi cuisine. In keeping with the spirit of Bengal, and for the delight of seafood enthusiasts, Kasturi has furnished itself with Pabda Shorshe Jhal and the likes.

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6.The Mango Tree

Tribal masks and wall paintings lead you to a glass door that opens into the homely dining area of The Mango Tree. Furnished with simplistic yet elegant furniture and wall posters, this restaurant is a hidden gem serving some delicious dishes to the crustacean lovers and saltwater fish. Located at Tollygunge and Deshapriya Park, this restaurant offers its customers a variety of seafood like crabs, octopuses, lobsters, and prawns to choose from.

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Serving a variety of Asian cuisines like Thai, Continental, Chinese, and Indian, Hatari is best known for the wide variety of seafood it offers. Located at Baguihati, Gariahat, Behala, Golf Green, and Garia, Hatari is a favourite haunt for college goers and seafood gourmands. Salt ‘n’ Pepper Prawn, Pan-fried Chilli Fish commands you to come hither.

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Ecstasea, at Southern Avenue, has in store for your supreme ecstasy many mouth-watering seafood delights like Teriyaki Octopus, Jumbo Lobster sautéed in your choice of sauce, Squid Ring Fry, and a lot more.

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A classic restaurant with quiet and dim lit interiors, Mocambo holds its own charm among the numerous restaurants in Park Street. Although they serve Continental, Italian, and Indian cuisines, the specialty of the restaurant remains in its collection of delicious seafood. Famous for its Devilled Crab, no seafood enthusiast should think twice to visit this restaurant.

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Famous for its seafood, Bohemian, at Ballygunge, offers Cheese baked crab and other delectable dishes to mesmerize you. Apart from its sensational collection of seafood, this diner also serves Continental and Bengali cuisines.

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Chowman serves us with the authentic Chinese cuisine. All of the sauces, essential ingredients, crockery, and cutlery are imported from China and Thailand. Chowman also has an assorted variety of incredible seafood items. Started as a small flagship restaurant at Golf Green in 2010, Chowman has since then spread its branches at various locations like Ballygunge, Sector 1, Garia, Behala, and Baguihati. Prawn Ka Seong and Shangsi Crab Meat Soup can undoubtedly make its way into the hearts of devoted seafood lovers.

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Located at Outram Street in the Park Street area, Tangerine is known for its seafood. It also serves North Indian, Thai, and Italian cuisine; and the decor that resembles a hillside cafe with its wooden furniture and large glass panels overlooking the street makes it a pleasant place to dine at. Whole Grilled Beckti and Lobster Thermidol served here makes for a lovely eating experience.

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Codfather makes a brave attempt of bringing the classic combination of fish and chips from England to the streets of Kolkata. Attempting to become the Godfather in the world of seafood, Codfather, at Lake Terrace, Southern Avenue, has on its menu a mix of contemporary and classic dishes like Prawn Cocktail and Fish ‘n’ Chips.

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14.Santa’s Fantasea

Go for delicious seafood at Santa’s Fantasea whose walls remind of the deep blue sea and dense jungles welcomes you. Creating ripples in the realm of seafood in Kolkata, Santa’s Fantasea at Golpark, Southern Avenue, and Sector 1, Salt Lake has attracted people’s attention with their Tuna, Horse Mackarel, Prawn, Squid, Crab, Lobster, Pomfret, and Octopus dishes. The restaurant has also gained fame for serving authentic tribal dishes.

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15.Fish Fish

This is the only restaurant in Kolkata dedicated to serving nothing but fish. Killing the commonality of generalized menu, Fish Fish, at Ballygunge has become iconic for catering only to the tastes of seafood enthusiasts. Refusing to serve meat of any kind that has not been extracted from large water bodies, this restaurant has on its menu gems like Prawn Cocktail and Fishermen Basket.

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16.Ocean Grill

Live grills on table, an assortment of the best seafood dishes, amazing (and a little scary) wall decor with open-mouthed sharks, and a great buffet menu come together to give you Ocean Grill at Sector 5, Salt Lake. Oysters, Crabs, Prawns, Sole, Pomfret, and Beckti, cooked in innovative and delicious ways is sure to delight you.

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17.Charcoal Grill

If you are craving for seafood and great tandoor at the same time, Charcoal Grill, at Park Circus, is the place to be. Not only do they serve mouth-watering seafood, but also offer you excellent tandoors and an amazing to make a wholesome dining experience. Lobster Chill and Squid Koliwada are among the best served here.

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18.The Wall

Apart from Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines, The Wall, at Southern Avenue, has  a number of seafood items any enthusiast would swear by. Nigiri Sushi and Prawn in Chilli Basil Sauce are the specialties of this restaurant and the great buffet menu is an added bonus. It is also one of the only diners in the city that serves sushi.

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19.The Coastal Macha

Bringing the coastal flavour of India onto the dining table, The Coastal Macha is unique in their creation of a menu comprising of authentic Goan, Keralian, Konkan, Mangalorian, Maharashtrian, and Malwani dishes. This allows the seafood enthusiasts all over India to come together in their love for fish and taste every possible preparation under one roof. Located at Southern Avenue, this restaurant is truly bringing in a revolution in the world of food by prioritizing seafood like it has never been before.

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20.Bijoli Grill

Having stated the Bengali’s desire for fish for decades, Bijoli Grill, apart from being a joint specializing in fish, has also gained an emotive element, thereby becoming somewhat of a heritage shop. After being a frontrunner in catering for the typical Bengali wedding for years, Bijoli Grill has now set up outlets at Southern Avenue, Bhawanipur, and Prince Anwar Shah Road to allow its customers to sit and enjoy fish ‘n’ chips.

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