20 Best Places To Have Masala Dosa in Bangalore

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Masala Dosa is almost synonymous to ‘ feeling of home ‘ for many South Indians. It is one of such dishes where the glutton in you is unleashed. In the recent past, there evolved creative masala dosas where additions of various other ingredients such as cheese, paneer, corn, ice cream, spinach and many others as toppings were injected into the dosas; those were to increase flavor, color and taste. As these dosas are taking over in the market, there are still few of the best restaurants and hotels that provides you with authentic masala dosa. The order of these places are not according to the ranking system but these are few of the places we have jotted down for you to add them on your “must visit” list.

1. Indian Coffee House

In 1940s there were nearly 50 Coffee Houses established across British India. The 50 year old Coffee House in Church Street offers one of the best masala dosas in town. They present you with a crispy golden brown dosa that makes your stomach growl for more. Their coffee and dosa is something to die for. You can see people from all kinds of ages come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is never a day you find the place empty! All their dishes are modestly priced


Vidyarthi Bhavan

A 74 year old small restaurant is recognized as a heritage South Indian vegetarian restaurant. It attracts people from youngsters to grandparents and has secured a place for the culinary history of Bangalore. During weekends, you will find people in long queues for their dosas and idlys. It is a regular site for the customers to see the waiters handling around ten to twenty plates at once. Their dosas are generously roasted with ghee/butter. Once tasted their combination of the masala dosa, it surely makes you to come back for more.


3. Samrat Pure Veg Restaurant

The good old Samrat in Race Course Road never tends to fail one’s expectations. Their South Indian and North Indian food are equally good. On their specialty, dosas are provided with three different kinds of chutneys and their sambar is always in a prefect density. It is not too sour or not too sweet. It is the perfect amalgamation of all kinds of masalas, vegetables and spices. Their dosas are long and crispy served with a dollop of butter on top.


4. Athithyam Restaurant

Athithyam Restaurant in Jayanagar has grabbed the attention of many for its authentic South Indian food, especially their Andhra cuisine. Their masala dosa and rava masala dosa is amply filled with the taste that cannot be forgotten. Also, try their Guntur idly which makes your gustatory and olfactory senses dance. They serve the food in generous quantity that your tummy rests in contentment.. Shri Sagar (CTR) Shri Sagar formerly and popularly known as CTR in Malleshwaram, makes you have more than one crispy dosa. CTR has become one of the favorites of many people in the city and has gained a name for their masala butter dosas. The CTR prices makes sure that it does not burn a hole in your wallet.


5. Palmgrove Restaurant

Palmgrove is one of the finest restaurant in Bangalore. Unlike many places that can be located on the main road, Plamgrove is located inside a small lane on Residency Road. Their super long masala paper dosa takes you by surprise and it covers almost the whole table in length. It is super delicious and their chutney and dosa are at their perfection. Looking by the size of the dosa, do not panic! It is so delicious that you would complete it in one go. Their button idly is also quite famous. You find various kinds of cuisines on their list and their chefs never compromise on food quality and quantity.


7. Hotel Janardhana

Another place in Race Course, this hotel has the finest masala dosa and sagu dosa. Do not go by the looks of the hotel, as looks are deceptive. They offer you a clean place and good quality food. This is one of the favorite places for the dwellers as they say that there is no match by anyone for their masala dosa. Also, another item that everyone must try in this place is the Badam milk. Better to experience it than regret not having it later!


8. MTR

Mavalli Tiffin Room, a legendary joint in Lalbagh road; been serving best kind of South Indian delicacies since 1924. This is one of the most trusted eatery in the city. They are known for their breakfast and meals. The meals are served in silver plates. Their masala dosa, bisibelebath, idly, vadas, tea and coffee is something you should try before you die.  Their food makes your tummy hearty and full. Keep in mind that their dishes gets over soon and they are closed on Mondays.


9. Maiyas

Their love for tradition has won many hearts of people. Their secret ingredient is love. They love to serve the best for their people and you often find old people discussing various topics over tea and coffee. Their breakfast and meals are so appetizing that none can be left. Speaking of food, their masala dosas and puris are the best. They have their timeless recopies that have been passed on since generations. You can find most of the traditional dishes that are cooked to the perfection; that can be found nowhere else in the city.


10. Airlines Hotel

The place is sheltered under several banyan trees and I bet, it gives you a whole new different experience here. The old Indian Airlines Office in 1968 was converted into a hotel where at one point you could see Rahul Dravid and Robin Uttappa here frequently. You can see Range Rovers to two wheelers parked here and people from all ages: grandparent’s gang to youngsters gang, crowded on the weekends for breakfast. They are known for their coffee and south Indian breakfast especially, their dosa. It has a very pleasant environment which eliminates all the noise of the traffic and pollution.


11. Ramu Tiffin Center

The aroma that emerges from Food Street VV Puram draws you when you are passing by. They are known for their dosas. You find the people directly pouring the oil from the oil packet. So, if you are health conscious, you might tremble by the amount of butter and oil they add. Nonetheless, it is worth to have their dosa as its super yummy. Consider it as a cheat day when you are having it! You will find lots of families, youngsters at night enjoying the real street food of the city.


12. Dosa Camp

About a decade age, the price of masala dosa was just rupees 10. Although the price of one plate masala dosa is four times more, Dosa Camp have maintained the taste. The masala dosa crackles as it’s crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. Their chutney is a brilliant combination for the food. College students are mainly spotted here. On Sundays, you see a lot of people ordering for a take away as their breakfast. It has become a landmark in Jayanagar.

dosa camp

13. Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan

This place is in the heart of Bangalore where you have to be patient as there will be a good amount of crowd every single day. They are known for their masala dosas and badam halwa. Although the building is pretty old, it is well maintained and the food makes everything better. The spiciness of the red chutney is compensated with the potato smash in the dosa where the butter can be tasted in every bite.


14. Siddappa Hotel

This is one of the famous quirky breakfast spots in the city. Well known place in Sampangiram Nagar since its inception.  These old places have their own charm with their signature style of serving their loved customers. Their half ghee masala dosa, thuppa dosa and pulav. Now, do not expect a fancy ambience. Get ready to hold a plantain leaf on your palm with no tables and plates. Its pretty amazing to have a dosa that is heavily loaded with oil, masala, crisp golden brown dosa in a leaf.


15. Ranganna Hotel

Make the way for a hearty meal by starting your mornings with a masala dosa from Ranganna Hotel in Sampangiram Nagar. Established in 2000, the popularity of this place is increasing day by day and attracting customers like bees. This is a place that can satisfy your inner hungry whale with their scrumptious food.


16. Street Food

As this place is in Jewelers Street, Commercial Street, the hub for shopping; exhausted, you can regain your energy after having their masala dosas. This place is owned by an old couple that are known for their taste and their food if very pocket friendly.

street food

17. Lakshmi Nataraja Refreshments

Are you afraid that you won’t be able to satisfy your masala dosa craving after 10 P.M? Don’t worry. This place is an old service center, opened till 11 30 in the night. It is situated in a small lane in Nagarthapet. They are known for their Pudu masala dosa and pure ghee dosa which is appreciated by all the people who tried it. They offer only veg food and also, try their soft idlys and snacks. Their meals are quite good as well.


18. New Modern Hotel

This place still tends to retain the old Bangalore charm that sticks to the traditional South Indian food. It is a standard place for the old inhabitants of VV Puram to come here with their families for breakfast or lunch or dinner or for just their coffee or tea. It is very popular in the south region of the city. People across all the ages come here for their masala dosas and idlys. This place assures you to go back with a smile on your face.


19. SLV 

Although they have so many branches around the city, they have still retained the taste and quality of the food; still gaining the hearts of customers. 7 A.M to 8 30 P.M, being peak hours, you should wish for a square foot of space to stand in the least. Their dosas are so popular and amazing that you would not be satisfied with just one. The residents are in love with the food served here and this is one of the must visit places that should be on your list. Their coffee and tea are at its best too. A perfect combination for breakfast and a morning coffee for a good day’s start.


20. Davanagere Beene Dosa

These dosas have earned a special status which gains its name from the central city of Karnataka. A lot of places are dedicated to these dosas around the city. There are many additions to the masala dosas these days such as corn, cheese and paneer but the butter loaded dosas which are popularly known are davangere dosa, still remains a favorite to people. You can smell it from a distance and it tickles in your stomach till you taste it. It is a crispy, thin dosa that will be completed in seconds and your heart will ache for more.