21 Places To Grab The Budget Bite In Gurgaon!

21 Places To Grab The Budget Bite In Gurgaon!

Cost for  two in the following   restaurants is about  300-400 rupees only. Hard to believe? Check them out here:

1.Huda Market(Sector-56)

The crowded market is filled with  a range of delicious food items, from momos to the hamburgers you will get everything here. People can get their hands on a variety of things available at the market Tandoori momos are an exquisite delicacy that this market offers and there is are many roadside vendors around the market selling different  snacks like litti chokha, bhelpuri,etc.


2.Burger Singh (Sector-55)

Located at a bustling road in Sector 55, Burger Singh is a very popular and quirky food joint in Gurgaon which offers you a meals in hand at a dwarfish price. Students are often spotted here due to its affordability and high standards of food hygiene.


3.Om Sweets (Sector -14)

Om Sweets is one of the best restaurants to dine in with your family. With their large menu, running from Indian to Continental, you end up spending a great time with your family members over exquisite food at nominal prices. I would recommend you to either reserve a table before hand or be ready to put your patience to test, due to a long waiting queue. The restaurant’s popularity can be easily gauged through this. Overall, it is a splendid place for which I would give it an 8/10.


4.Chinese Corner (Vyapar Kendra)

I have been going here since my childhood and this place has been living upto its quality and standards of mouth watering Chinese food. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Vyapar Kendra market complex. From chicken based dishes to fish based, everything is made with exotic spices which will leaving a flavoursome  lingering effect in your palate . Though, the restaurant is not quite  huge  but the food is really delicious and you should give it a try if you are residing in Gurgaon. They offer a   free home delivery.   


5.Harish Bakery ( Sector-56)

Harish bakery is a family restaurant and is great  for throwing parties for your kids. They have a magnificent range of desserts and they specialize in making cakes and pastries. . It is  a huge restaurant with a good number of tables and with their tremendous, swift and warm service, so you wouldn’t have to wait for your table here.


6.Chull (Sector-29)

An open terrace restaurant, Chull is a bewitching place to hang around. Offering cuisines like Italian, Continental, North Indian, Chinese with live music and great ambience, this offers at minimalistic price.


7.Bikanerwala (sector-29)

As you know, Bikanerwala is a huge franchise  that is spread in all over India, you can  find one  at  Sector-29 as well. They  offer  a diversity of food from Northern parts of India to the Souther part,   especially their Rajasthani Thali is  mind bobbling.


8.Handi Express (Sector -28)

You will find Handi in almost every area in Gurgaon. Handi is famous for its rich dal makhani and kadhai paneer. It is quite  famous for its spicy Indian food and I would say, it is one of the best places to placate your spicy tadka cravings.


9.Baljee Restaurant (Sector-14)

Situated in one of the most famous bazaars in Gurgaon The Sadar Bazaa, Baljee restaurant is one of the most crowded restaurants to dine in. After shopping, people generally come here to grab a meal. I would recommend that anyone residing in Gurgaon, if visiting Sadar, must have visit Baljee . Baljee is an economical restaurant and famous for its famous for its Chole Bhature and Rasmalai.


10.Yomo ( Your only momo outlet) (Sector-39)

Yomo the place  that defines yummy momos. They have about eight varieties of momos on their menu, both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian, in steamed customers and fried variations. They have a great seating arena and the presentation for their every plate is a piece of art itself. Their service is so quick that you receive your order as soon as it is placed.


11.Pep Box (Hudda City Centre)

If you love rolls then Pep Box is an apt place for you. Their rolls are mouth watering and they take you aback you with a burst of flavours prepared in a very hygienic manner. . The Staff is very warm and cooperative. Their specialities for vegetarians are cheese sandwich and seekh roll while for non-vegetarians is Chicken 65 roll.


12.Zimbli (south city-1)

Zimbli is a compact food stall for South Indian food lovers.   It pleasantly surprises  your taste buds with their freshly prepared food items and everything gets sold out in a matter of a few hours. They serve the Kerala Rice Puttu and Idiyappam with Korma,  the two dishes you may not find even at the famous Sagar Ratna.


13.Sama Chicken Biryani (PH-1)

This small outlet is popular among the local folks who have been eating ‘Sama Chicken Biryani’ for quite some time and have kept coming back for more. A  hub for Northern Indian Biryanis, Sama Chicken Biryani is a true value for money. They serve two sized  meals depending on your hunger: small sized portion and medium sized.


14.Just Vada Pav (Sohna Road)

Being a vada pav fan, you must try this new outlet. You will be surprised to see so many innovative variations that they have come up with a simple vada pav. In a regular Mumbai vada pav, the authenticity is preserved while in for the rest you have a fusion to taste for yourself. Being quite reasonable, this is a favourite stop for all the Mumbaikars and vada pav lovers!


15.Food Fiesta (Sohna Road)

Here at Food Fiesta, even the simplest of food is given such twists that it becomes extra ordinary. Even maggie has quite a number of variations, from masala maggi to egg maggi everything is available here. The bhelpuri is something that you will have to come here for because the flavours of mouth full of herbs and spices that you get at Food Fiesta are unbeatable.  If you are on a budget and reside near Sohna Road then you should definitely give it a try.


16.Healthy Bakers (Sector-43)

Almost everyone living in Gurgaon is aware of this dainty bakery. They bake elegantly customised cakes as per the requirement of the customer and every bite is like a little piece of heaven. Widely eaten Chocolate Chip, black forest, Blue berry and  Mixed Fruit cakes, you will find a vast variety to choose from. Being quite punctual and reliable, this bakery can be counted up for it’s timely free deliveries.


17.White Fumes (Sohna Road)

White Fumes is all about snacks and takeaways. From Poha to vada pav you will get everything here for a reasonable price, prepared in a hygienic manner. It is a restaurant cum cafe with ingredients as good as gold.


18.Jiffies Snacks (DLF PH-4)

Jiffies snacks which is situated at one of the most famous places to hangout with your friend or family,  the Galleria Market. Their  menu has a s great variety of snacks, at a very low prices.  People generally opt for take-aways here.  They prepare amazing Misal pav which  come with green pudina chutney all their ingredients and buns used are quite fresh  Along with that,  their food is very  hygienic!


19.Dilli on 6 wheels (sector-31)

Dilli ka taste! They serve hardcore Delhi cuisine and their Chole Kulche and the Rajma and their wraps are something that will make you crave for more. The staff is quite friendly and warm. Moreover, it is not too heavy on the pocket so that is a plus for everyone. You must try their Sweet Lassi as well, it has a really refreshing taste.


20.Hangout Cafe (old railway road)

As the name suggests, this is a quite amazing place to hangout with friends and or family. Great ambience and great tasty food serving at a very reasonable price, what more can you ask for! It has an extremely swift  service by a humble and welcoming  staff. Oreo shake is a must try thing when you visit hangout cafe. This cafe also serve greats rice and noodles and their  menu offers a wide range of choices which are  quite economical.


21.Roll’s Royce (PH-3)

Roll’s Royce is a good evening time hangout place in DLF Phase 3. It’s a pocket-friendly  takeaway outlet for rolls. Double egg and chicken roll are strongly recommendation by the chef. They have various other varieties of rolls and they will never let you leave hungry as they say,”EK Roll Bhook Gol..”