20 Best Places To Have A Tasty Meal Within Rs 100 In Kolkata

20 Best Places To Have A Tasty Meal Within Rs 100 In Kolkata

“The best things in life are free”- the saying seems a bit too far-fetched in today’s version of the materialist world that we live in, doesn’t it?

While I can’t vouch for the degree of relevance of this saying going by the materialist aspects of today’s world, this article is sure to provide you an insight to delight your taste buds with some lip-smacking delicacies that the City of Joy has to offer and that too at a cost of Rs 100!!

Finding it hard to “digest”? Well then, read on to find out


Bapida’s Shop

This one is an absolute delight for the office goers and day scholars. You can come up for a quick and tasty bite here with the assurance of pocket friendly charges. The shop is located near the busy crossroads of Karunamoyee, Sector 2, Salt-Lake. Everyone in the locality is well aware of the shop. Hence if you seem rather confused on how to locate it, don’t hesitate to go and ask someone regarding directions.


New Mezban’s Biriyani Palace

This one’s for the Biriyani lovers on a budget. Located in Rabindra Pally Road, Keshtopur, this place is one where you can indulge your senses in the magical Mughal cuisine and that too at unbelievably low expenses!



Kusum Rolls

This one is for the roll lovers. As the name suggests, this place is heaven for those who look for culinary satisfaction in quick and tasty forms of Rolls. It is located in the Park Street area and among many high end restaurants that dominate the area, this place has been able to hold its head up high owing to the sheer goodness of the food it serves and that too at very nominal rates.



This eatery is located in the busy College Square area of Kolkata and a relief for the travellers looking for a tasty meal within a budget of rupees 100. Mostly serving fast food, this place remains well crowded owing to the unparalleled quality of its servings.


Agarwal’s Pav Bhaji

An outlet for the vegetarian relishes, this place is located in the busy Park Street area and famous for its amazing and unparalleled make of the Mumbai classic Pav Bhaji. Well even if you’re not someone who enjoys the idea of vegetarian food that much, this place can make you change your mind with its tasty signature Pav Bhaji dish.



This is a place in Shakespeare Sarani which promises to quench your thirst with a variety of delectable drinks and satiate your sweet cravings with its range of desserts.



Jyoti Vihar

This one finds its place in the Ho Chi Minh Sarani and serves tasty dishes within a budget. It is a well-known restaurant and remains crowded with the food lovers having a liking for the South Indian dishes.


Anadi Cabin

For those travelling the busy streets of Dharmatala, it is an age-old restaurant which takes the visitors with a gush of nostalgia and the aroma of great food which has found its presence in this restaurant. A customer can very well relish a tasty meal within rupees 100 here. The Mughlai Parathas served here are worth going gaga over.


Denzong Kitchen

This chain has outlets in several places in Kolkata such as Jadavpur, Garia, and New Alipore etc. It is a place where one can enjoy the treats of Chinese and Tibetan cuisine well within a budget of rupees 100.



Situated in the Golpark, this is a well-known eatery catering to those with a craving for South Indian food. The dishes served here are tasty and fall within the bracket of rupees 100.



Rash behari Avenue is where you can find this joint where you can easily satiate your pang of sudden hunger with its superb variety of Kathi rolls. The rolls are quite filling and are very pocket friendly and thus this place is popular among the daily passengers in this area.



It is situated in Southern Avenue where one can enjoy the variety of street food such as Kachoris, Malpuas, and Samosas etc.You can have a filling meal by pay quite minimal charges.



This eatery is the place where one should definitely go if they feel like gorging on dishes like Kabirajis and Cutlets. It not only serves tasty dishes but also takes good care of the pocket pinch. Baghajatin area is where one should look for this restaurant.


Tasty Corner

This snack parlour is located near the South Point High School in Mandeville Gardens. It is a well-known hangout zone for the school students as well as the parents as they flock to gorge on the tasty snacks like Kachoris, Samosas, and Radhaballabis etc. that the place has to offer.


Zam Zam

This one has outlets in Entally as well as Kidderpore. It is known for its mouth-watering Biryani is which are really budget friendly. When in the mentioned areas, you should definitely stop by this place and enjoy the Mughal dishes that are offered here and you sure will come back for more.


Saima Restaurant

Located near the Rabindra Sadan Metro Station this restaurant is one of the top rated ones when it comes to those serving North Indian cuisine, street food and yummy Biriyani’s. The costs are extremely low and the dishes are really palatable. Drop by the next time you’re in the area and see for yourself!


Allen Kitchen

Allen Kitchen is located in the Shyambazar area and greets its customers with a dash of nostalgia with memories of when Kolkata was Calcutta. It is a fast food joint and known for its tasty yet cheap Kabirajis, Cutlets and such other dishes.


Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House is one of the proud possessions of Kolkata. Located in the College Street, it is the most frequent hangout of the book lovers who adore the area of College Street. Well, a visit to Kolkata would be rather incomplete if one doesn’t visit this place which houses the legacy of past generations. The dress code of the waiters will remind you of the British Raj era in quite a peculiar way. It is a place where the old and the young unanimously spend their time with their ongoing and very much engaging Adda or gossip sessions. The food is cheap and tasty and the ambiance of the place swarms with a deep sense of nostalgia and will surely be loved by someone with a penchant for the essence of Bengali culture.



Known for its fast food range as well as North Indian cuisine, this restaurant is located in the Sonarpur area. The quantity of food you’ll get for the price you pay will surely leave you with a satisfied smile. The quality of the food is also something that has people coming back to the place over and over again.

Still not convinced? Just go on and give them a try. You’ll surely be happy to have read this article then.

Bon appetite! Or as we Bengalis say “cholo khai!!”


New Mission Dhaba

This vegetarian “dhaba” is located in Esplanade and assures delicious food at exceptionally low charges. So if you find yourself hunger struck during the day in the midst of travelling through the busy streets of Esplanade you sure could pay this place a quick visit and grab a bite to get you going again. The sight of gleaming dollop of butter over the freshly made Tandoori Roti and Kulchas accompanied by amazing smelling veg dishes is sure to make your mouth water.