20 Best Pumpkin Dishes To Have This Winter

20 Best Pumpkin Dishes To Have This Winter

You must be aware of the fact that Tomato is a fruit. But did you also know that tomato is not the only fruit that is treated as vegetable? Pumpkin is also a fruit, a squash fruit to be in particular. It is deep orange in color and has rough skin. It has less saturated fats and almost zero cholesterol. We can make recipes out of literally anything pumpkin. The peel, the mash, the seeds, literally anything. So, here are 20 pumpkin dishes which are not at all boring but instead yummy. Strap up everyone, we are going on a pumpkin ride!


Kaddu Ki Sabzi

Kaddu Ki Sabzi is the most popular dish in Northern regions of India. You will find this in almost every other household prepared as a side dish for Roti or Parathas. There are different techniques and methods used to make this dish, the famous one being the Rajasthani style recipe.


Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkins are infamous for being not so tasty but pumpkins should be given all the love they deserve! Have you ever tried making soup out of pumpkin? The texture of this pumpkin soup is so creamy and smooth. Once just cannot stop oneself from tasting this flavoury, yummy pumpkin soup.


Pumpkin Ravioli

Small Pumpkin dumplings are tossed in to make this savoury recipe. One can choose to make this dish either wet or dry. It is tastier when the Pumpkin dumplings are dancing away in the creamy texture of the Sauce made using Semolina.


Apricot Pumpkin Smoothie

Smoothies can be prepared using Pumpkins too. Smoothies’ main purpose is to serve our human body with all the necessary nutrients it requires. This job is easily done by pumpkin. Once mixing an apricot and a banana, one can easily give this Smoothie and no one will even know that pumpkin has been used to prepare this.


Pumpkin Dhanshak

Dhanshak is traditionally a Parsi recipe. Dhankshak can be made using any vegetable. Even non-vegetarian Dhanshak recipes can also be made. Pumpkin Dhanshak recipe is full spicy with all the masalas and spices going into the paste used for preparing this dish.



Kaddu Ki Kheer

Who told you Pumpkin cannot be used to make sweet items? Pumpkin Kheer is a very famous dish in North India. This sweet is finger-licking good. The Pumpkin is first washed and then chopped. It can also be grated. This is then added to the mixture of Milk and Sugar making it flavoursome.


Kadoo Ki Bhaji

Pumpkin Bhaji is similar to normal, basic Pumpkin curry. This recipe is made by separately cooking the gravy and the chopped Pumpkin. Different flavours come together while making the Gravy like Tamarind, Ginger Garlic Paste etc.


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is made using fresh Pumpkins. You will discover a hint of Tamarind flavour as it is also put together while making this Pie. This Pie is usually served along with Yogurt or you can just serve it directly.


Kaddu Ka Raita

As you must have already noticed, Kaddu means Pumpkin in the Hindi language. We can make Raita out of Pumpkin. Raita is a creamy mixture prepared using Curd or Yoghurt. This Raita is served along with Biryani or Pulao.



Pumpkin Kadhi

Kadhi is the thing and light soup prepared using any vegetable mixture. The consistency is kept really light and really thin. Sometimes Kadhi is prepared using Pumpkin. This type of Kadhi usually goes well with hot steam cooked Rice or any other Rice item.


Pumpkin Pakoda

Pakoda is a generally a Ball coated with Flour and then fried in deep oil. We can make Pakodas out of Pumpkin vegetable too. Unlike the misconception about the taste of pumpkin, this Pakoda brings out the best of pumpkin. The Pumpkin is chopped in such a way that it forms flower-shaped structures.


Gummadikaya Pulusu

Pumpkin is called Gummadikaya in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This is similar to any other Pulusu recipes. Pulusu can be made using Ladies Finger and also Brinjal. The only difference between those and this recipe is that this recipe uses Pumpkin pieces.


Gummadikaya Pappu

Gummadikaya, as you all know is Pumpkin. This is another version of preparing Dal. The basic Dal is prepared and then the Pumpkin pieces, along with any other vegetable slices are added to it. This dish can be had with Rice or Roti as your wish.



Gummadikaya Vadiyalu

This is another Telugu recipe which is made using pumpkin. A mixture of Pumpkin and Spices is prepared and then small flat shapes of this mixture are spread on a cloth and dried in sunlight. These shapes then become dry. These are then lifted off the cloth and fried in Oil for a yummy evening snack.


Pumpkin Halwa

Pumpkin Halwa is another sweet dish that is prepared using Pumpkin. The generic Halwa is prepared using chopped Pumpkin slices. The Pumpkin can also be smashed together to form this savoury Halwa.


Pumpkin Chutney

This variety of chutney is very famous in Indian cuisine. This chutney is made along with Indian breakfasts like Idly and dosa. This chutney is not so smooth like other chutneys. This tastes a bit on the spicy side and makes it a good try.


Pumpkin Kofta Curry

Pumpkin Koftas are prepared just like any other Kofta recipe. Pumpkin dumplings mixed with any other vegetable of your choice are made to sit in a creamy Gravy. Koftas are always yummy irrespective of what vegetable is used.


Pumpkin Cutlets

Cutlets come from Srilankan cuisine. We can make cutlets of Pumpkin and serve them hot with any Sauce or Ketchup. You can even serve these hot Pumpkin Cutlets with any Spicy, Sweet or Sour Chutney.


Pumpkin Pancakes

Now you should really appreciate the versatility of Pumpkin vegetable of being able to turn into any yummy dish, be it sweet or spicy. We can even make Pumpkin Pan Cakes. We can serve these Pancakes with yummy Chutney or Pickle or Yogurt.


Pumpkin Shake

Another beverage that can be prepared using Pumpkins…. Pumpkins are full of proteins and nutrients and have almost zero cholesterol. So, they can be used to make protein shakes and can be had after a tough workout.

Now, who told me that pumpkin is a boring vegetable? What do all these look like to you?