20 Gravy Dishes That Are Perfect To Have With Rice

20 Gravy Dishes That Are Perfect To Have With Rice

South Indians have rice 90 percent of the time, and they keep preparing gravy dishes which go hand in hand with rice. These gravy dishes have a juicy consistency and have a spicy taste. You can have gravy dishes alongside Plain Rice, Steamed Rice or Basmati Rice. You can even have these Curries as a side dish for rice items like Biryani, Fried Rice or Pulao.

Here’s presenting to you 20 yummy gravy dishes which are perfect for any day!


Methi Paneer

Fenugreek is called Methi and India Cottage Cheese is called Paneer. This Gravy is very creamy and soft. It tastes spicy and there is a hint of bitterness from the Fenugreek leaves. In some places, Malai is added to this gravy to make it more creamy and tasty. This gravy goes best with Parathas or Rotis. But one can always choose to have it with cooked rice.


Drumstick Curry

The Drumsticks used for this recipe are not chicken Drumsticks. This is a vegetarian dish which plays a better role when prepared as a side dish. The texture is thin and light. The consistency of this curry is water-like. Hence, it is easy to mix with Rice. This is a healthy gravy with strong Drumstick flavour in it.


Stuffed Brinjal Curry

Stuffed Brinjal Curry is made by coating Brinjals with Spicy Masalas and then fried. Then these fried Brinjals can be taken as they are or you can choose to put them in a Tomato Gravy to make it look like a Gravy dish. This is a famous South Indian dish prepared very often. Brinjals used here are small Eggplants. You can just chop the Brinjals if there is a time restriction or if you are just feeling lazy.


Mushroom Korma

Mushrooms have a plain taste and the normal standard Gravy does not go well with the Mushrooms. So, you can use taste enricher to increase the consistency of the Gravy and also its taste. Taste enrichers include Cashews and Tomato Paste. This is the right Korma recipe if you have Pulao or Biryani in your meal.


Kadai Mushroom

This is another recipe which can be made using Mushrooms. Unlike the other recipe, this one tastes really delicious. We usually use Button Mushrooms for Kadai Mushroom. This is a quick, simple and easy dish to make. The main role in this dish is played by Chillies. The spiciness of the Curry depends on the kind of Chillies you decide to use.


Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala is an excellent Gravy curry which is best for rotis but can also be used with cooked rice. This is a famous dish across North India. The Paneer pieces are fried in oil on a medium flame. Then these pieces are added to the Gravy mixture. The Gravy mixture includes Tomato Puree and a mixture of regular Indian spices.


Aloo Kofta

Koftas are small dumplings which are kept in gravy to make a Kofta Curry. There are many variations of Kofta Curries all over the country, the famous one being Aloo Kofta. The Koftas can sometimes be a combination of not just Aloo but also Paneer. The Gravy can be made with slight changes and modification to the general Tomato Curry.


Tomato Onion Curry

Tomato Onion Curry is the basic and standard Tomato Curry. This Curry can be used as a base for many other dishes. This is the recipe of basic Tomato Gravy. This curry tastes incredible with cooked Rice or with any Rice item. Finely chopped Onions and Tomatoes with Herbs and Spices are used to make this curry.


Mixed Sprouts Curry

Sprouts are a great source of all the nutrients we need in daily life. The Sprouts curry can be made using any number of different Sprouts which are available at that point of time. The Gravy consistency is really thin. You can choose to have even lighter Gravy. You can also decide to prepare this dish dry if you have it with Roti or Parathas.


Capsicum Masala Curry

Capsicum tastes yummy in any gravy. In fact, we use it in Vegetable Biryanis and Pulao. This Capsicum Masala Curry is made using roasted Capsicum. You can add Peanuts and Cashews to make it tastier. The Spices used are generally available in any Indian kitchen. This curry is served hot with cooked Rice or flat Bread.


Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is a very famous dish across North India. This dish is always made available in most of the restaurants as people order it very often. Palak is called Spinach and Paneer is called Indian Cottage Cheese. The combination of these two items gives the dish a very special taste and makes it toothsome. This dish is perfect to have with Roti but can also work as a side dish for Rice.


Cashew Tomato Curry

Cashew Tomato Curry, as the name itself suggests, it is made out of Cashews and Tomatoes. This recipe is prepared by first putting in the spices and then adding Tomato Puree to it. And then Cashews are added to this Gravy and served hot. The consistency of this Gravy is thick and works well with both Roti and Rice.


Bendakaya Pulusu

Bendakaya means Ladies Finger in the Telugu language. This Curry is very common and also famous in South India. This Curry is made by putting Ladies Finger pieces in Tomato Stew. The Stew consists of Tamarind, Chillies and Onions. This Curry is good for eating with steamed or cooked Rice but does not fuse well with Rotis.


Vankaya Pulusu

Vankaya in Telugu means Brinjal. Brinjal sare Eggplants. The Brinjals are washed and diced and then used to prepare this curry. The chopped Brinjals are kept in Stew. This Curry looks similar to Bendakaya Pulusu as both are prepared in a similar manner. Even though both tastes similar, one can always taste the strong Brinjal Flavour in this dish.


Tomato Dal

This dish is called as “Pappu” in Telugu. There are many versions of making Dal in India. We all find various varieties of Dal in every restaurant. This Dal has a tangy taste to it because of the Tomatoes. This is perfect when you just have plain cooked rice.


Cauliflower Kurma

Cauliflower Korma itself has many variations. The taste of this dish can vary from one to another as the ingredients used in this dish are flexible and can be changed according to one’s wish. The gravy used is made using Coconut Paste and Tomatoes. You can also add Matar to this Korma making it more delicious.


Potato Gravy

This Gravy is very yummy and very easy to make. This is a basic dish which can be prepared by almost anyone. The Potatoes are first to be steam cooked and then mashed or diced to form this curry. Then the Potatoes are added to the Gravy which gives the Potatoes the right flavour.


Shorba Curry

Tomato Shorba is the vegetarian version of Shorba. Shorba is more of soup than a curry. This is perfect for Biryani as you can just mix it to get a spicy taste. Usually, the Chicken Shorba is prepared by putting Chicken pieces into this vegetarian Shorba.



Sambhar is a versatile recipe to make. This takes less time to prepare. You can use vegetables of your choice and mash them together and then make Sambhar. This is one of the best recipes to have with cooked rice.


Mustard Greens Dal

Mustard Greens Dal is prepared using Lentils. Since this Curry has lots of greens, it is a great source of Fibre and proteins. This Curry can be made with thick or thin consistency depending on one’s choice. If made with really thin consistency, this curry can be even served as soup.

These are the different Gravy recipes to try with your hot cooked rice next time.