20 Best Rajasthani Dishes, We All Love To Eat!

20 Best Rajasthani Dishes We All Love To Eat


Dal Bati Churma

One of the most in famous dishes of Rajasthan, this one, is popular globally. It is the trademark of Rajasthani cuisine. The round Batiis crushed and dipped into hot Panchkuti Dal, with Ghee. The Churma has a sweetish taste, which gives this dish the extra edge.


Laal Maas

Another popular dish of the Rajasthani cuisine is the Laal Maas. The state known for its chillies is a pioneer of this spicy dish. The traditional method of cooking this dish is to marinate the Mutton in a spice mixture with extra Red Chillies. All of these constituents are poured in a clay pot and buried in the sand, while the heat of the hot sand in the summer months of this desert state cooks the Meat. As modern age progresses, this dish is prepared on gas ovens now! Whether it is served with Bajra Roti or steamed rice, it is an absolute delight for all Spice enthusiasts.


Mohan Maas

This recipe is entirely a Royal dish! The meat is cooked with spices and milk, which tenderises the meat as the flavours get infused into it. The gravy has flavours of Khus-khus, Cardamon and Lemon which make it an extremely delectable dish.


Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri is a type of Achaar that is best served with dry but tasty Bajra Rotis and is a typical flavoursome dessert dish.


Gatte Ki Khichdi

Gatte Ki Khichdi is a simple Khichdi preparation which has Besan dumplings in it. It is a very common dish in Rajasthan, and acclaimed for the richness of flavours in this simple dish.


Dil Khushal

Rajasthan is known to be the land of sweets. For all the sweet lovers, this sweetmeat will sweep you off your feet. Otherwise commonly known as Besan ki Barfi or Mohanlal, this sweet is commonly available is an example of the greatness of Rajasthani sweets. The sweet has a chewy consistency which leaves a grainy aftertaste.


Boondo Raita

Boondo Raita commonly known as Boondi raita in North India is a popular Rajasthani dish too. The sweet, salty and sour combination of the Raita is what makes it an instant hit with most.


Rajasthani Kadi

Much like the Maharashtrian kadhi, the Rajasthanis have their own kadhi too. Although this version is a whole lot spicier than the others. In fact, one of the specialties of this dish is the pungent taste which is actually very much liked. It is part of the staple diet and commonly served with rice in most households.


Gatte Ka Pulao

This Pulao which is a combination of succulent gattas, or besan dumplings cooked with flavoured rice is alternatively known as Ram Pulao. The Gattas are first boiled and then mixed with spice for careful infusion of flavours.


Churma Ladoo

Imagine Churma from Dal, Bati Churma combination rolled into a Laddoo. This is precisely just that. This is one of the most delicious sweets of Rajasthan and is highly recommended.


Badam Ka Halwa

Revisit childhood memories with this Halwa dish. It is prepared with Suji, Ghee, Sugar and dry fruits and a bite of this dish melts in your mouth just as soon as you eat it.


Aam Ki Launji

This is an instant pickle dish prepared with raw mangoes, which will please your taste buds. It is prepared with Fennel and Nigella. The Pickle has sort of a sweet and sour taste as well as a Gravy texture at the same time. The raw chunks of Mango are an addition which enhances the flavours of this dish further.


Methi Bajra Poori

A very famous Rajasthani snack, it is for the biggest of health conscious folks out there! It barely needs any amount of Oil during its preparation and is still a lip-smacking delight! These steamy hot Poori are served with cooled Raita, Aloo and Chutney for that ultimate contrasting food experience.


Mawa Kachori

Mawa kachori is another version of Kachori with rich dry fruits used as a stuffing instead of the regular Dal batter. The Khoya and dry fruit batterare what makes this dish stand out from the rest! The kachori is deep fried and then dipped in Sugar Syrup, for the best outcome.


Pyaaz Kachori

Pyaaz Kachori is a delectable variant of Kachori, of which you will become a fan as soon as you taste it. It is prepared with Onion, Potato and Spice filling. This Kachori is readily available in and outside of Rajasthan due to its popularity. It is served with a side of Red Chutney which is sweet and Green Chutney which is hot and spicy.


Shahi Gatte

This dish is a variation of the common Masala Gatte. Otherwise known as Govind Gatte, this preparation uses a fair amount of rich dry fruits which gives this dish a very nutty flavour. The Besan Dumplings are filled with Nuts and then deep fried, which gives you a mouthful of exquisite dry fruits in each and every bite.



A common sweet, it is mostly prepared during the auspicious festival of Holi. With each bite of Gujia, you will find Sugar syrup oozing out of the sweet, giving you a much-intended Sugar rush. The inside of the Gujia has a Khoya Filling which is full of dry fruits, making this dish a truly majestic one!


Kalmi Vada

Kalmi Vada is common Rajasthani snack, which is served with Tea. These Vadas are prepared from deep fried Gram Dal and are crispy and crunch on the outside. To contrast the crispiness of the dish, it is served with a side of green Chutney which is minty and uses Chillies for some heat!



One of the most pleasurable dishes is the Rajasthani Ghevar, which is a disc-shaped delight! It is prepared from a combination of Paneer, Flour, Ghee and Sugar Syrup. It has many varieties such as Mawa Ghevar and Malai Ghevar and is commonly seen Dessert during any Rajasthani festival or occasion.



Balushahi is a traditional sweet dish which will sweep you off your feet. With The flaky texture on the outside with Sugary Syrup inside this sweet is indeed a bundle of surprise and joy!