Top 20 Fish Dishes you Need To Eat Right Now!



Masala Fried Pomfret

Masala Fried Pomfret is a classic fish recipe that will warm your heart up! If you want that beachy feel in the comfort of your home, then try this fancy recipe to get a Goa like feel. This crispy Pomfret is marinated in a spice mixture which gives it that mélange of flavours and is then fried. It can be served with a Cabbage Salad or even Coleslaw and grated Coconut.


Fish Curry With Lotus Stems

A true Kashmiri delight, Fish Curry with Lotus Stems is an authentic dish that is often cooked in the households on Kashmir. The unique dish is a favourite of many who have visited this beautiful state and enjoyed a scrumptious meal of this fish curry with warm rice.


Khud Style Baked Indian Basa

For this dish, the very amazing Basa fish is wrapped in a Banana Leaf and baked after it has been marinated in a bunch of rustic flavours. As it is baked, the flavours from the Marinade get infused inside the fish as you’ll be able to taste the masala with each bite you take this. This recipe is inspired from Raghogarh in Madhya Pradesh!


Fish Curry Without Oil

As exciting as the name sounds for all health enthusiasts reading this, it tastes just as exciting as well. The fish is cooked only with Tamarind Juice, Onions, Chillies, Tomatoes and Coconut and absolutely no oil. It is easy to make and takes barely any amount of time at all. It is traditionally cooked in a clay pot.


Popcorn Crusted Fish Fingers

Much like Popcorn Chicken, the popcorn crusted fish fingers have that extra crunch than regular fish fingers. To make this is wrap the fish fingers in a mix of Popcorn and Breadcrumb mixture and then deep fry it in oil. This is an example of an all-time favourite classic Indian snack.


Fish Cutlets

How can any list be complete with the mighty Fish Cutlet? It is an absolute party dish and a crowd favourite. For this dish, Fish Fillets are dipped into a Spice, Egg, and Bread Crumb mixture and deep-fried in hot oil. It is best served with a Mint-Mayonnaise dip.


Meen Curry

This is a recipe from what we know as God’s own country, Kerala. The traditional name of fish is Meen much like the Indian Zodiac, Pisces. To make this dish, Fish Fillets are cooked with Tamarind and Mustard seeds along with a mélange of spices. The aroma is infused inside the dish as it gets cooked. One may even use Raw Mangoes, for that extra tangy taste or in replacement of Tamarind.


Thai Steamed Fish

This is a healthy dish which uses minimal oil. The dish is prepared with two unique ingredients, one being sesame oil and the other being Brown Sugar. The steamed delicacy is served with a side of sweet and sour sauce.


Chettinad Fish

A must for all spice lovers! For this dish, Surmai fish is marinated in a spicy mixture and fried until it is crispy on the outside. Chettinad cuisine known for being spicy doesn’t disappoint you with this beautiful dish.


Hariyali Machli

Hariyali Machli is a fish recipe where the fish is cooked in diverse flavours of Mint, Coriander, Chillies and Yoghurt. It is best served with Rice.


Chingri Maacher Malai Curry

A very popular Bengali dish, it is basically a Prawn Curry with is made with Coconut Milk only and no Onion or Garlic. It is an easy dish to prepare and brings out the true essence of Bengal.


Steamed Betkirpaturi

This is a classy recipe which is indeed very fancy, even in its making. The Beti Fillets are marinated in a mixture of ground Mustard Seed paste and other Spices. After this, it is covered in a Banana Leaf and steamed. The baking ensures that the Fillet absorbs the flavours which make it an extraordinary delicacy.


Ilish Mach Shorshe Bata

Bengalis know their way with cooking with fish, and they believe Ilish Maach or Hilsa fish is the queen of all fishes. It might be one of the Fishes which have a lot of bones, but the Fish is so flavourful in its own that with even when cooked with minimal Spices, it makes for an excellent dish. The Fish is quite oily in itself and much loved in all of Bengal and even in Bangladesh. This dish is a Mustard paste curry with pieces of Hilsa and Green Chillies.


Red Hot Chilli Fish Curry

An absolute delight for all hotheads who love Spice in their meals! This fiery curry is the answer to all spice cravings. It is prepared with Coconut Oil, Curry Leaves, Kokum and plenty of Red Chillies.


Assamese Fish Curry

This Assamese dish features the common Rohu in an uncommon dish. It is marinated in a tangy yet spicy mixture prepared with Mustard Oil, Fish Masala and Turmeric Powder. It is best served with steamed Rice.


Goan Fish Curry

The mention of Goa sounds like such a relief for some. This delightful Curry will give you that holiday feel at the comfort of your own homes. It is prepared with a mixture of Spices and Coconut, Garlic, Red Chillies and Tamarind. It is tangy yet spicy at the same time.


Bommidala Pulusu

This is part of the staple diet of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The origin of the dish was in the Bommidayalu region, from where it gets its name. This dish will remind you of the spicy Hyderabadi cuisine as is essentially very spicy and aromatic.



A classic dish from Odisha, this one is not any regular curry. The underdog of the list will pleasantly surprise you with the boldness of Turmeric in its flavour. The Rohu is marinated in the Turmeric mixture and then fried and prepared into a Curry.


Bengali Doi Maach

Since West Bengal is known for its expertise in fish cooking; there ought to dishes named after them! The Bengali Doi Maach is a common household favourite. Usually prepared for special occasions like weddings, it is a simple Curry where the fish is marinated with Curd and Spices, which produces a Yoghurt based Curry for the dish.


Fish Mappas

This is a dish with a creamy Gravy common in South India. It is prepared with Coconut Milk, Spices and Garlic. It is best served along with Appams.